Christopher Titus has a loving girlfriend (Erin Fitzpatrick (Cynthia Watros)), a best friend that works for him and thinks of him as a leader (Tommy Shafter (David Shatraw)), a brother Dave that is admittedly a little low on the IQ scale, but appears to be gifted when it comes to cars, and a great car business. All of this pales in comparison to his hate/love relationship with his domineering father Ken Titus (Stacy Keach), and his difficult relationship with his insane mother (who is not in all episodes). That's the US "comedy" series that lasted three seasons on FOX. The series is also, to a certain extant, Christopher Titus' real life (though he became a comedian instead of going into the auto business).

Episode Info

Final: 3x21 -- The Protector (Aug/12/2002)

When Amy gets in trouble in school for beating up a boy, Titus and Erin come in to speak with the principal--which goes from bad to worse when the boy's father comes in and Amy recognizes him as the man who sexually molested her as a child.
Christopher TitusChristopher Titus
As Christopher Titus
Cynthia WatrosCynthia Watros
As Erin Fitzpatrick
Zack WardZack Ward
As Dave Titus
David ShatrawDavid Shatraw
As Tommy Shafter
Stacy KeachStacy Keach
As Ken Titus
Rachel RothRachel Roth
As Amy Fitzpatrick (S03)

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3x11: Into Thin Air recap: Christopher, Erin, Tommy, Dave, and his girlfriend Nancy go on a skiing weekend, but Dave is blissfully unaware that Nancy is cheating on him. Titus wants to protect his brother and not tell him what Nancy is up to. Erin insists he should, until Titus points out that if he does then Dave will spend the rest of their weekend in their lovers suite. Erin backtracks but when Dave talks about how happy he is with Nancy they both break down and tell him. A depressed Dave skis down the trail past the danger ribbons and Christopher goes in pursuit. He ends up falling down the mountainside and landing in a tree next do Dave... read more.

1x3: Dave Moves Out recap: In the Neutral Room, Titus's opinion is that abnormal people never ask for what they want. You have to "translate" what they say, after years of experience. And that their dad has never been there when they've gotten into trouble, like when they ended up in jail for stealing road signs... read more.
Recurring Guests

Dylan Capannelli as 5-Year Old Titus (32 eps)
Phoenix Forsyth as 10-Year Old Titus (24 eps)
Adam Hicks as 5-Year Old Dave (18 eps)
Evan Ellingson as 10-Year-Old Titus (10 eps)
Mary Lou Rosato as Nurse Kathy (8 eps)
Sean Marquette as 10-Year-Old Tommy (7 eps)
Susan Barnes as Nora (7 eps)
Michelle Krusiec as Nancy (6 eps)
Hamilton Camp as Merrit (5 eps)
Robert Hawkins (2) as Michael (4 eps)

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