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The Categories of Life - Recap

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At the city hall in Washington, DC, Vera arrives for a meeting of the medical panels. An aide tells her that all of the panels are done and their reports have gone to the President. She tells Vera that the “categories” have been finalized and the legislation can begin. Vera has no idea what she means, and the aide explains that there are now categories of life. There are three categories and they become official at midnight that night.

As the Torchwood team unload their takeout, Rex gets a call from Vera. She tells him that the government has taken over deciding life and death, and she’s joining his team.

The news announces the UN sanction of the category system. Category 1 and 2 individuals must be taken to the overflow camps.

Gwen arrives at the Cardiff airport and Rhys picks her up, posing as a chauffeur. He assures her that Anwen is with her grandmother and they drive to Swansea Bay to meet with Mary. Mary has already put together a map of the overflow camps. She knows which camp Geraint has been assigned to and insists that Gwen will be going there to rescue him.

At the Cowbridge Overflow Camp, the living people gather outside to inquire about their loved ones. As the representative tries to deal with the crowd, Gwen, Rhys, and Andy arrive. Andy notes that there are currently 35 overflow camps in the UK and it may be chaos, but at least it’s working. However, Gwen warns that PhiCorp is paying for it and that health insurance is now in the hands of a private company. Gwen storms to the front of the line and the representative directs her to the admin office. They run up against the bureaucracy and Gwen has no luck. The guard threatens to arrest her and explains that for the moment, they are dealing with disease outbreaks and the camp is under lockdown. Gwen reluctantly leaves but vows to her husband that they’ll return and break her father out.

On the beach in California, Jack and Esther talk. She wonders if she’s useless and Jack reassures her that she’s just new. Esther talks about her mother and Jack admits that he doesn’t remember his. Before Esther can ask him any more personal questions, Rex calls them both in. They meet him as Vera arrives and explains that she was lucky to get a flight because there is a Miracle Rally in LA that night. Jack figures that Rex and Vera are going to share a bed but Vera offers to sleep on the bed.

In the apartment, Vera unpacks and tells Rex that she came there to work and that’s all she needs from him. When he points out that she’s in his room, Vera says that she knows and kisses him. Later, Jack and Esther bring their computers up to speed and contact Gwen in South Wales. Jack continues to research morphic fields and check in on Oswald. Vera is surprised to see that Jilly is with him.

They go over the category structure and Vera explains that Category One is those who lack brain function and normally have died. Category Three are people with no injuries. Category Two is everyone in-between, people with injuries and illnesses but will persist. However, people like Rex don’t neatly fit into one category or the other since he’s healing. The government now has the power to decide whether someone is alive or dead. Rex figures that there has to be someone behind PhiCorp and they want the overflow camps.

Esther checks the specs and finds buildings identified as “The Module” that is in the PhiCorp plans but not at the physical location according to the photos. However, she has accessed the undoctored photos at NORAD and confirmed that the buildings exist. They wonder what PhiCorp is doing with the Category One bodies but have no answers. Rhys has already infiltrated the Wales camp as a driver and Gwen has used the ID software to get on the camp register as a nurse. Esther plans to get into the local San Pedro office to see the paperwork and Vera offers to go in as a member of the medical panel. Rex objects, warning that undercover work is dangerous, and says that he can go in because he is Category One.

Jack calls in the paramedics to help Rex, who they claim has just injured himself. They take him to the overflow camp and refuse to let Jack, claiming to be Rex’s boyfriend, go along. Once they leave, Vera follows after obtaining observer status. She ignores Jack’s order to stay behind and Esther assures him that she can get Vera out if she gets into danger. Jack wants to go along posing as an assistant but Esther points out that the assassin confirmed that Jack is known to the conspiracy. Once they leave, Jack watches a news broadcast about Oswald’s arrival for the rally.

Oswald and Jilly pulls up to the stadium in a limo. Before he gets out, Oswald complains that PhiCorp has a prepared speech for him but Jilly insists. As he gets out, Oswald calls to the crowd but some of them are protestors. As they get inside, Jilly calls her people and tells them to find the camera footage and destroy it. Meanwhile, Oswald sees the stadium and laughs at the thought of 20,000 people all there for him.

Esther and Vera arrive at the San Pedro camp checkpoint and Esther heads for the office. Vera drives in separately while Rex is checked in and designated as Category Two. The CIA agent watches as the nurses quickly designate people into various categories.

Esther goes to the office and meets with her co-worker, Rachel. When Esther asks for information on the system, Rachel directs her to Colin Maloney. Meanwhile, Maloney meets with Vera, who asks to see the Module. He informs her that the Module is closed and she should have some patience. While Colin takes her out for a tour, Esther accesses the system and reassigns Rex as Category One.

At the Cowbridge camp, Rhys and Gwen gain entry. Gwen gets off and heads enters the camp.

Esther finds Rex and tells him that Vera is there. She then gives him his new paperwork and slips him a camera. Esther then gives him a Category One tag but also hands him a Category Two tag in case he needs it. She then calls over the staff to have Rex sent to the Module.

In Los Angeles, Jilly gives Oswald his speech and takes pleasure in informing him that the celebrities using the dressing rooms don’t want him anywhere near them. He tells Jilly to get him a room but she ignores him to take a call. As she walks away, Oswald sees Jack standing down the hallway. However, when he turns back, Jack has slipped away. Oswald follows him to the stage area but loses sight of Jack.

At the San Pedro camp, Rex is loaded into a truck and sent to the Module.

Maloney picks up his personal escort, soldier Ralph Coltrane, as he drives Vera around the camp. As they go, Vera spots Esther. Meanwhile, Maloney explains that they monitor dying patients carefully so they can move them to Category One as quickly as possible. Vera objects to his attitude and Maloney says that there are new triage laws and they’re to only treat the ones who can recover. When Vera notes those laws are for emergencies, Maloney points out that everything is now an emergency

At Cowbridge, Gwen searches for her father and finally locates him. As Rhys arrives, Gwen explains that they are there to rescue Geraint. They take him to the trunk but he has another heart attack and Gwen calls over a medic.

Once the soldiers drop Rex off, he examines his surroundings and discovers that the walls are some kind of chilled ceramic. He goes outside and discovers that the container is some kind of modular unit.

Vera insists on investigating what Maloney claims is a storage depot and ignores his objections. Inside she finds more patients and Maloney explains that they don’t have the money, room or staff to deal with them. The patients stored there are the uninsured, and at least one of them is mislabeled Category One. Maloney insists that it’s a single error but Vera continues and finds a room filled with filthy laundry. When the administrator claims that he’s under budgeted, Vera pointed out that he is supposed to spend the money. She promises that he’ll be prosecuted and sent to jail. When Ralph tries to calm them both down, Maloney grabs his gun and shoots Vera in the leg. When she threatens him with jail, Maloney shoots her again. He tells Ralph that they’ll claim the gunshots were the sound of a door banging and then tells him to bring a car around.

A few minutes later, Maloney and Ralph drive Vera to one of the Module containers and dump her inside. Ralph asks what it is but Maloney tells him to just drive away and forget what he’s seen. He assures the soldier that it’s new world with no death and thus no murder.

At the rally, Oswald waits to go onstage. Jilly gives him his speech, not noting that he appears distracted and seemingly drugged. As she leaves, a blue-eyed man approaches her and says that she’s doing a very good job. He refuses to identify himself but assures Jilly that the “right people” are noticing her. She suggests that they talk and the blue-eyed man says that they’ll see. Meanwhile, Jack watches from the catwalks as the rally continues.

At Cowbridge, Gwen blames herself for her father’s heart attack and tells Rhys to go to work while she waits for news on Geraint’s condition. She then talks to a nurse and learns that Geraint has been reclassified as Category One. Gwen objects, noting that he is still alive, but the nurse insists that the doctor made the determination and that Gwen has until the next morning to change the situation.

At the San Pedro camp, Esther checks on Vera and learns that Maloney’s golf cart has been abandoned. Rachel confirms that Maloney called for a car but has no idea if Vera is still there.

Rex searches the area and confirms that there are only three of the small containers within the Module and that they can’t contain all of the incoming Category Ones.

As Oswald waits to go onstage, he finds Jack, who asks what happens after the world realizes that he’s a murderer standing central stage. Jack suggests that Oswald become a hero and give another speech to denounce PhiCorp. He gives him the proof, written down for everyone to hear, and admits that the situation is way beyond him. Oswald wonders what he gets out of it, and Jack tells him that once they end the Miracle, he can die just as Oswald wants. Jilly runs up and tells Oswald that he’s on in 30 seconds. She demands to know what Jack is up to and he tells her not to miss the speech. Jilly takes Jack’s photo as he walks away.

Oswald goes up on stage as Jilly yells at him to stick to the script. As Jack watches from backstage, Oswald steps to the podium and talks about what he really wants. He explains that he is cursed and drops his speech. Oswald picks it up and then says that he knows what he is and he knows what all of them are. He then speaks of humanity making another great leap forward. The last one was in 50,000 B.C. when savages went from animal to human. Now they have made another great leap and man has become angel. The crowd cheers him and Jilly laughs in triumph as Jack stares in horror.

Maloney goes to the Module control panel and activates the device. Outside, Rex watches as the containers seal themselves. He runs to one of the viewing portals and sees Vera inside.

Esther calls Vera on her cell phone and the doctor tries to answer it.

Gwen calls Rhys, who says he’s been driving patients to the Module which is supposedly for burn victims.

Rex watches in horror as flame jets activate inside of the container, burning Vera alive.

Oswald basks in the adulation of the crowd.

Rex picks up his camera and records Vera’s death.

Esther’s call fails to go through.

Gwen realizes that the Modules are ovens and tells Rhys that the authorities are burning the victims alive.