Dave Moves Out - Recap

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In the Neutral Room, Titus's opinion is that abnormal people never ask for what they want. You have to "translate" what they say, after years of experience. And that their dad has never been there when they've gotten into trouble, like when they ended up in jail for stealing road signs.

Christopher goes to jail after discovering that Dave has been arrested. Ken Titus is there, and reveals that he had Dave arrested for moving out and stealing his VCR. Tommy shows up as well and is shocked. Ken refuses to drop the charges, and Dave inadvertently reveals that Christopher told him to move out with telling Ken anything.

Tommy figures Ken is trying to get revenge on Christopher because they push each other's buttons. Since Tommy studied psychology in college, he figures that Ken is getting old and doesn't want to let go of his son. Christopher tries to comfort his father by saying that sometimes you have to let control and Christopher has the situation in hand. He admits he helped Dave move out. Upon hearing that, Ken has the police arrest Christopher as an accessory.

Fortunately, Tommy called Erin, who is having a day off. She shows up with bail money but tries to get Ken to drop the charges. She's so unbearably nice that Ken agrees rather then put up with any more of her affection. He wants his sons to go to the bar with him and can't understand why they're still harping on him having them arrested a minute earlier. Erin figures that he's feeling lonely, but then realizes that with Dave gone, Ken will visit them. A lot. In his pajamas. Looking for beer. She pleads with Christopher to get Dave to undo his previous advice and convince Dave to move back in with Ken.

Desperate, Christopher tells Dave that Ken has a heart condition and needs somebody to stay with him. Dave isn't totally convinced and negotiates a DVD player and a new TV out of the deal. Christopher agrees but draws the line at getting satellite for Dave... at least until Ken is dead.

Meanwhile, Erin has been showing Ken with affection and he quickly caves out of disgust. Father and son approach each other and hesitantly ask and offer Dave to move back in. Things quickly get ugly again and finally Ken insists that Dave pay $100 a month and paint his own room. Dave agrees and then the police reveal that the "stolen" VCR has pot in it. Things look bad for Ken until Dave blurts that he put the pot in there, and he ends up back in jail. And Christopher ends up translating the whole thing into a mutual exchange of "I love you"s.