Dead of Night - Recap

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Oswald gives an interview about what happened to himself and everyone else on Miracle Day. He insists that he’s no expert, but he admits that he’s a free man and that no one else is speaking out on subjects such as the fact that drug companies are profiting from the increased usage of painkillers and antibiotics.

At home in Arlington, Brian Friedkin hears that his television is on and comes downstairs. Rex captures him at gunpoint and demands to know who set him up. When Friedkin refuses to answer, Rex prepares to shoot him in the head in such a way as to keep him alive in great pain. Friedkin finally breaks and admits that he’s been paid for years by his mysterious sponsors, and they finally demanded a service from him. When he says that they’ve always contacted him via one number, Jack in the car, listening in, tells Rex to get the number. He warns Rex that the police are on the way and Esther is tracking them. Gwen grabs a bag and prepares to intercept them.

Friedkin gives Rex the phone and warns that “they” are everywhere and know everything. Rex fires a shot past his ear and runs out to the car. As Rex and Jack drive away, Gwen throws a spike mat out onto the road. The police car hits it and blows out its tires while Gwen gets in the car with the others and they drive off.

In Washington, hundreds of people wearing black-and-white masks take to the street bearing candles. Gwen sees them and goes up to the apartment where Jack and the others have taken refuge. Jack confirms that Rhys and Anwen are in protective custody and PC Andy is supervising, but is unable to call them. Gwen tells them that people are panicking and that the new cult, the Soulless, are on the march. They believe that eternal life has robbed mankind of its souls.

Esther traces Friedkin’s call to a vine where it branches out to thousands of numbers. As Rex arrives, they watch Oswald’s interview where he suggests they hand out free drugs to everyone. Rex tells Jack who Oswald is, and Jack suggests they check on him and anyone else who is profiting from Miracle Day. Esther hacks Friedkin’s financial accounts using Torchwood software and Rex reminds her not to call anyone. Jack checks on morphic fields and suspects that there is a consciousness behind Miracle Day, something that is driving people to live even when they should be paralyzed or comatose. Rex admits that he remained wide awake through his accident and could feel every moment of pain. “Morphic field” has generated 10 million hits and Esther promises to go through each of them because that’s her field of expertise. She discovers that Friedkin hid the location of a suspect warehouse and figures he was paid to protect it.

The team steals a car and drives to the warehouse. Esther and Gwen then drive up to the guard and claim to be lost, and then Gwen knocks him out. Gwen shuts down the security systems, requiring her to power up the entire building. While Esther keeps watch, the others go inside and find boxes of Phi-Corp painkillers. They’re non-narcotic and 100% effective, and Phi-Corp has branches across the world. Jack finds a shipping form confirming there were deliveries going back over a year. Meanwhile, Rex finds another vast chamber filled with thousands of boxes of painkillers and they realize that Phi-Corp was ready for Miracle Day and must have known it was coming.

At the hospital, Juarez confronts a policeman who has had to book an abusive husband for assault despite the fact that he “killed” his wife. The officer warns that the system is breaking down because there is no such thing as “attempted murder” anymore. Juarez receives word that she’s late for a panel and meets with the other doctors. Miracle Day continues to have new repercussions as abortion becomes impossible. When one doctor, Murphy, insists that all babies have value, Juarez points out that that the babies are being born into constant suffering. Jilly comes in and explains that her client, Phi-Corp, has been working on pain management for newborns. The doctors argue over priorities and Juarez says that they need more treatment facilities. Jilly sends a text message and then talks to Juarez afterward. Juarez figures they’re screw up the miracle just like everything else, and Jilly invites her to talk to Phi-Corp. She insists that Phi-Corp is the way of the future and leaves.

The Torchwood team returns to their apartment to check on Phi-Corp. Rex thinks they should reveal what they know to the public and Gwen agrees. Jack says they need someone with connections and Rex suggests his senior instructor at Langley, ex-CIA. The others agree and Rex calls his friend to arrange a meeting at the Freeville Hotel.

Rex arrives early at the hotel and watches as SWAT teams break into the hotel. He goes to an alleyway and tells the others what happened. Jack warns that they’re on their own and that they are Torchwood. When Rex reminds him that the rest of Torchwood is dead, Jack insists that they were friends. Disgusted, Rex drives off on his own.

As Gwen and the others walk back, they see the spreading chaos. Frustrated, Jack goes to a bar to drown his sorrows. Esther and Gwen continue and discuss how Esther’s apartment is just a few miles. Gwen warns her that she’ll be arrested if she goes there, but Esther wonders if it would be worth it. She worries that she can do it and explains that her sister can’t cope and needs her help. Gwen reassures her and they link arms and walk off.

At the bar, Jack orders a Scotch and notices a bowl of AA sobriety chips on the bar. The bartender, Brad, tells him that a lot of alcoholics are giving up and then compliments Jack on his coat.

As newscasters continue to speculate that aliens may be responsible for Miracle Day, Oswald watches from his motel room in Atlanta. He goes to get some ice, walking by his police minder, and then slips out a back window. Oswald goes to a diner to enjoy some food and a couple recognizes him and takes his picture.

Juarez returns home and finds Rex waiting for her. He asks her to dress his bleeding chest wound and then collapses. Once he wakes up, Rex asks for her help until he clear his name and jokingly reminds her that they can incriminate each other. They end up in bed together.

Jack and Brad end up at Brad’s apartment. Jack wonders if he has protection and warns his new partner that a lifetime of regrets is now a lot longer. Brad agrees, telling him that he’s calling the shots.

Oswald leaves the diner and the couple chase after him. He runs to two police officers, who tell the couple to go home. Once they leave, the officers agree to take Oswald back to his hotel. However, they stop on a deserted stretch of road, order Oswald out, and then start beating him.

After sex, Rex tells Juarez what they’ve discovered about Phi-Corp. She breaks into tears and explains that a year ago, her mother had a stroke. Juarez wonders if they should have kept her alive a little longer, and then tells Rex that Jilly gave her the card and an invitation to go to a private meeting. Rex wants her to go in but Juarez refuses. He comments that Juarez let her mother die and Juarez tells him to find his way out on his own.

As Brad dozes off, Jack calls Gwen to tell her that now that he’s mortal, he wants to know if they’re good. He admits that he missed her and Gwen comments that if Miracle Day had happened sooner, Ianto would still be with them. As Jack says that they don’t need anyone else, Esther manages to bounce a signal to Rhys and Anwen. Gwen ignores Jack and says hello to her family and assures them that they’re fine.

The police drop Oswald off at his motel. Jilly is waiting for him and says that they have an important meeting to go to in Washington. When he wonders why, Jilly tells him that now is the time for him to take command. Oswald gets to his feet and tells her that she’d better deliver, and Jilly assures him that he will.

The next morning, Juarez calls Rex and tells him that she’ll agree to help by getting him inside.

Jack returns to the Torchwood apartment and discovers that Rex has returned. Gwen is showing him the I-5 camera contact lenses and their lip-reading software. However, she warns that they’re isomorphic and tuned to her alone. Gwen insists that she is the only one who can go on the mission, and Esther agrees even though she and Jack know she’s lying.

Juarez goes to the Phi-Corp headquarters and is ushered into an auditorium filled with other important physicians. She slips away, claiming to go the restroom, and opens the side door. Gwen explains that she’s there instead of Rex and tells Juarez to keep Jilly distracted as long as possible. As she makes her way inside, Gwen spots Oswald and Jilly together. Jack suggests they have Gwen follow Oswald, but Rex says they have to keep Gwen on task.

Jilly drops Oswald off in a conference room with three men.

Juarez calls Rex and explains that she’s at a presentation. Jilly comes in and sits nearby. The presentation begins and Congressman Patrick Morgenthall addresses the assembled physicians. He explains that their health care service has been adequate for years, but now the need for drugs has outstripped the number of physicians that can distribute them. Morgenthall is introducing legislation to make all prescription drugs available without a prescription. Esther and Rex realized that will increase Phi-Corp’s profits a hundredfold, and discover that Jack has slipped out.

Gwen makes her way through the Phi-Corp offices to Jilly’s office. Once inside, she hacks Jilly’s computer.

In the auditorium, Jilly gets a message and leaves. Juarez sees her go and notifies Esther, who sends a warning to Gwen. Rex tells Juarez to call Jilly and delay her, while Jilly enters her office while Gwen hides behind a bookcase. Juarez calls and asks Jilly to join her in the auditorium. Once the PR woman leaves, Gwen slips out of the office.

At the Torchwood apartment, Friedkin’s phone ring. Rex answers it but gets no response. Esther traces the call without success and they realize that the call will be traced. The two agents quickly pack up, and Rex figures that they have the opposition worried.

Jack breaks into the Phi-Corp broadcast center and Oswald assumes that he’s an interviewer. When he realizes he can’t pull off the ruse, Jack draws his gun and demands to know why he met with Phi-Corp. He asks if Oswald has ever heard of the name Jack Harkness. Oswald says he hasn’t, assumes that Jack is Jack Harkness, and asks what he wants. Jack tells him that he’s knows that Oswald has claimed he wants forgiveness for the murder of Suzy Cabina, but he knows he’s lying and wants to record him telling the truth. Oswald steps forward and says that the girl was flaunting it and that he painted on her with bruises. He figures that Jack knows the same feeling and explains that he relives it every night because it was the best moment of his life. Jack says that he understands and that Oswald wants to die for his sins, but now he can’t.

Jack says he plans to transmit the recording to the world, but Oswald calls in two Phi-Corp security men and has them take the recorder. When Jack wonders what Oswald receives in return for protection, Oswald says that the company wants him to deliver a message to the world. As he goes, Oswald tells the men to let Jack go after a beating.

Oswald goes on the air and promotes Phi-Corp’s plan, insisting that government has abandoned the people. As Jack is tossed out of Phi-Corp’s broadcast center, a woman asks if he touched Oswald. Jack watches as Oswald offers people the chance to walk with him into the long future.