Escape to L.A. - Recap

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In Washington, DC, Esther goes to her sister Sarah’s home and pounds on the door. Sarah finally unlocks the multiple locks and tells her sister that people came there to ask questions about her. Esther asks to see her nieces, Melanie and Alice, and Sarah insists that they’re fine. She tells Esther not to go to Boston, or Philadelphia, or New York, and insists that there is something godless in the air that is infecting everyone. Sarah refuses to let her daughters come out and slams the door shut. Esther tries to tell her that it’s safe and she’s working with people to stop the Miracle, and promises to come back as soon as she can. She asks to say goodbye to the girls but Sarah refuses. Crying, Esther promises to come back as soon as she can.

Back in her car, Esther anonymously calls the police and reports her sister for child abuse. As she drives off, a man known only as the Gentleman watching the house reports to his superior that he’s found Esther and that they can now find Torchwood. His superior tells him to find Jack and dispose of the others.

The world continues to deal with the repercussions of the Miracle and PhiCorp promises to initiate a payback scheme in its Los Angeles headquarters.

In Venice Beach, CA, the Torchwood team arrives by car to track down PhiCorp’s headquarters and launch an assault. Meanwhile, Rex pays the parking and spots fliers announce a “Dead is Dead” movement. He calls Vera in Washington and asks her about it, and she explains that it’s the latest campaign lead by Ellis Hartley Monroe, a small-town mayor trying to make a name for herself. She wants to treat people who should have died and haven’t as if they were already dead. Rex asks where he can find prescription drugs in LA but she says that she’s busy and promises not to call him.

Vera and her team of doctors tour an empty hospital. The representative explains that they want to transport all ICU patients there and put them in one place, out of sight. When Vera objects, the representative note that mankind has been doing similar things for centuries.

The Torchwood team rents a cheap apartment as a refuge and pay the landlord to tip them off if anyone comes asking. As Esther arranges for the delivery of a spare server, Gwen receives a call from Rhys. She tries to convince him that she isn’t enjoying the sun in LA. Anwen is sleeping and Rhys refuses to wake his daughter to let Gwen talk to her. As they chat, the Gentleman takes photos of Gwen. Meanwhile, Gwen asks Rhys to get her father out of the hospital but Rhys says there’s nothing he can do. The Gentleman calls in to confirm that he’s located Torchwood.

Gwen goes back to the apartment and helps them decrypt Jilly’s files. Jack continues to watch the videos of Oswald and puts a permanent trace on him. They figure that Jilly is a freelancer who works with PhiCorp but isn’t part of the conspiracy, nor is Oswald. Jack agrees but says that patterns are forming around Oswald.

In his new five-star hotel room, Oswald savors the luxuries of his new lifestyle. Jilly arrives to tell him that there’s a change in plans and that she’s to stay at his side at all times. She admits that she can’t stand him but that it’s her job to take care of him. Oswald explains that he’s important because he checked on PhiCorp and who owns them, but the information is deeply buried. He realized that someone is covering up for PhiCorp on a worldwide scale and wonders why. Jilly informs him that his next interview has been canceled and he was replaced with Ellis. Jilly plays one of Ellis’ speeches where she insists that the dead should remain dead, and then smugly points out that Oswald has a rival.

Rex watches Ellis’ broadcast and Esther asks if he has family in California. He insists that there’s no one even when Esther reveals that she’s read his file. As Ellis speaks about the dead should wait until death finds them as it eventually will, Rex rubs the wound on his chest.

That night, an old man comes home to his tenement apart and discovers that the door is broken open. He takes a shotgun from his bag and goes inside, and finds Rex waiting for him. Rex has found illegal drugs there but assures the man, his father Maurice, that he doesn’t plan to arrest him. Maurice blames the government for everything and figures that the Miracle is some kind of experiment. Rex disarms him and says that he can live somewhere better, but Maurice demands to know why he’s there. His son finally shows him his wound, but Maurice says that he’s been dying for 15 years and Rex never came to see him. He orders his son out and Rex goes without a word... taking his father’s drugs with him.

The next day, Rex is working at the apartment to distract himself while Esther explains that she’s found the secure server within PhiCorp. All they can do is steal the server and leave a duplicate that appears to have been damaged in a fire. Rhys tries to call Gwen but she turns off her phone. Rex plans to go in but Jack warns that it’s too risky. Gwen reminds the others that Jack used the malware to wipe his files off of the Internet. Esther explains that only one man can bypass the biometric security in the server room: Nicolas Frumkin, the security designer. All of the systems are keyed to him, and Rex knows what they need to do.

Later, Jack and Gwen pose as a couple and approach Frumkin, his wife, and his baby in the park. They manage to capture Frumkin’s voice print, fingerprints, and retinal pattern without him realizing it and then quickly get away, unaware that the Gentleman is watching them.

In Washington, Vera goes to the new hospital facility for the dying tries to deal with the overwhelming number of incoming patients. One woman dumps off her dead father and says that she can’t look after him forever. Babies are crying and the relatively healthy patients are worried about being infected by the dead ones. Outside, the representative insists that the problems are short-term but refuses to say what is planned next. As they talk, Ellis speaks to the press outside, unaware that Jilly is watching her. Ellis defends the confinement hospital, insisting that now the dead pose no danger to society. Jilly gets into a limo with Oswald, who is unhappy since the press were supposed to be there for him. He insists that he won’t go back to prison and tells Jilly to put things right.

While Jilly leaves to deal with the situation, Oswald gets an idea and walks into the hospital. The press focus on him as he goes inside, dons a mask, and tells the dead that he’s not scared of them, insisting that he is just the same as they are. Oswald tells them that people outside are saying lies about them and that he is there to speak on their behalf. One old man recognizes Oswald, and Oswald says that he won’t hide his face and removes the mask. He tells the dead that after the Miracle, he has risen with unending life and he promises all of them the same rapture. Oswald picks up an abandoned baby and promises everyone that the little girl will live forever.

Outside, Jilly calls her press people and tells them that from now on, it’s Oswald 24-7. A disgusted Vera walks away while Ellis complains to her own people and leaves for New York. She gets in her limo and drinks a cup of coffee, and then passes out. Her driver, a member of the conspiracy, signals his superiors and drives away.

That night, Frumkin gets into his car. The Gentleman is in the backseat, grabs him, holds a knife to his throat, and has him speak his name into a recorder. He then informs Frumkin that Torchwood is about to access his secure site and he needs the same access using Frumkin’s biometrics. Frumkin claims that there’s a code but the Gentleman knows better and repeats the request for Frumkin to speak into the recorder. Once he has it, he tells Frumkin that he’ll need the palm of his hand and one eye, and hauls him over the backseat.

The next day, Rex and Jack damage the duplicate server. The team drives to the server building and Esther waits in the van outside, monitoring the system. Once Rex leaves to check on Jack and Gwen, Esther calls to check on her sister. The Child Protective Services worker tells her that the two nieces are in the system and are going to be sent to a foster home. She explains that the mother has been admitted for psychiatric observation. When the worker realizes that Esther has a personal interest, Esther quickly hangs up. Before she can make another call, Rex returns.

Gwen goes into the building posing as a businesswoman, wearing the camera lenses. Esther receives a call and Rex objects, saying that no one should have her number. Gwen gets inside and claims that she’s there for a training session. When the security guard notes there is no such meeting, Gwen has him call and Esther intercepts it and confirms her story. Meanwhile, Jack arrives posing as a delivery driver and Esther intercepts that security guard’s confirmation call as well. As she works, Esther starts to cry but tells Rex that it’s nothing.

Jack meets Gwen and reminds her that Esther is going to direct the fire department when they arrive to the 14th floor. That will buy them five minutes to make the switch on the 21st floor. Jack sets off the fire alarm and Gwen bypasses the security system. Down below, Rex asks Esther what the matter is and she finally explains that Child Protective Services took her sister’s daughters and she reported Sarah.

As Gwen and Jack swap servers, Rhys calls to tell Gwen that he’s working to get her father moved. Gwen tells him to deal with it and signs off, and then attaches the new damaged server while Jack takes out the original. As Esther works, Rex tells her that it couldn’t have been easy. However, he realizes that she went to the house and compromised their security.

The Gentleman enters the server room and punches Gwen unconscious.

Jack goes back to the truck and finds the security guard tied up in the back. He realizes that Gwen is danger and heads back upstairs.

Esther realizes that Gwen is unconscious.

Jack enters the server room and finds Gwen tied up with Ethernet cable. The Gentleman knocks him out as well. Rex, watching on the lens camera, blames Esther and runs off to deal with the situation. The fire department has shut down the elevator so Rex starts climbing up the 33 flights of stairs.

Jack wakes up and the Gentleman explains that he’s fascinated that Jack is the only one who can die, and that he’s the holy grail to an assassin. He wonders why his employer is paying him to kill Jack, but the Gentleman refuses to answer directly. All he says is that it’s someone from Jack’s past, and then threatens to kill Gwen unless Jack tells him why he’s mortal and what he did to his employers, so that he can use the information to secure his place in the new society that is coming. The Gentleman tells them that his employers are everywhere and no one, and they have been waiting for a long time to find a specific geometry. He takes out a gun, starts to tell Gwen the names his employers once had... and Rex finally arrives and shoots him in the throat.

Oswald goes on the news and speaks out against the “Death is Death” campaign. His news story is all over the world while the governments remain silent. Jilly compliments Oswald and tells him that he’ll be replacing Ellis.

Ellis wakes up in her limo. The conspiracy Delta signal appears on the limo’s GPS and the man at the other end apologizes, saying they already have Oswald and her message was revealing their hand too soon. A crane picks up the limo and puts it into a compactor, as the voice tells her that soon the Families will rise.

Back at their apartment, Esther checks the server and apologizes. Jack admits that after having lived for thousands of years, it makes it difficult to pinpoint old enemies. Esther finds information on years of land purchases, all linked to overflow camps intended for ICU patients. Rhys calls Gwen again and tells her that her father has been sent to an overflow camp. She tells Rhys to stop them and he runs out just as the ambulances depart with the patients.