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Immortal Sins - Recap

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Ellis Island, New York: 1927

An Italian man claiming to be Jack Harkness goes to the front of the queue when summoned. However, Jack arrives and tackles the man, staring at him for a second. The authorities arrive and Jack explains that the imposter is using Jack’s visa. The man, Angelo Colasanto, is taken away.

Later, Jack to goes to see Angelo in his cell. Angelo points out that Jack’s visa is forged, and Jack admits that he’s on an unofficial visit for one part of the British government. Jack notes that Angelo’s accent is minimal and Angelo explains that he learned how to speak English from a schoolmaster because he always dreamed of traveling. Impressed, Jack alters the visa with his bracelet so that it has Angelo’s name on it. The device intrigues Angelo, and Jack tells the authorities to release Angelo now that they’ve found his papers.

The Present

Gwen receives the message via the lenses demanding that she turn over Jack in return for her family. She calls Rhys and Mary but gets no answer, and their captors tell Gwen to keep the lenses in and that they’re watching.

Esther is watching the web site with the video of Vera’s death when Rex comes in. As Rex pours himself a drink, Esther expresses her condolences. He says that he didn’t know Vera that well and it doesn’t matter because she’s gone. All that Esther can offer is that her death changed things, but Rex points out that the governments have merely put the camps on hold. Gwen comes in asking for Jack and he arrives. She asks him to come out to the car to see something. Once he’s outside, Gwen tasers him unconscious.

New York: 1927

Jack and Angelo take an apartment in Little Italy and the landlady points out that there is only one bed. Angelo volunteers to sleep on the floor. Once she leaves, Jack tells him to save up all of his money for what will happen in the next few years, but he assures Angelo that it will get better… and then worse again. He notices scars on Angelo’s knuckles, and Angelo says that he’s had to defend himself against people who say... things. They see a woman sitting across the alleyway and the two men discuss whether they like her. Jack pushes to find out what Angelo would do to her, and Angelo invites him to talk instead. In response, Jack describes what he would, leaning in close and whispering in Angelo’s ear. The talk turns explicit and they finally kiss and then make love.

Once they’re done, Angelo says that so far, he likes what he’s seen in New York. Jack asks what he is looking for, and Angelo says that he is looking for change. He comes back to bed when Jack invites him, but Jack realizes that he hasn’t actually stayed with someone after sex before. Jack notices a flaw in his right eye and Angelo says that he was born with it. He asks Angelo which was the first and suggests the schoolmaster, and Angelo reacts badly. He wonders why Jack wants to make what happened between them cheap, and Jack admits that he does some time. Angelo wonders how Jack knew he was gay, and Jack assures him that nobody will know if Angelo doesn’t want them to know. However, Jack says that he doesn’t care if people know about him. Fireworks go outside and Angelo wonders if they’re being bombed, and Jack wishes him a happy Fourth of July.

The Present

As Gwen drives, she listens to a news report about Oswald Danes advocating the reinstatement of the Category classifications. Jack wakes up and Gwen tells him what’s happened to her family. He asks her to pull over and let him talk to the person on the lenses, and Gwen looks at him in the rear-view mirror. Jack offers himself voluntarily but Gwen gets no response. She blames Jack for whatever he’s done some time in his life and tells him to remember.

New York: 1927

Jack and Angelo go to a wedding at the Blessed Saints’ Cathedral and they talk about making promises in the present and going forward into the future. Jack suggests that Angelo pray but Angelo says God doesn’t listen to him. Jack goes into the confessional and tells the young priest that Brother Timothy sent him. The priest sells Jack some confessional wine, which is immune under the Volstead Act, and insists he’s selling and using the proceeds for charity. As Jack and Angelo return to the apartment, men grab them and take them away.

The Present

Jack asks Gwen for her gun, but she says she was ordered to leave it behind and that she’s always tried to think of every way possible to get around her family’s captors. In response, Jack suggests that he use his wrist strap to find Anwen, and that they can code it Gwen’s DNA and have it resonate with Anwen. Gwen agrees to do it until she realizes that she’ll have to untie one of Jack’s hands. She gets a lens message saying that Jack always lies, and Gwen admits that they know him very well.

New York: 1927

Jack and Angelo are taken to a gangster, Salvatore Maranzano, who plans to eliminate them as competition. Jack offers to help him as men who are off the grid, men who will do anything no matter how strange, and Maranzano tells them that he needs a box delivered from one warehouse to another. He makes them swear not to look in the box and Jack agrees.

Back at their apartment, Jack packs Angelo’s things and tells him to leave. He warns his lover that Maranzano has stumbled across something they’re not supposed to have and he has to stop them. Angelo realizes that Jack planned the entire thing and refuses to let him send him away. Jack tries to drive him away, questioning his guilt for disobeying God’s law, but Angelo says that his life can’t change anymore than Jack already has. Jack unpacks Angelo’s clothing and talks about the Doctor and how he has a companion with him that looks nice, and that Angelo can stay.

Jack and Angelo break into the warehouse and find a state-of-the-art refrigeration unit. The British agent opens the box while explaining that someone above Maranzano told him to hold the box until after the election and then ship it to Albany. Jack throws open the lid and find several alien parasites. Jack explains that it’s a species of brain spawn that drills into the skull of its victim and injects larva with teeth. He notes that if FDR was infected with such a parasite, he would go insane in his second term and the result would be chaos. Angelo wonders who is responsible, and Jack says that the Tracers Brigade is responsible and they’re not human. The parasite lunges at them and Jack shoot it and then pours a solvent in to destroy the evidence. An alarm goes off and they run away. Angelo gets over the wall but the police shoot Jack repeatedly, blowing out his brains with their last shot. Angelo tries to run away but the police capture him and take him back past Jack. Once they leave, Jack comes back to life, healed.

The Present

Gwen blames herself, staying with Torchwood despite the fact she knew it was toxic. Crying, she admits that she loved it no matter how much she apologized to Rhys for getting involved. Jack tries to interrupt and Gwen tells him that he’s wrong and she’ll never hand him in. She promises that she’ll see Jack shot like a dog if that’s what it takes to get her family back. Jack tells her that he’s an immortal and he’ll kill her before she takes that away from him. Gwen understands and says she knows him better than ever... at the end.

New York: 1928

Jack meets Angelo as he’s released from prison. Angelo is understandably surprised to see Jack alive and well, and insists that it’s wrong. Jack claims that he simply played dead but Angelo doesn’t believe it. His lover puts Angelo’s hands on him and says that for the first time, he came back for someone and got them the same room. Back at their apartment, Angelo wonders what Jack is and Jack insists that he’s Jack and that’s the only answer. However, Angelo can’t forget what he saw and stabs Jack in the side, screaming that he’s the Devil. He manages to stab Jack again, killing him. He then calls in the landlord and her husband, and they watch as Jack comes back to life. They kill him again, and then take him to the butcher’s shop below. The neighbors gather, including Maranzano, and kill Jack again and again. One woman takes a vial of his blood.

Later, three men, Ablemarch, Costerdane, and Frines, come in to see the man who can’t die. They buy him from the butcher for $10,000 and agree to share Jack among them.

The Present

Gwen drives Jack to Mesa, CA, and they watch the sun rise. She asks what the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen is, and Jack describes a firebird, a miniature bird made of fire that only lives for a minute. As a SUV approaches, Gwen asks him to tell her about his entire life and Jack says there isn’t enough time and he doesn’t want to die.

New York: 1928

Angelo diverts the guard, cleans up Jack, and admits he could have taken the wrist strap any time if he wanted. Jack asks him who the three men were but Angelo doesn’t know who they were. As they run down the street, Angelo says that they can catch a train to the West Coast and be together. Jack goes to the roof of a building and takes out his coat and his gun. He then tells Angelo that he’s not going with him. Jack tells him that time changed him and now he suffers and dies, but he always comes back. Angelo asks if they’re together in the future, but Jack says that it doesn’t matter because he dies. He refuses to accept that they can live in the moment, and Angelo refuses to let him leave. Jack looks at his lover and then says that men like him always kill him. He jumps off the ceiling and falls to his death as Angelo looks on in horror. By the time Angelo runs downstairs, Jack has come back to life and left.

The Present

The SUV pulls up and a woman, Olivia, gets out with two bodyguards. Gwen notices that a sniper is drawing a bead with a laser sight and a shot rings out. She’s unaware that Esther and Rex suspected something earlier and checked the message cache on the I-5 lenses. Gwen realizes that it’s their friends and Jack calls on them to surrender.

Once they’re sure their friends are safe, Esther and Rex give a signal. In Wales, a SWAT team led by PC Andy break into the apartment where Rhys, Mary, and Anwen are being held. They dispose of the guard and Rhys asks Andy what happened to Gwen.

Esther and Rex drive up and assure Gwen that her family is alive. Gwen and Jack ask who the woman is, but she says that nothing has changed. She says that she’ll take Jack to the one man who knows how the Miracle began: Angelo, who has been waiting for a very long time.

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