The Middle Men - Recap

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At Phicorp headquarters in Los Angeles, chief operating officer Stuart Owens receives files from his assistant, Janet. She notes that he doesn’t seem happy but Stuart assures her that they’re living in miraculous times and he couldn’t be happy. As she leaves, a spokesman for the “45 Clubs” speaks on the news, talking about how people are getting more inventive in trying to kill themselves. The club has named themselves after the belief that the only way to lose consciousness forever is to jump from 45 stories or higher.

Stuart examines the files, which contain property information, and then calls Zheng Yibao, his contact in Shanghai. He explains that in 1999, a large parcel of land near Shanghai Center was purchased by a division of Phicorp. The records end there and he wants to learn what has happened to the land since then. Stuart tells Zheng that he wants to know if Phicorp had anything to do with Miracle Day. Zheng agrees to help and tells Stuart to call him back in a few hours.

Zheng goes to an alley near the purchased Phicorp land and breaks in.

A few hours later, Stuart calls Zheng. Zheng tells him that the investigation ran into a dead end and there’s nothing there. He says goodbye, hangs up, and then jumps off the top of a 45-story building.

At the San Pedro Overflow Camp, Rex continues to record his video of the proceedings, including the death of Dr. Juarez. He takes more painkillers for his chest wound and then notes that all Category Ones are incinerated. Rex figures that everyone will eventually be at risk once they become sick, and vows to find the man who killed Vera.

Esther tries to call Vera without success as her shift ends. As she leaves with Rachel, Esther sees Mahoney drive back to his office. She goes back, claiming she left her cell phone. Meanwhile, Maloney tells Ralph that Vera isn’t a problem anymore and avoids going into details. He defends his decision, insisting that he activated the module container early.

In the office, Esther spots Maloney in his office and grabs some files. She then goes in and claims she has some forms for him, and explains that she was sent as his liaison. Maloney dismisses her and Esther lurks outside the door, trying to listen as Maloney dismisses Ralph’s concerns. A worker, Tony, comes over to complain to Esther about the sloppy spelling on the illegal immigrant forms. Maloney tells Ralph to drop off Vera’s car at a mall parking lot and then authorize himself a drive back. Meanwhile, they’ll put the place into lockdown so that they can log all on-site staff, proving that Vera is no longer there.

Rex hears the lockdown alarms but insists that he’ll get the evidence out. In the office, Maloney tells the workers that the lockdown is a drill and there’s nothing to worry about. Esther tries to call but Maloney notices and tells her that he has to authorize all cell phone calls. She asks about Vera and Maloney tells her that Vera has already left.

At the Cowbridge Overflow Camp in Wales, Gwen confronts the doctor in charge, Alisha Patel. She demands that Patel change the paperwork on her father. Patel refuses, insisting that she’s under enough pressure as it is. Gwen condemns her for running a concentration camp and merely “obeying orders,” and tells her that she’s not a doctor anymore, and then walks away. She finds Rhys, who refuses to drive Category Ones to the module anymore. Gwen tells Rhys to get hold of a lorry so they can rescue her father.

In Los Angeles, Stuart’s assistant Janet is drinking in a bar when she gets an anonymous text message from Jack. He approaches her and says that he knows all about her, including the fact that she’s Stuart’s mistress. Janet demands to know what he wants, and Jack says that he and his friends need to know what Phicorp’s involvement is in the Miracle. When she refuses, Jack reveals that he’s hacked Stuart’s emails and that her boss plans to transfer her to Cincinnati.

Next, Jack goes to the fancy restaurant where Stuart and his wife Elizabeth are eating. He makes sure that Elizabeth knows about the affair. As she stalks off, Jack tells Stuart that his associates are holding Janet hostage. He puts Janet on the line and she claims she’s being held prisoner. Jack then sits down with Stuart and demands the truth about the Miracle and how it can be undone. Stuart tells Jack that he’s been trying to find out the truth and explains that he’s just a middle man. Jack doesn’t believe him and Stuart says that he has an archaic view of good and evil. He explains that he finally faced the true evil: the system itself. Someone is playing the system with infinite grace, and Phicorp is only part of a much larger design. The warehouses were slowly stocked five years ago by different holding companies. Stuart warns Jack that the person responsible has been planning the Miracle for a very long time. When Jack asks if the Miracle involves geography, Stuart tells him that his operative found a document in the 90s referring to a group in Italy finding “the Blessing.” The police arrive in response to Elizabeth’s call and Jack quickly slips away.

At San Pedro, Esther continues to watch Maloney in his office. Meanwhile, Rex makes his way through the camp and finally attaches a red Category One tag to his jacket. He then knocks over some drums to attract the guards’ attention and feigns death. When a guard comes over, Rex knocks him out and uses the radio to send the man’s partner at the checkpoint to the modules. Rex then takes the guard’s uniform and security keys. He tries to leave, claiming he needs a smoke, but the guards on the other side spot him and immediately realize that he’s an imposter.

Ralph informs Maloney that someone with a camera has breached the camp and the intruder wants to talk to the person in charge. As they come out of the office, Ralph says the intruder clams to be with Torchwood. Esther overhears them and asks Maloney for his signature on some papers, but he puts her off and leaves. She asks Ralph where Maloney is going but he ignores her. As Esther goes after Maloney, Tony reminds her that she has to stay at her desk due to the lockdown. Rather than draw more attention to herself, Esther goes back to her desk.

Maloney comes to see Rex where he’s been chained up in a generator room. Rex tells him to call the police so he can make a statement and have Maloney pay for what he did to Vera. Maloney says that he’s following worldwide orders and he’s just a middle man. Rex is unaware that Maloney killed Vera, and tells the director that he can make himself a hero. He tells Maloney to look at the camera with the proof that Vera was murdered. Maloney hesitates and then picks up the camera.

Esther finally goes to see Ralph and tells him that Maloney called about the Torchwood man and wanted confirmation that it was Rex. Ralph tells her that Maloney went to the generator room, and Esther leaves, ignoring Tony’s warning.

A sobbing Maloney watches as Vera is incinerated. Rex says that they should go to the police together, but Maloney takes out his pen and jams it into Rex’s chest wound. The ex-CIA agent realizes that Maloney killed Vera, and the director continues to stab him. After a few seconds Rex passes out and Maloney drops the pen in shock. He hears Esther calling for him and goes to see her. She claims he has a phone number and offers to take over from him. When Esther claims that Vera is the caller, Maloney realizes that she’s lying. Rex wakes up and yells a warning, and Maloney grabs Esther. They struggle and Esther manages to gouge Maloney’s eyes, grab him by the throat, and choke him to death. Shocked, she goes to Rex and tells her what happened, and he assures her that Maloney is just a Category One now. He tells Esther to focus and get the keys. As she gets them, Maloney grabs her ankle, trips her, and chokes her. However, Ralph arrives and shoots his boss, insisting that it has to stop.

At Cowbridge, Rhys finds a truck when the camp’s press secretary finds him and demands to know what he’s doing. Rhys gives him Jack’s name but the administrative official, Pidgeon, doesn’t see Harkness on the roster. As he goes to make some calls, Gwen sits with her father and worries that Rhys is running late. Pidgeon returns and tells Rhys that he’s been given special orders to make the transfer. Rhys tries to leave but Pidgeon secretary insists on making another call. Once the man steps away, Rhys drives away.

The medics start transferring the Category Ones and Gwen moves her father out. When she comes to jammed door blocking her path, a worker helps her open it. Outside, Rhys pulls up in the lorry and helps load Geraint aboard. Gwen tells Rhys to take Geraint home while she does one more thing before they go to the states. Pidgeon and two guards come over and the couple kisses one more time before Rhys drives away. When the guards at the gate try to stop him, Rhys drives through the barrier.

Inside the camp, Gwen puts in the contacts. In Los Angeles, Jack is at the apartment doing file searches on the term “Blessing” when he gets Gwen’s transmission. She tells him that she’ll be back soon, but first there’s something she has to show him. Gwen goes to the armory and steals some plastic explosive. After planting them, Gwen drives to the outskirts of the camp and has Jack transmit her message about how the world governments are building concentration camps and ovens. She tells the people that they can roll over but she’s saying no, and then triggers the explosives.

Esther and Rex get out after calling in the Army to shut down the camp. She worries that Phicorp has her name but Rex says that she’ll be okay and saved his life. He says that it’s not over and he needs her in the fight, and she needs to get it together fast. Esther says that she’s ready and they drive off.

The next morning, Rex and Esther return to the apartment and watch with Jack as the news reporters announce that the authorities are burning Category Ones and that Vera was murdered. However, the government is defending the Category One process, insisting they’re in a permanent state of emergency. Jack warns that Torchwood wasn’t formed to fight politicians and they have to look at the bigger picture and find out what the Blessing is.

Gwen arrives at LAX and leaves a message for Rhys, who isn’t answering his phone. She gets a message to pick up the courtesy phone and the man at the other end says, “lenses.” Gwen goes to the restroom to put in the lenses and receives a message saying that the conspirators have her family. She asks who they are, and receives a response to bring them Jack.