End of the Road - Recap

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Olivia Colasanto drives Jack and the others to the Colasanto estate in Nevada. Esther stays outside and keeps an open relay to their computer as insurance while Jack, Rex, and Gwen go inside. Angela explains that once her grandfather Angelo learned that Jack was immortal, he spent the rest of the life trying to duplicate immortality. As they go into Angelo’s room and see that he’s an elderly man, Olivia explains that immortality came too late for her grandfather. As they talk, they watch monitors showing that the stock market is crashing as a result of Miracle Day. Olivia explains that she has been under her grandfather’s orders to keep Jack safe, and that Angelo has been watching Jack for years since their encounter in the 1920s. They figure that Jack is somehow important to learning the secret of Miracle Day, but other than that, Olivia doesn’t care for him.

Men break into the grounds and capture Angelo’s security men.

Olivia talks about how her grandfather investigated immortality among certain jellyfish. He worked with men from three families who visited Jack in New York when he died repeatedly in the 1920s. They formed an alliance and swore that when Jack escaped, they’d find other means of gaining immortality. When Olivia provides the names of the three families, Ablemarch, Costerdane, and Frines, Rex sends them to Esther to track down. Meanwhile, Olivia continues to explain that when Jack disappeared, the three families tried to use his blood even though it had no power. Eventually they dismissed Angelo from their alliance because they considered him inappropriate for loving a man. Angelo used his knowledge of the future from Jack to make a fortune. In 1987, Angelo intercepted word of the “Blessing” and realized that the three families succeeded.

Esther calls in to report that there is no record of any of the three names. Before she can complete her report, Brian Friedkin and his people capture her. They hold her and Friedkin tells his people that they have to finish before his CIA superior, Allen Shapiro, arrives. Friedkin and his men storm in and capture everyone, informing them that they’re under arrest for violating the Miracle Security Act. Friedkin has his men take Rex outside to talk to him privately, while Jack warns Gwen and the others that Friedkin isn’t legitimate CIA. The head agent, Wilson, explains that they tracked Rex when he called Vera’s brother to tell him that Vera was dead.

In the hallway, Friedkin boasts that Rex finally made a mistake out of sympathy and threatens him just as Rex threatened him.

Shapiro and his men arrive outside and the head CIA man wonders why Friedkin came early.

In Angelo’s room, the TV screens light up with a transmission of Friedkin boasting about how he works for the three families. Gwen realizes that the contact transmission lenses are missing as Shapiro comes in. They tell him that Friedkin’s confession is going out live on air to every monitor within 100’.

Rex tells Friedkin that he’s wearing the IE lenses and that once his pulse reached a certain rate, they activated automatically. He called Vera’s brother knowing that Friedkin would trace it, come after him, and confess. Friedkin realizes that he’s been played and congratulates Rex.

As Friedkin and his men are taken outside, Rex asks Shapiro if he thought he had actually turned traitor. Shapiro figures that whoever Friedkin worked for is a lot smarter than their employee and demands an explanation. Olivia protests, pointing out that the CIA has no power on American soil, and Shapiro has his men take her to a safehouse. Gwen starts to argue and Shapiro prepares to have her deported. Rex protests and Shapiro reluctantly hears them out. Jack takes command, pointing out that they have the names of the three families, and Shapiro agrees to pool resources so that they can bring the matter to a close. Jack asks for two minutes alone with Angelo and Shapiro agrees.

Outside, Friedkin and Olivia are taken away. Friedkin insists that there are times that he tried to stop the families, and wishes that he had now. He triggers an explosive hidden in his wristwatch, killing Olivia and Wilson.

Jack sits down next to Angelo and wonders if he ever met him, unaware of who he was in his old age. He wonders if Angelo ever saw Ianto, and wonders if he would have liked his Torchwood lover or been jealous. Finally, Jack promises to take care of Angelo, removes his oxygen mask, and kisses him goodbye. As he does, Angelo flatlines and at first Jack assumes that he’ll come back to life. However, he takes Angelo’s hand and realizes that he’s truly dead, scans him, and confirms that the Miracle has had no effect on his former lover. Jack tries to revive him without success and calls out for help.

The others return and Shapiro orders everyone back. Jack tells them that he has scanned Angelo and confirmed that he’s actually dead. Rex wonders what it means for him and calls to have the authorities start checking hospitals.

Later, the CIA forensic teams clear the room and take away Angelo’s body. Shapiro informs Jack that Angelo is the only one in the world who has died and asks how he did it. Jack admits he had no idea how it happened and says that he has to leave, but Shapiro insists that they search the place and find any possible clue. He tells Jack and Gwen to stay exactly where they are and leaves. Once they’re alone, Jack admits to Gwen that he has no idea what happened to Angelo. She asks him what the matter is and Jack warns that they’re in trouble because Angelo died.

Jack and Esther call into Noah and Charlotte at CIA headquarters and have them start searching for the three families and any mention of the “Blessing.” Charlotte tells Esther that she’s checked on her sister Sarah and confirmed that she’s under observation at a psych hospital. When Shapiro objects, Charlotte points out that she is taking care of her superior’s wife as well. Meanwhile, Rex talks to Noah about Shapiro, who reports that Danes is giving a major speech and has filled a stadium in Dallas.

In Dallas, Jilly meets with Danes at his hotel room and briefs him on his upcoming schedule. Danes ignores her at first and plays music, and then tells Jilly to get him a redheaded woman of legal age. As a disgusted Jilly leaves, a girl approaches her. She introduces herself as Shawnie Yamaguchi, a PR intern, and offers her help. Jilly tells Shawnie to get her a sandwich and then they’ll see if she can handle finding a prostitute. As she goes, Shawnie asks how Jilly puts up with Danes, and Jilly says that she won’t have to for much longer. When Shawnie asks for details, Jilly refuses to answer. Outside in the hallway, Shawnie calls CIA headquarters to tell them that she’s on the inside.

Esther talks to Sarah by phone and tells her sister that she’s trying to fix things and have her released. Sarah knows that Esther reported her, and informs her sister that she’s volunteering for Category One. When Esther objects, Sarah explains that she has signed up her daughters as well, and thousands of people are volunteering because they feel their bodies are without a soul. Once she hangs up, Esther goes back to work and insists that they have to stop the Miracle.

Gwen calls Rhys and Mary, and Mary tells Rhys to tell Gwen to get the people that held a gun to her head and her family’s. Gwen warns that Jack is keeping secrets again, and Rhys explains that the markets are crashing starting with the pension funds. When Gwen asks about her father, Rhys admits that he isn’t doing well and they can’t get a doctor in because they’ll classify him as Category One. They realize that someone must have planned the stock market crash and has been manipulating things for decades.

As Gwen hangs up, Esther realizes that the bed is on a platform. Jack tells her to ignore it, and Gwen and Esther realize that he knows something and is covering it up. Shapiro comes in and everyone keeps silent. He asks what is going on between them and Esther finally tells her superior about the floor. They cut it open and find a metal panel beneath. Jack says that he has no idea what it is, but Shapiro believes that the materials are extraterrestrial. When they refuse to talk, Shapiro threatens to deport Gwen. They take her away and Jack finally tells Shapiro that they can’t move the panel. He admits that it’s a transmitter and that it is cancelling out the field that altered the morphic field causing Miracle Day. When Shapiro asks if they can replicate it, Jack warns that they would need a device the size of the planet to affect the planet, and any tampering with it could cause unforeseen effects. Shapiro demands that he figure it out or they’ll take it back to Langley.

A red-haired prostitute, Claire, arrives to see Danes and figures he wants a schoolgirl routine. He offers her a drink and dinner and Claire is surprised to discover that he wants a date. She says that she knows him from his trial, but Danes tells her not to presume to know him. When she laughs at him, amused that she’s his first date ever, Danes begins to snap. Claire says that she has to go because she can do a lot of things but she can’t pretend he’s normal. She tells Dane that he’s been classified Category Zero, and that Category Zero is him.

Danes goes to see Jilly and asks her what Category Zero is. Jilly explains that there’s an emergency mandate being passed through Congress to send people to the ovens that deserve it for “moral reasons.” When Danes says that people love him, Jilly warns that it’s television that loves him. He asks how long she’s known and then slaps her, and Jilly fights back. He knocks her down and walks out while Jilly screams at him that there’s nowhere for him to hide.

Jack scans the neutralizer transmitter and has Esther and Rex help him. He then expands the transmission field to block sound waves as well so no one can hear them. Rex insists on testing the field’s effect. Once he’s convinced, Jack explains that he recognizes the technology and that the only samples they had were buried in the Torchwood Hub. He figures that Angelo and his people recovered it either as revenge or to give Jack a clue, and now Rex and Esther have to get him out. Rex insists that the CIA isn’t the enemy, but Jack says that the technology is something the world isn’t ready for. He tells Esther that he’s seen the future, and the technology would send humanity to damnation. Esther agrees with him and Jack says that they have to get him and the technology out. Rex still refuses and walks away.

As Jilly goes to the elevator, telling Shawnie that she plans to have Danes arrested, the blue-eyed man arrives. He warns Jilly that she’s being watched by a CIA agent and then shoots and kills Shawnie. The man tells Jilly that she’s being considered for a promotion by his “family business,” and Jilly says that she’s interested. He explains that they’re going a long way away, and then calls Charlotte and tells her that they have Jilly. When Noah notices she’s taking a call, Charlotte says that she was dealing with a family thing and now they can get to work.

Rex returns and tells Jack that Shapiro wants to see him outside. He knocks out the CIA guards when their backs are turned and tells Jack and Esther to pretend that Jack escaped on his own while he and Esther will stay to continue the work for the CIA. As Jack heads for a car, a CIA agent shoots him and Rex knocks out the man after he saw Esther. She has no choice but to leave with Jack.

The next morning, Esther listens to the radio as the broadcasters warn that the banks are going into shutdown.

On a plane heading for the United Kingdom, Gwen sits and cries.