Rendition - Recap

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Rex and his people take Jack, Gwen, and Rhys to Heathrow. As they arrive, Rex removes Jack’s vortex manipulator even though he doesn’t know what it is. The CIA agent then discovers that another agent, Lyn Peterfield, has been sent to assist over his objections. Meanwhile, Gwen asks Jack about the cut on his arm and figures that Miracle Day has something to do with him. However, Rhys figures that it’s a case of reversal. Rex interrupts them to have Gwen and Jack placed on the CIA private jet while the authorities release Rhys and Anwen. As she’s hauled on board, Gwen vows that she’ll come back.

As the plane crosses the Atlantic, the steward, Danny, brings Rex some aspirin and a vodka. Rex then goes into the lavatory and inspects his chest wound. Meanwhile, Jack tries to make small talk with Gwen, but she blames him for turning up and making everything go wrong again. Jack has no response for her.

At CIA headquarters, Noah and the others watch Youtube footage of Danes’ execution. Esther and Charlotte notice as they go by. As they continue, they discuss how people’s behavior has altered now that they know they can’t die. Esther receives an email confirming that Rex is on his way back to the States with Torchwood. She goes to see her boss, Brian Friedkin, but he tells her that the project is now clandestine and being handled by a different directorate. When Esther pursues the matter and suggests that she could help, Friedkin asks if she was working closely with Rex. When he confirms that she is he, he promises to keep her offer in mind. Once she leaves, Friedkin checks her CIA file.

Jack insists he had no way of knowing that Rex was going to extradite them, but Gwen doesn’t buy it. She asks where he went and if it helped after everything they went through two years ago, but Jack doesn’t have an answer for her. Rex asks Jack about the vortex manipulator but gets no answer, and then tells them that that they’ll be interrogated. When Gwen points out they would have gladly answered any questions, Rex explains that he figures they don’t know anything. However, someone has linked Torchwood to Miracle Day and is willing to kill them to cover it up. Jack asks Rex if anyone is doing research on morphic fields. Rex has no idea what he’s talking about, and Jack explains that what is amazing is that everyone on Earth became immortal simultaneously, meaning it’s a morphic event on an incredible scale.

The manipulator starts bleeping and Jack tells Rex that it’s detected that his sodium levels are low and he needs salt. Skeptical, he walks away. Meanwhile, Lyn sends an email to Friedkin telling him to look into morphic fields. Friedkin gets the message and sends a private text message. Outside in the office, Esther and Charlotte watch a newscast about whether humanity will adapt to their new immortality.

Oswald is at the news studio and steals food from a snack table. An assistant comes over and objects, and Oswald explains that he spent six years in solitary confinement and the guards pissed in his food. When she points out that he isn’t in prison anymore, Oswald notes that there’s no way of knowing when things will go back to normal and he plans to take food wherever he can find it. Disgusted, the assistant tells him that she hopes he chokes on the food.

Friedkin receives a message back on his cell phone with a single word: “Remove.” He sends the command on to Lyn. Meanwhile, Rex calls Dr. Juarez and asks about his sodium levels, and she confirms that his are low. He asks her to meet him at the airport with painkillers and offers her the chance to examine the last mortal man in the world. Before Juarez can respond, EMTs bring in several injured persons from a car wreck. She realizes that they’re going about it all wrong and tells them to prioritize the least-injured patients so that they can get them out and free up bed space for the ones who need it. When Juarez wonders where the Dean of Medicine is, a doctor tells her that the Dean is at an emergency meeting of all of the local hospital administrator. Juarez figures they have no idea what is going on and gets the meeting’s location.

Jack asks Danny for a drink and Lyn goes to get it. She sends Danny to ask Rex if he wants a drink and then secretly places a drug in Jack’s drink. Jack drinks it as Lyn watches, smiling in satisfaction.

On the news interview, Oswald explains that he knows there is a legal mandate being passed to send him back to prison. The interviewer, Geoff Reed, tells him that people are disgusted and horrified that Oswald is walking free and asks for his opinion, but Oswald says he doesn’t want to add to their distress by responding. In response, the interviewer brings up a picture of the girl that Oswald raped and murdered, Susie Cabina. At the CIA, Esther and the others watch the interview. In the studio, Oswald bursts into tears and says that he’s sorry. When Geoff points out that he didn’t say sorry at his trial, Oswald says that he tried but he was scared.

The interviewer persists, asking what good “sorry” will do, but Oswald can only sob helplessly as a nation watches on television. Charlotte asks Esther for her opinion on the situation, but Esther insists that their job is to observe, not judge. Her friend warns her that someday she’ll have to commit herself rather than just watch the world.

Afterward the interview, the assistant apologizes to Oswald for her earlier comment. As he gets in the elevator with his guard, a woman gets into the elevator with them. She introduces herself as Jilly Kitzinger, a PR agent, and compliments Oswald on his performance. Oswald insists that it wasn’t a performance and he doesn’t need her, but Jilly persists and is surprised that he didn’t get paid. As they get off the elevator, Jilly suggests that he contact her. The assistant runs up and tells Oswald that Oprah’s people are on the phone to set up an interview. Oswald points out that he’s doing find without her and tosses her card in the garbage.

Dr. Juarez goes to the meeting at City Hall and easily gets in. She finally finds a panel headed by Simran Baidwan, who is discussing how human flesh isn’t suffering from necrosis. Juarez joins in and tells them what she saw at the CIA autopsy. They realize that there is an oscillation in necrosis, and that one hospital is requesting extra antibiotics. Juarez realizes that since people aren’t dying, they are becoming germ incubators. The more antibiotics they give people, the more resistant the germs become. The team realizes that things can only get worse.

On the plane, Jack warns that he’s going to throw up. Rex takes him to the lavatory, and Jack warns him that the timing is bad given that someone wants to take out Torchwood.

Esther goes to Rex’s office and sees two agents taking apart his computer. She asks Charlotte, who says she hasn’t heard anything. As she returns to her station, Esther sees two men going through her files and downloading her computer info. Once they leave, she tries to access her system but discovers that she’s been locked. The bank calls to inform her that she has received an anonymous $50,000 wire transfer to her account. Realizing something is seriously wrong, Esther takes Charlotte’s CIA ID and heads for the exit.

Friedkin’s men report that they’ve found Esther’s discarded ID, and Charlotte returns to her desk. She quickly confirms that her ID is missing.

Esther gets on the elevator and runs into Noah, Distracted, she manages to keep up her end of the conversation. Meanwhile, Friedkin tracks Charlotte’s badge, claiming it’s an exercise, and sends men to find her. Esther gets to the parking garage, chats with the gate guard, and drives out.

Danny apologizes to Jack because they don’t have any medication on board. Gwen realizes the drink was drugged and asks Danny what he did to it, and Danny tells her that Lyn was there the entire time. Suspicious, Gwen asks Rex to search his fellow agent and he reluctantly agrees just to shut her up. He takes Lyn’s bag and finds a small baggie filled with what Lyn initially claims is medicine. When she changes tracks and admits that it’s poison, Rex asks her which one and Lyn refuses to answer. He handcuffs her to her seat and checks her laptop, while Jack examines the pills and realizes he was given arsenic.

Juarez is still in the meeting when Rex calls and asks her what the antidote is for arsenic poisoning. She suggests using chelation and introducing metals into the body that will bind with the arsenic and neutralize it. They need ETDA, but no one knows where to find it. Juarez asks her fellow doctors and they come up with a procedure using laptop fuel cells, silver, ammonia, and degreaser to create formaldehyde. After a desperate struggle, Gwen and Rex find what they need and prepare to inject it using Danny’ insulin injector. As they work, Lyn manages to get free and kicks the injector out of Gwen’s hand. As Rex and Danny go to get it, Gwen knocks Lyn out with one punch. They give Jack the antidote and he recovers. Rex congratulates her and then handcuffs her down.

Rex calls Friedkin, who is eager to make sure that Lyn hasn’t said anything about her orders or who gave them. Friedkin says that he’ll have a security force meet them at the airport, and then sends his men to deal with the situation.

The doctors examine a severed arm which is still “alive” and determine that people are still aging. They realize that people will soon suffer from eternal old age, assuming that the immortality continues. Juarez wonders what they should do about all the people who are suffering from unhealing injuries, and says they’ll have to rebuild the entire healthcare system to produce more painkillers. As they talk, Jilly comes in and listens to their assessment of the situation.

As Juarez goes outside, Jilly approaches her and reveals she knows all about her. She compliments Juarez on her leadership and then admits she’s in public relations. When Juarez refuses to take her card, Jilly explains that the government set aside a stockpile of drugs earlier that year, and that Juarez and her people need that stockpile. She offers to talk to Juarez’ senator to get the drugs released and also get some painkiller samples from the drug company she represents.

Friedkin’s men meet Rex and take Lyn, Jack, and Gwen into custody. The man in charge secretly slips Lyn the keys to her handcuffs. As they leave the field, Esther calls Rex and warns him that they’re being set up for elimination. He checks his bank account and discovers that he’s received a $100,000 wire transfer. Rex fakes a normal conversation and Esther realizes his situation.

Once Rex hangs up, he tells Lyn and the CIA that there’s one more piece of business they need to complete the rendition. He frees Jack and Gwen and they attack the CIA agents. As Jack and Gwen run off, Lyn attacks Rex, punching him repeatedly in his chest wound. He finally manages to grab her head and snap her neck, and then goes after the others.

Jack and Gwen go through the terminal and wonder how they can get past security. When Rex finds them, he explains that they’re already through Customs and they can leave at any time. When Gwen wonders why they should go with him, Rex points out that he’s the only one with a car. As they go, Jack points out the two approaching CIA agents to an airport guard and says they have a bomb.

Juarez meets Rex outside, while Esther arrives. Jack and Gwen get in with her and Rex. As Esther pulls out, Lynn blocks their way. Her head is still twisted around 180 degrees on her neck. After a stunned moment, Rex just tells Esther to drive. When Esther wonders what is going on, Gwen tells her, “Welcome to Torchwood.”