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Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Sword of Omens (1)

Lion-O competes against Tygra in a ritual that will choose who the next King of Thundera will be.

Meanwhile, the great warrior Grune returns.
Guest Stars: Carl Jones as Alley Cat | Lizards | Corey Burton as Jaga | Jorma | Larry Kenney as Claudius | Clancy Brown as Grune

2 :01x02 - Ancient Spirits of Evil (2)

The lizards attack Thundera with unknown technology while King Claudius is apparently murdered by an old friend.

Meanwhile Jaga is captured and is tortured to reveal the location of the Book of Omens. After Thundera falls, Lion-O, Cheetara & Tygra begin the search for the book.
Guest Stars: Robin Atkin Downes as Mumm-Ra | Larry Kenney as Claudius | Dee Bradley Baker as Slithe | Watchtower Guard |
Featuring: Kevin Michael Richardson as Lynx-O
Writer: Tab Murphy

3 :01x03 - Ramlak Rising

The cats begin their journey on the edge of the Sand Sea where they are captured by the Fishmen whose captain in on a quest to destroy a giant sand beast.

Lion-O joins the captain in his quest while the other cats see Lion-O going down a path of blind vengeance instead of searching for the Book of Omens.
Guest Stars: Corey Burton as Fishman Chef | Robin Atkin Downes as Mumm-Ra | Addicus | Koinelius Tunar | Clancy Brown as Grune
Writer: Todd Casey

4 :01x04 - Song of the Petalars

While Slithe and the lizard army hunt the Thundercats, they take refuge in a huge brier patch where the meet the Petalars, a race of flowering beings that despite living a short time, teach Lion-O a thing about life.
Guest Stars: James Arnold Taylor as Old Emrick | Khamai | Atticus Shaffer as Young Emrick | Patrick Cavanaugh as Adult Emrick | Dee Bradley Baker as Slithe | Petalar Elder | Petalar Leader |
Featuring: Kevin Michael Richardson as Sauro | Matthew Mercer as Kask

5 :01x05 - Old Friends

In order to repair the Thundertank, the cats must search an abandoned mine in search of Thundrillium. While searching, Panthro goes missing.
Guest Stars: Robin Atkin Downes as Mumm-Ra |
Featuring: Matthew Mercer as Driller
Writer: Tab Murphy

6 :01x06 - Journey to the Tower of Omens

Using the Sword of Omens, Lion-O sees Mumm-Ra has forced the location of the Tower of Omens from Jaga which contains the book.
The cats double their effort to find the book before Mumm-Ra.
Guest Stars: Robin Atkin Downes as Mumm-Ra | Dee Bradley Baker as Slithe | Corey Burton as Jaga
Writer: Tab Murphy

7 :01x07 - Legacy

After recovering the Book of Omens, Lion-O uses the Sword of Omens to power it which results in his getting pulled into its pages where he meets Jaga's spirit.

Jaga shows Lion-O how history unfolded through the eyes of his ancestor Leo.
Guest Stars: Robin Atkin Downes as Mumm-Ra | Corey Burton as Captain Tygus | Cree Summer as Panthera | Rob Paulsen as Shen | Rezard |
Featuring: Will Friedle as Leo
Writer: Todd Casey

8 :01x08 - The Duelist and the Drifter

After Lion-O looses the Sword of Omens to an expert swordsman, he challenges him to a rematch but first must find a master sword maker to make him another blade that can match the expert's abilities.
Guest Stars: Jim Meskimen as The Duelist | Stephen Root as The Drifter aka Hattanzo the Swordmaker |
Featuring: Kevin Michael Richardson as Sauro | Sword Contest Judge
Writer: Tab Murphy

9 :01x09 - Berbils

The Thundercats are contacted by the Berbils, a race or robotic bears, in order to help them against a slave trader named Conquedo.
Guest Stars: Jon Polito as Conquedor | Dee Bradley Baker as Ro-Bear Bill
Writer: Tab Murphy

10 :01x10 - Sight Beyond Sight

When the Book of Omens detects the first of three magical stones, it leads them to a meditation temple inhabited by a group of elephants.

In order to find the stones, the elephants insist Lion-O become one with the Sword of Omens.
Guest Stars: Jim Meskimen as Aburn |
Featuring: Kevin Michael Richardson as Anet
Writer: Todd Casey

11 :01x11 - The Forest of Magi Oar

While searching the Forest of Magi Oar, the Thundercats come across a paper factory that is routinely being attacked by a fire breathing bird. However things aren't exactly what they seem to be when the cats discover who the true aggressor is.
Guest Stars: Richard Chamberlain as Zigg | Hector Elizondo as Viragor

12 :01x12 - Into the Astral Plane

The Thundercats return to the Elephant's temple when Lion-O believes he has become one with the Sword of Omens.
Guest Stars: Jim Meskimen as Aburn | Grey DeLisle as Young Cheetara | Clancy Brown as Grune |
Featuring: Kevin Michael Richardson as Anet

13 :01x13 - Between Brothers

When Lion-O & Tygra search for the Spirit Stone on the astral plan, old memories of aggression, insecurity & jealousy hamper their search.

Meanwhile Panthro has a final confrontation with Grune.
Guest Stars: Robin Atkin Downes as Mumm-Ra | Dee Bradley Baker as Slithe | Tara Strong as Young Lion-O |
Featuring: Kevin Michael Richardson as Anet
Director: Shingo Uchida

14 :01x14 - New Alliances

In order to restore his failing numbers, Mumm-Ra instructs Slithe to recruit Kaynar and Addicus as his new generals.

Meanwhile, after discovering Cheetara's true feelings for Tygra, Lion-O's leadership abilities are effected by jealousy.
Guest Stars: Robin Atkin Downes as Mumm-Ra | Addicus | Dee Bradley Baker as Slithe | Robear Bill | Kaynar |
Featuring: Kevin Michael Richardson as Bird Leader | Lizard Soldier

15 :01x15 - Trials of Lion-O, Part One

After Lion-O is killed in a sneak attack by Slithe & the lizards, he is given a second chance at life by Jaga & the Eye of Thundera, but he must first win a series of tests.

Meanwhile the other Thundercats must deal with the loss of Lion-O and escape the Lizards.
Guest Stars: Corey Burton as Jaga | Robin Atkin Downes as Addicus | Dee Bradley Baker as Slithe
Writer: Todd Casey

16 :01x16 - Trials of Lion-O, Part Two

Lion-O has returned from the dead but only until sunrise. He must return to Mumm-Ra's pyramid to save the other cats.
Guest Stars: Robin Atkin Downes as Mumm-Ra | Corey Burton as Jaga | Dee Bradley Baker as Slithe
Director: Yutaka Kagawa
Writer: Will Friedle

17 :01x17 - Native Son

While looking for a shortcut through the mountains, Lion-O & Tygra find a long lost Tiger clan and even more surprising, Tygra's father is among them.

While seeking answers from his father, Tygra uncovers more than he bargained for.
Guest Stars: Jim Cummings as Caspin | Ancient Spirits of Evil | Robin Atkin Downes as Javan | Larry Kenney as Claudius | Juliet Landau as Queen
Director: Mitsuo Kusakabe
Writer: Tab Murphy

18 :01x18 - Survival of the Fittest

With Tygra & Lion-O away, Cheetara & Panthro decide to teach Wilykit & Wilykat how to survive in the wild.

The lessons ultimately remind Wilykit & Wilykat about their times with their parents.
Guest Stars: Christina Anthony as MaMa (as Chris Anthony) | John Pirruccello as PaPa
Director: Riki Matsuura

19 :01x19 - The Pit

While looking for supplies in Dog City, the cats run across a flyer featuring fellow cat, Pumyra.

Lion-O decides to liberate her when it's learned she is a slave who fights for the amusement of spectators.
Guest Stars: Fred Tatasciore as Dobo | Tookit | Pamela Adlon as Pumyra
Director: Mitsuo Kusakabe

20 :01x20 - Curse of Ratilla

After Pumyra tells Lion-O cat slaves are toiling in the mines looking for the Sword of Plun-Darr, he, Cheetara, Tygra & Panthro split up to save the cats and uncover the sword before Ratar-O finds it and uses it to rule.
Guest Stars: Carlo Rota as Ratar-O | Pamela Adlon as Pumyra |
Featuring: Kevin Michael Richardson as Mordax
Writer: Todd Casey

21 :01x21 - Birth of the Blades

After learning the Sword of Plun-Darr has been found, Mumm-Ra goes after the Thundercats in order to gain it's evil powers.
Guest Stars: Robin Atkin Downes as Mumm-Ra

22 :01x22 - The Forever Bag

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23 :01x23 - Recipe for Disaster

The Thundercats require the assistance of a snake oil salesman named Ponzie to defeat Mumm-ra's latest monstrous form.
Guest Stars: Pamela Adlon as Pumyra | Robin Atkin Downes as Mumm-Ra

24 :01x24 - The Soul Sever

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25 :01x25 - What Lies Above, Part 1

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26 :01x26 - What Lies Above, Part 2

Vultaire turns from enemy to ally, freeing the Cats and joining Tygra in an aerial counter-attack on Mumm-Ra. A battle for the Tech Stone ensues.

Source: Radio Times
Warning: Thundercats (2011) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Action
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Cartoon Network ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 09:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: July 29, 2011
Ended: August 31, 2012
Episode Order: 26
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