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Season 2

38 :02x01 - What Beckoning Ghost?

A pianist begins having visions of her own funeral.
Guest Stars: Judith Evelyn as Mildred Beaumont | Tom Helmore as Eric Beaumont | Adele Mara as Lydia Adler | Frank Wilcox as Detective
Director: Ida Lupino

39 :02x02 - Guillotine

To save her husband from the guillotine, a woman decides to kill the executioner and take advantage of the law, which says his next victim cannot be executed by anyone else.
Guest Stars: Robert Middleton as Monsieur deParis | Danielle de Metz as Babette Lamont | Alejandro Rey as Robert Lamont |
Co-Guest Stars: Marcel Hillaire as The Barber (M. Guillaume) | Gaylord Cavallaro as The Cabbie (Francois Trintineaux) | Janine Grandel as Madame LaClerc | Peter Brocco as The Assistant Director | Louis Mercier as The Wall Guard | Peter Camlin as Louis | Ted Roter as The Prisoner | Guy De Vestel as The Priest | Charles La Torre as The Doctor (Charles LaTorre) | Vance Howard as The Gendarme | Jacques Villon as The Waiter | Gregory Morton as The Prison Director
Director: Ida Lupino

40 :02x03 - The Premature Burial

A man who was once accidentally buried alive becomes paranoid with good reason that it could happen again. It seems that his new wife is in a hurry to become a widow.
Guest Stars: Scott Marlowe as Juilan Boucher | Boris Karloff as Dr. Thorne | Patricia Medina as Victorine Stapleton | Sidney Blackmer as Edward Stapleton | William D. Gordon as Dr. March | Lillian O'Malley as Housekeeper | J. Pat O'Malley as Butler
Director: Douglas Heyes

41 :02x04 - The Weird Tailor

A man tries to bring his deceased son back to life using black magic and an unusual suit of clothes.
Guest Stars: Henry Jones (1) as Erik Borg | George Macready as Mr. Smith | Abraham Sofaer as Nicolai | Sondra Blake as Anna Borg (as Sondra Kerr) | Iphigenie Castiglioni as Madame Roberti | Gary Clarke (1) as Arthur Smith | Stanley Adams as Mr. Schwenk |
Uncredited: Diki Lerner as Hans the Mannequin
Story: Robert Bloch | Teleplay: Robert Bloch

42 :02x05 - God Grante That She Lye Stille

A 300-year-old witch tries to gain possession of the last of her family line.
Guest Stars: Henry Daniell as Vicar Weatherford | Sarah Marshall (1) as Lady Margaret Clewer | Ronald Howard as Dr. Edward Stone | Avis Scott as Nurse Emmons | Madeleine Taylor Holmes as Sarah | Victor Buono as Dr. Van de Veld

43 :02x06 - Masquerade

A young couple takes refuge in an eerie house on a stormy night and are menaced by the strange family who live there. But it's soon revealed that the couple has a secret of their own.
Guest Stars: Tom Poston as Charlie Denham | Elizabeth Montgomery (1) as Rosamond Denham | John Carradine as Jed Carta | Jack Lambert (1) as Lem Carta | Dorothy Neumann as Ruthie Carta

44 :02x07 - The Last of the Sommervilles

Two cousins scheme to kill their aunt for her money but then discover that they can't trust each other.
Guest Stars: Boris Karloff as Dr. Farnham | Phyllis Thaxter as Ursula Sommerville | Martita Hunt as Celia Sommerville | Peter Walker (1) as Rutherford Summerville | Chet Stratton as Harvey Parchester
Director: Ida Lupino
Writer: Ida Lupino

45 :02x08 - Letter to a Lover

A husband and wife accuse each other of insanity when they become the chief suspects in the murder of a physician.
Guest Stars: Murray Matheson as Andrew Lawrence | Richard Peel as Sgt. Lathrop | Ann Todd as Sylvia Lawrence | Felix Deebank as Donald Carver | Avis Scott as Estelle Weber | John Greening as Inspector Rogers | Brendan Dillon as Coggins

46 :02x09 - A Third for Pinochle

A man plots to murder his wife and use his two nosy old lady neighbors for an alibi. But they might have a trick or two of their own up their sleeves.
Guest Stars: Tommy Farrell as The Messenger | Edward Andrews as Maynard Thispin | Doro Merande as Melba Pennaroyd | Ann Shoemaker as Mrs. Thispin | June Walker as Deidre Pennaroyd | Burt Mustin as Redcap | Barbara Perry as Babs Dawson | Ken Lynch as Lieutenant | Vito Scotti as Buddy Welsh

47 :02x10 - The Closed Cabinet

In order to remove a family curse, a young woman must find a way to open a closed cabinet.
Guest Stars: Patricia Manning as Lady Beatrice | Olive Sturgess as Evie Bishop | David Frankham as Alan Mervyn | Jennifer Raine as Lucy Mervyn | Peter Foster as George Mervyn | Doris Lloyd as Dame Alice | Myra Carter as Maid | Kendrick Huxham as Andrews | Mollie Glessing as Agnes
Director: Ida Lupino

48 :02x11 - Dialogues with Death

Two separate tales: 1. A morgue attendant seems to have the ability to talk to the corpses there. 2. Upon arriving for a visit, a young couple's aunt and uncle seem to believe that they are dead.
Guest Stars: Boris Karloff as Pop Jenkins/Colonel LeJean | Norma Crane as Nell LeJean | Ed Nelson as Tom Ellison/Daniel Le Jean | Estelle Winwood as Emily LeJean | William Schallert as Professor McFarland | George Kane as Harry Jarvis | Jimmy Joyce as Ambulance Attendant

49 :02x12 - The Return of Andrew Bentley

A young man will inherit his uncle's estate provided that he spend 24 hours a day on the grounds and guard the uncle's grave against supernatural intruders.
Guest Stars: John Newland as Ellis Corbett | Antoinette Bower as Sheila Corbett | Philip Bourneuf as Dr. Weatherbee | Terence de Marney as Amos Wilder | Reggie Nalder as Andrew Bentley | Oscar Beregi as Father Burkhardt | Ken Renard as Jacob | Tom Hennesy as the Familiar
Director: John Newland

50 :02x13 - The Remarkable Mrs. Hawk

Mrs. Hawk has a secret for raising prize hogs but the secret is more sinister than can be imagined.
Guest Stars: Paul Newlan as Sheriff Tom Ulysses Willetts | Jo Van Fleet as Mrs. Hawk | John Carradine as Jason Longfellow | Hal Baylor as Pete Grogan | Bruce Dern as Johnny | Martin Eric as Larkin | Donald Elson as Al
Director: John Brahm

51 :02x14 - Portrait Without a Face

After an artist is murdered, his unfinished painting begins to paint the face of his killer.
Guest Stars: Brian Gaffigan as Nat Fairchild | Robert Webber (1) as Arthur Henshaw | Jane Greer as Ann Moffat | George Mitchell as Sheriff Pete Browning | Katherine Squire as Agatha Moffat | Alberta Nelson as Marie Browning | Gage Clarke as Dr. Josiah Grant | John Newland as Robertson Moffett | John Banner as Martin Vanderhaven
Director: John Newland

52 :02x15 - An Attractive Family

An attractive family of serial killers plans to make a beautiful in-law their next victim.
Guest Stars: Richard Long as Dick Farrington | Joyce Bulifant as Virginia Wells | Joan Tetzel as Marian Farrington | Otto Kruger as Bert Farrington | Leo G. Carroll as Major Downey | Will Wright as Constable Walker | William Mims as George Drake | Paul Barselou as Lamb | Deirdre Owens as Alice Wells
Director: John Brahm

53 :02x16 - Waxworks

A traveling exhibit of wax figures of murderers appears to be the cause of a more recent wave of killings.
Guest Stars: Oskar Homolka as Pierre Jacquelin | Antoinette Bower as Annette Jacquelin | Ron Ely as Hudson (Detective Mike Hudson) | Alan Baxter as Sergeant Dane | Booth Colman as Lieutenant Bailey | Martin Kosleck as Colonel Andre Bertoux |
Co-Guest Stars: J. Pat O'Malley as Morgue Attendant | Amy Fields as Irene (Irene Coulter) | George Spicer as The Young Man (Ronnie) | June Kenney as The Girl
Story: Robert Bloch | Teleplay: Robert Bloch

54 :02x17 - La Strega

A young woman is accused of being a witch but the actual witch is her grandmother.
Guest Stars: Frank DeKova as Lieutenant Vincoli | Ursula Andress as Luana | Alejandro Rey as Tonio Bellini | Jeanette Nolan as La Strega | Ramon Novarro as Maestro Giuliano | Ernest Sarracino as Padre Lupari
Director: Ida Lupino
Writer: Alan Caillou

55 :02x18 - The Storm

A woman, alone in her isolated farmhouse during a raging storm, is terrorized by strange sounds and the eerie feeling that she's not alone in the dwelling.
Guest Stars: Nancy Kelly as Janet Wilson | David McLean (1) as Ben Wilson | James Griffith (1) as Ed Brandies

56 :02x19 - A Wig for Miss Devore

An actress, who's playing a woman who was hanged as a witch, purchases a wig once own by the deceased. The wig then begins causing the actress to act strangely.
Guest Stars: John Fiedler as Herbert Bleake | Patricia Barry as Shelia Devore | John Baragrey as George Machik | Linda Watkins as Arabella Foote | Herbert Rudley as Max Quinke | Ina Victor as Betty | Bernard Fein as Lester Cline | William O'Connell as Chester #2 | Maurice Dallimore as Boker #1 | Barry Bernard as Chester #1 | Kendrick Huxham as Bishop | Jonathan Morris (1) as Boker #2 | Pamela Searle as Meg Payton
Director: John Brahm

57 :02x20 - The Hollow Watcher

A woman murders her father-in-law but then gets tormented by a scarecrow that's possessed by a mysterious creature known only as "the Hollow Watcher" by the local residents.
Guest Stars: Denver Pyle as Ortho Wheeler | Audrey Dalton as Meg Wheeler | Sean McClory as Sean O'Danagh | Warren Oates as Hugo Wheeler | Walter Burke as Croxton | Mary Grace Canfield as Ally Rose | Sandy Kenyon as Mason | Norman Leavitt as Hendricks | Lane Bradford as Boles | Eve McVeagh as Mrs. Curtis
Writer: Jay Simms

58 :02x21 - Cousin Tundifer

A man tries to dispose of his uncle's body in a strange house that keeps going back in time everytime someone enters the living room.
Guest Stars: Howard McNear as Jack Passasstroy | Jim Bannon as Police Lieutenant | Edward Andrews as Miles Tundifer | Sue Ane Langdon as Queenie de Lyte | Vaughn Taylor as Pontifax Tundifer | Dayton Lummis as Millard Braystone | Chet Stratton as Alfred Marvin | Hallene Hill as Old Woman | Cyril Delevanti as Old Man | Bart Patton as Young Worker | Clem Bevans as Old Gaffer | Edgar Dearing as Police Sergeant
Director: John Brahm

59 :02x22 - The Incredible Doktor Markesan

A young couple wonders about the nocturnal activities of their uncle but the truth is more horrifying than can be imagined.
Guest Stars: Boris Karloff as Dr. Conrad Markesan | Dick York as Fred Bancroft | Carolyn Kearney as Molly Bancroft | Henry Hunter as Professor Angus Holden | Richard Hale as Latimer | Billy Beck as Grant | Basil Howe as Charing
Director: Robert Florey

60 :02x23 - Flowers of Evil

The skeleton of a murder victim appears to be still alive--and it's tormenting those responsible for the death.
Guest Stars: Gregory Gaye as President | Luciana Paluzzi as Madalena | Kevin Hagen as Arno Lund | Jack Weston as Maurice Reynard | Vladimir Sokoloff as Janitor | David Garcia as 1st Student | David Whorf as 2nd Student
Director: John Brahm
Writer: Barre Lyndon

61 :02x24 - 'Til Death Do Us Part

A henpecked undertaker disposes of his wife along with one of his customers and then moves to another town and re-marries. He then decides to get rid of his second wife only it's not so easy this time.
Guest Stars: Henry Jones (1) as Carl Somers | Reta Shaw as Celia Somers | Edgar Buchanan as Doc | Philip Ober as Elmer | Jocelyn Brando as Myrtle | Eve McVeagh as Bonnie | Walker Edmiston as Jerry | Frances Morris as Abbie | Phil Arnold as Curly | Delores Wells as Flo | Hurley Bell as Cowhand
Writer: Robert Bloch

62 :02x25 - The Bride Who Died Twice

A general is forced to give his daughter's hand in marriage to a military rival. The marriage results in her death.
Guest Stars: Mala Powers as Consuelo | Joe De Santis as Colonel Sangriento | Eduardo Ciannelli as General de la Varra | Peter Brocco as Padre Herrera | Alex Montoya as Cemetary Custodian | Carl Don as Sgt. Vibora | Pepe Hern as Lt. Contreras | Marya Stevens as Proprietor's Wife | Franco Corsaro as Monsignor | Natividad Vacio as Cantina Proprietor | Alberto Monte as 1st Guerilla | Roberto Contreras as 2nd Guerilla | Robert Colbert as Captain Fernandez
Director: Ida Lupino

63 :02x26 - Kill My Love

A philanderer removes every obstacle in his life by murdering them. His son happens to be the next obstacle.
Guest Stars: Kasey Rogers as Anthea Jason | Richard Carlson as Guy Guthrie | K.T. Stevens as Olive Guthrie | Patricia Breslin as Dinah Duffy | David Kent as Julian Guthrie | Raymond Greenleaf as Harold Carson | Amy Douglass as Mrs. Carson | Larry J. Blake as Bartender

64 :02x27 - Man of Mystery

A mysterious and powerful man holds many secrets and everytime someone gets close to the truth, they die. A pretty young singer then begins a relationship with the man. Will she survive?
Guest Stars: Ralph Clanton as Doctor Gail | William Phipps as Harry Laxer | Mary Tyler Moore as Sherry Smith | John van Dreelen as Joel Stone | William Windom as Lou Waters | Walter Burke as Lucas | Robert Sampson (1) as Reporter | Mercedes Shirley as Jill Naylor | Willis Bouchey as Lt. Farnham | Ken Lynch as Rudy | Yuki Shimoda as Kota
Director: John Newland
Writer: Robert Bloch
Songs: Mary Tyler Moore -- Birds Do It

65 :02x28 - The Innocent Bystanders

A pair of 19th century body snatchers begin creating their own corpses.
Guest Stars: Than Wyenn as Vane | John Anderson (1) as Jacob Grant | George Kennedy as John Paterson | Janet Lake as Elsie Evans | Steven Terrell as Bruce Evans | Gale Robbins as Mary Jerold | Carl Benton Reid as Dr. Marcus Graham | Jean Engstrom as Anne Grant | Clegg Hoyt as Kyle | Clancy Cooper as Chief Constable | Diki Lerner as Little Jamie
Director: John English

66 :02x29 - The Lethal Ladies

Two separate tales: 1. A woman gets revenge on her cheating husband. 2. A plain Jane librarian turns the tables on her tyrannical boss.
Guest Stars: Rosemary Murphy as Lavinia Sills/Alice Quimby | Jackie Joseph as Miss Martin | Howard Morris as Myron Sills/Dr. Bliss | Pamela Curran as Gloria | Ralph Moody as Jacobson | Marjorie Bennett as Mercedes | Chet Stratton as Delevant | Robert Carson as Albert White | Jackie Russell as Martha Foster | Hank Brandt as Sutter | William Remick as Grant
Director: Ida Lupino

67 :02x30 - The Specialists

A group of detectives try to apprehend a gang of international jewel thieves as well as save the life of an innocent girl who's become entangled with them.
Guest Stars: Richard Peel as London Bobby | Hedley Mattingly as Canadian Man | Lin McCarthy as Peter Duncan | Suzanne Lloyd as Helen Coleman | Ronald Howard as Martin Gresham | Sean McClory as Galt | David Frankham as Carter | Robert Douglas as Swinburne | Doris Lloyd as Landlady | Alan Caillou as Police Superintendant | Lucy Prentis as Peggy Duncan | Lauren Gilbert as Tracy | Anthony Scott (1) as Montaigne | Paddi Edwards as Nurse | John Greening as Specialist | Ray Montgomery as Ray Coleman
Director: Ted Post
Warning: Thriller (US) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Horror/Supernatural
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 1960
Ended: September 10, 1962
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