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Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Game

Eddie, Clark, and Miami are all playing cards at a table in Vegas. After some taunting and insults, Clark and Eddie get in a fight. Later it is revealed that the whole thing was a show to throw off the Matador of the trio’s plans to take him for all that he is worth.

A police sheriff out for vengeance against the Matador joins a high stake no limit game to get at the Matador, but loses all his chips to him.

A man named Seymour Annisman, who appears to be the mastermind to Eddie, Clark, and Miami’s plans, scolds them for being seen together, and they go off to build their bankrolls.

Later, Eddie is approached by a man named Tropical Henry who sees him as having some talent. Tropical Henry tells him that if he plays his cards right, he may be able to get him a big time backer. Eddie sees it as the perfect way to get closer to the Matador.
Guest Stars: George Buza as Tropical Henry | Fulvio Cecere as Skip | Michael Murphy (1) as Jimmy Malloy | Daniel Negreanu as Himself | Hayley Lochner as Young Miami | T.J. Cloutier as Himself | Daniel Fathers as Muff Lannigan | Nicholas Pasco as Testa | Mpho Koaho as Hemphill | Matt Gordon as Wayne | Bernard Browne as Laineer | Tony Nappo as Johnny Gelcaiano | Ray Kahnert as Desperate Player | Quancetia Hamilton as Tammi - Dealer | Michael A. Miranda as Squint | James McGowan as Casino Host/Referee | Peter Graham as Railbird | Gerry Quigley as Banyan Dealer | Kenneth Welsh as Seymour Annisman | Dov Tiefenbach as Crappy | Victoria Snow as Mrs. Towne | Joris Jarsky as Luke | Barry Flatman as Sheriff | Enis Esmer as College Kid | Shawn Singleton as Grip
Songs: Robert Ealr Keen -- Floppy Shoes, Fluke -- Fluke, Northern League -- Pimp Dat

2 :01x02 - Risk Tolerance

Eddie is building his bankroll and is eventually approached by the Matador. Don Everest is apparently interested in enlisting Eddie’s help. Eddie takes his offer.

A gorgeous woman tries out as an exotic dancer, but is refused an audition.

Nickel approaches Seymour for information on the Matador, but Seymour tells him he doesn’t know anything. He does tell him that for the right price, there were others in Vegas that could tell him what he wanted to know.

As the Matador and Eddie get ready to play, the woman from the dance auditions runs up to Don. It appears she is his daughter. The Matador gives her a large stack of chips and she runs off. Later, she seduces Eddie in his hotel room.
Guest Stars: George Buza as Tropical Henry | Michael Murphy (1) as Jimmy Malloy | Fulvio Cecere as Skip | Ryan Kelly as Sun Glasses | Venice Grant as Wanda | Jason Gautreau as Clark's Roommate | David Boyce (2) as Dean | Andy Boorman as Ticket Agent | Evelyn Cesperdes as Redhead | Nick Alachiotis as Broward | Joe Flaherty as Aliquippa | Kenneth Welsh as Seymour Annisman | Dov Tiefenbach as Crappy | Kathryn Haggis as Middle Aged Lady | Harvey Sokoloff as Father #1 | Kerry Griffin as Father #2 | Amelia Cooke as Dee Everest | Chris Gillett as Philip | Mark Wilson (3) as Large Al | Eugene Clark as Dr. Marcellin | Hayley Lochner as Young Miami | Tony Nappo as Johnny Gelcaiano | Patrick Garrow as Neal | Jean Daigle as Safari Jacket
Director: T.J. Scott
Songs: Northern League -- Northern Bounce, Skytrain -- Until Today

3 :01x03 - The Whale

Lowball is shocked to discover that a whale, a player with a large amount of money, has decided to not return to the Colorado, and is attempting to play somewhere else. Lowball instantly brings him back to the Colorado.

Eddie and Dee wake up the next morning in the bed together, and the Matador catches her in his room. He says its better she sleep with Eddie than a stranger.

Nickel approaches Seymour saying he found a photo of him and his brother playing golf together. Seymour still refutes that he has any knowledge of the Matador. He gives in, giving Nickel the address of someone who can help in snowy Montana. During a massage, the Matador pays Seymour a “friendly visit” as a warning.
Guest Stars: Robert Tinkler as Danny | Michael Murphy (1) as Jimmy Malloy
Songs: Matt Hirt -- Lights of Shanghai, Ben Neill -- Shiny Nickle

4 :01x04 - The Aftermath

Seymour’s death is ruled a suicide, and Miami goes to Seymour’s apartment and snatches a gun. Eddie and Clark convince her that it isn’t the way Seymour would have wanted it, and they decide to go in for the kill against the Matador.

Nickel instantly realizes that Seymour’s death was no suicide, and figures out Tropical Henry was involved. He poses as a funeral director and snatches some photos of Seymour’s corpse.

Clark’s old business partners, Dean and Shurgin, want Clark to participate in their money laundering scheme. At first Clark goes along with them, but later he wants to back out.

Everest makes it clear to Lowball how important he is to the Colorado. Nickel takes his evidence to the police chief, who is obviously bought. The police chief calls his information circumstantial and tells him he’d leave town if he was smart.
Guest Stars: George Buza as Tropical Henry | Fulvio Cecere as Skip | Michael Murphy (1) as Jimmy Malloy
Songs: Bernie Marsden -- Lil' Green Land, Pete Peterkin -- Saturday Night

5 :01x05 - Rivered

Malloy and Lowball get an inspector from the Gaming Commission at the Colorado. Lowball tells Malloy he will get rid of the inspector, but Malloy has to get rid of Don Everest. After several attempts, the inspector cannot be bribed.

With Seymour’s bankroll, the trio decides to move on the Matador that night. Things go as planned until Everest tells Clark they are working together and unless they fold, he will call the police. When the Matador and Eddie get back to the Matador’s room, he is beat to a pulp. It appears Everest knew what Eddie had been up too the entire time.

Nickel tracks down Henry, who ends up Squealing on Skip as the true murderer. Henry runs to Skip, who isn’t pleased, and flees. Afterward, Tropical Henry agrees to cooperate with Nickel.

Turns out the inspector likes men, and after Lowball tells Malloy either he or Everest has to go, Molloy is left with a decision.
Guest Stars: George Buza as Tropical Henry | Fulvio Cecere as Skip | Michael Murphy (1) as Jimmy Malloy
Songs: Michelle Cole -- Been Down That Road, Weepin' Willie -- Hangin On To My Hangover, Crit Harmon -- It Just Ain't That Way, Deb Pasternak -- This Road I'm On, Rhythm and Kane -- Voodoo Priest (RK Remix)

6 :01x06 - Gentleman Jim

Clark and Miami meet up for breakfast thinking that Eddie betrayed them, until he limps in beaten to a pulp. He tells them he has ten thousand stashed away and will split it with the three of them. Eddie goes to his mom’s house, but the money is not there.

Eddie plays cards with a well-dressed man. The man turns out to be Jimmy Towne, Eddie’s father. It turns out that his mother took his money to bankroll his father.

Clark decides to go legit and works as a salesman. Though his manager knows there is something shady going on, he allows Clark to continue working because he is an excellent salesman. Since Clark lost the game, he is also getting threats from his old business partners about their money.

The Matador scolds Dee for her involvement with Eddie. She’s defiant as ever, but he insists that she keep a close eye on him.

Lowball and Nickel get the videotape of the game between Miami, Eddie, Clark, and the Matador. They then have Crackle side with them because of Seymour’s death. Crackle gets Eddie on their side and though he cannot give the money to split with Clark and Miami, he has the videotape to let them play at the casino.
Guest Stars: Paulino Nunes as Stasiak | Sasha Roiz as Frank Blake

7 :01x07 - Shuffle Up and Deal

The Matador finds out he must win the prize for the tournament to earn enough money to gain a legitimate stake in the Colorado or he would become a normal card player again. The plot against the Matador takes shape, and the Matador hires “horses” to help him cheat through the tournament. One of the horses is Jimmy Towne.

Clark goes to square things with his old business partners, who tell him to pay up or get out of town. Their secretary takes interest in Clark, and after she says she is afraid to work there. Clark tells her to leave. The secretary reveals that she is FBI and wires Clark up. Clark motions for his partner to stay quiet, writes that his secretary is FBI. They fake a conversation. Then he writes, “We’re even”.

Lowball goes to meet Skip at the strip club. He enjoys the services of one of his usual ladies, who he allows to handcuff him. She apologizes and then leaves. Skip comes in and beats Lowball, until Nickel realizes what is going on and breaks Nickel’s arm, and makes him tell him what he wants to know.
Guest Stars: Jordan Madley as Amber | Michael Murphy (1) as Jimmy Malloy | Fulvio Cecere as Skip | Matthew Lemche as Charles Heidman
Director: John Dahl
Writer: Willie Reale

8 :01x08 - Nobody Ever Listens

Lowball is scared to death after the incident at the strip club and breaks the alliance. He returns to try to get his job at the Colorado back.

Eddie turns down Dee’s offer to run away with her hundred thousand. Eddie is determined to stay in Vegas to play cards, and take down the Matador.

Meanwhile, the FBI gets Clark fired and approach him at a bar. Trying to get the FBI to leave his old friends alone, he offers them a bigger fish, the Matador.

Play at the tournament continues and the Matador and Phil Hellmuth Jr., who seem to have some bad blood between them end up playing. In the end, the Matador beats him with a perfect all in call.

Skip runs off to a ski lodge by Lake Tahoe.
Guest Stars: Phil Hellmuth, Jr. as Himself | Daniel Fathers as Muff Lannigan

9 :01x09 - The Last Hand

Miami helps the FBI get Testa, a member of Everest’s team to testify.

The world series of poker comes down to Eddie and the Matador. Eddie wins, though in reality, the Matador through the game, having Dee put all her money on Eddie.

The FBI arrest Matador, un-cuff him, and force him to go to the bathroom, where Nickel gets five minutes with the Matador.

Eddie splits his winnings with Miami and Clark, and the Matador has his defense team ready to get him off the hook.

Nickel goes back to his family.
Guest Stars: David Williams (1) as Himself
Director: John Dahl
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Sports | Tech/Gaming
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ESPN ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 13, 2005
Ended: March 17, 2005
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