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Message Posted On Tuesday, October 8th 2013 at 9:48 am
The last five minutes of the series was the worst! That's the bit where it all came together and revealed itself as a serious let-down!

There are so many thing wrong with 'Top of the Lake' that I can't even begin!

It's nasty stuff... and what the hell is going on in Jane Campoion's mind? She seems to thing all drugs are kinda' generally the same thing...the plot mentions 'high' 'ropies' 'methadrone' 'morphine' 'heroin' 'cocaine' and 'crystal-meth' and glosses over 'em all with budgeted brevity i.e. ham-fisted, poorly-researched jumble!

Campion also seems to think all paedophiles have foreign accents, and naturally come from Austria or Belgium!

With blatant plot borrowings from 'Underbelly' ' Blue Velvet' 'Breaking bad' and 'Star Wars' it's awful to think that this nasty drama series would never have got off the ground without inclusion of that pet-subject all New Zealand directors seem to have a penchant for - drugs, domestic violence and teenage rape!