The Gathering - Recap

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Two Months Later

In Swansea, an old man walks the streets with his dog. A car drives past him, swings back around, and rams into a nearby pharmacy. Gwen gets out and starts stealing painkillers. The old man asks if she can spare a couple of boxes because his wife is suffering from arthritis and can’t go to the doctors because the government is incinerating anyone who might be a health risk. Gwen tells him to take a couple of boxes and then runs off as police cars approach the pharmacy.

Later, Gwen returns home, unaware that her house is under surveillance. She brings in the drugs concealed in pizza delivery boxes and gives some of them to Rhys to distribute to their neighbors in need. She and her mother Mary take the others down to the basement where Geraint is suffering. Mary gives her husband an injection while Gwen worries that government raids are growing more common every day.

At St. Margaret’s Halt, Scotland, Esther is tending to Jack’s wound. She says that they’ll have to keep running and Jack notes that she used to be scared of leaving home. Esther takes more of his blood and Jack insists that his blood isn’t special, but she points out that the Three Families keep trying to spill it and must want it for a reason.

At home, Gwen and Rhys try to find out anything on the Internet about the Blessing. Rhys finally tells his wife that he’s received a job offer driving Category One’s for the overflow camps. Gwen says that they need the money and Rhys insists he won’t be driving them to the ovens. They realize that the government’s plan is to wear the public down and get them to accept the inevitability of the new policy. The power goes out due to cuts and Rhys talks about how a baby boom followed when they occurred in the 70s. The couple ends up making love on the sofa.

At CIA headquarters, Rex supervises the teams going through the files on the Three Families. He checks in with Charlotte, who points out that her girlfriend left her because of the hours that Rex imposed. Rex then reports to Shapiro, who is smoking in his office and going through the files. Shapiro notes that the economy has become a depression and that everyone is being rationed. Rex gets around to telling him that he has a lead. He explains to the team that in 1928, there was a report of a man who could be killed and revived, and people paid $2 each to watch. Many of the witnesses wrote about it, but there are no records of the Three Families. Charlotte warns that they have to interview six million potential witnesses, but Rex says that all they need to do is find a short story. A pulp story, The Devil Within, was published in London in 1935 by one witness, Victor Podesta. The Podestas owned a grocery store in the neighborhood and had connections to organized crime. In 1938, the entire family disappeared, including their daughter Emmeline. Rex suggests that Emmeline may have married into the Three Families. Emmeline’s younger brother was killed by the mob and Rex has found the original files... including the murder weapon and the DNA on it. Shapiro tells everyone to start running DNA matches. Charlotte approaches Rex and asks for permission to bring in a couple of DNA experts.

Jilly goes to a park to meet with the Blue Eyed Man. He thanks her for coming and she complains that she’s been ‘promoted” to an obscure office. In response, the Blue Eyed Man hands her a ticket to Shanghai under the name of Lucy Statten Meredith. When she points out that China has closed its borders, the Blue Eyed Man says that it’s not open to them and that the Families want to meet her in person. Jilly notes that it’s a one-way ticket and the Blue Eyed Man admits that he’s jealous that the Families are taking her to the Blessing. As he leaves, he tells her that they won’t meet again.

Gwen, Rhys, and Anwen are having breakfast when the police arrive outside. Gwen warns Mary and removes the light from the cellar door while Rhys hides the drugs. After a few seconds Gwen comes out and the government officer, Ralph Finch, says that he doesn’t need a warrant because he has reason to believe she’s harboring an unsupported Category 1 individual. He and his men barge in past her and ask where Mary is. In the cellar, Mary watches over Geraint and tries to keep her quiet. Finch tries to go downstairs and discovers the light is out, and goes down using a torch. While he searches, Gwen secretly grabs a knife.

Finch spots a mouse and goes upstairs in disgust. Gwen puts down the knife and tells Finch and his men to get out. However, the government official tells her that Geraint is still unregistered and he won’t stop until he finds out what happened to him. Once they leave, Gwen and Rhys go downstairs and comfort Mary, who is crying and admits that she had to pin Geraint down to keep him from moving.

Charlotte informs Rex and Shapiro that there’s no bloodline to trace on Podesta. As she goes back to her desk, Rex asks to see the short story in digital form. Charlotte says that it’s not worth reading but Rex insists.

A bread truck arrives at the Cooper flat and Mary lets the deliveryman inside. It’s Oliver Dane, who picks up Anwen briefly to admire her. Gwen takes her daughter away from him and Oswald apologizes for having to sneak in. Gwen beats him with a pan and warns him to never touch Anwen again. Rhys stops her and then starts beating Oswald himself, demanding to know what he wants. Oswald tells them that he needs to see Jack, and knows they found Jack a haven. He tells the couple that they’ll do what he asks because he has the name of the man who created the Miracle.

Rex meets privately with Shapiro and warns him that they must have a mole in the organization. He then explains that he ran Podesta’s short story through pattern-recognition software and found 46 stories with similar writing styles. Rex plans to check them all out and asks Shapiro to keep it between the two of them. Shapiro warns him that the U.S. government will stop all immigration.

Gwen calls the surveillance guy watching her flat and warns him that Jack won’t turn up there. The man turns around and finds Jack. He hands him a dose of Retcon and tells him to drink it like he has before, or he’ll shoot him. The surveillance guy has no choice and quickly passes out. Jack shuts down the surveillance footage and then he and Esther go to see Gwen. Oswald points out that Jack asked him for help.

They start talking to him, and Gwen asks if he really said his victim should have run faster. When Oswald says that he did, Gwen says that he’s not like the pedophiles and murderers that she’s dealt with, and he’s the first true monster that he’s met. They start to talk and Oswald asks what’s in it for him. When she threatens to turn him over to the police, he points out that she’s hiding someone in the cellar. Esther steps in and says they need to have a full exchange of information. Oswald tells them that Jilly was his assistant from PhiCorp and he stole her laptop. Jilly changed her passwords but Oswald watched her do it. He’s been following her for the last two months and her online profile disappeared a day ago.

Jilly arrives in Shanghai.

Oswald is reluctant to tell them the name of the one man he has, the man that Jilly sent information to. He finally says that he has to trust them and gives them the man’s name: Harry Bosco. Esther tells the others that “Harry Bosco” is a process. During the Vietnam War, the government put agents in press rooms to cover up information from the Vietnamese. Bosco was one of those agents and manipulated the English translations and influenced public opinion. Oswald insists that the name is important because Jilly was the one handling the process. The team wonders what words that Jilly was changing, and Esther points out that the Three Families changed their names.

The team goes through Jilly’s files and finds one press release that she tampered with. However, the original release is in Mandarin Chinese. Esther calls Rex and asks for his help. He clears out a room and Charlotte takes note of what he’s doing. Once he’s alone, Esther assures him that they’re okay and Rex figures out that they’re in Wales when Gwen speaks up. When they ask for translations, Rex says that he’ll do what he can to keep it secret.

In Shanghai, Jilly goes to a restaurant and meets with a young man and uses her real name. He tells her that she failed the test, but Jilly persists and asks why her. The man explains that she’s a storyteller and they need an expert. Jilly asks what his story is and he says that he’s the latest chapter in an epic. He tells her that there were three families, and each one went into a field: finance, politics, and media. However, the young man says that story is over and a new one is beginning. Now they want Jilly to write history. She smiles and says that she can do that. The young man tells her that she’s to wait until they’re ready to take her for the Blessing, and hopes that she survives. When Jilly asks what he means, the man says that some people don’t survive.

Rex translates the original video and learns that the man caught in a fire said that the Blessing saved his life, and he died two days before the Miracle occurred. They suspect that the Blessing is in Shanghai but there’s no way in past the Chinese border patrols. When Oswald speaks up, Rex asks who is there and Gwen hastily says that it was just Rhys. They try to find a way into Shanghai but Esther checks the address where the man was and learns that it was a blood bank, not a hospital. She confirms that another blood bank in Buenos Aires was destroyed in a fire, five days before the Miracle. Rex checks his files and realizes that one of the men who witnessed Jack’s resurrection in 1928 lived in Argentina. As they try to work out why the enemy would burn down blood banks, Rex toys with a globe of the world and gets an idea.

Before he can explain, the police break into the house. Finch comes in and says that he’s there to search the basement using thermal imaging. He has no interest in anyone living, and ignores Jack and Oswald.

Outside, Mary tries to get to the house but the police hold her back. Meanwhile, Oswald complains that he’s the most wanted man in the world but Finch is after someone else. Jack threatens to turn him in but Oswald warns that doing so would mean Finch would take an interest in Jack.

Finch finds Geraint in the hidden room and tells his men to pull it down. Gwen begs Finch not to take her father away, but he insists that he’s following the laws of the land. As they take Geraint out, Mary goes to her husband’s side and kisses him goodbye before going inside, crying. Jack asks Gwen what she wants to do, and she says that they’re going to Shanghai to put things right no matter what it takes.

Rex asks Shapiro for permission to go off the grid. Shapiro agrees and Rex says that he’ll contact him privately if he needs backup.

Jack tells the others that in the old days, Torchwood tracked down a black market alien arms dealer in China and the route is still open. When they wonder what to do about Buenos Aires, Rhys shows them the globe and points out that the two cities are literally on opposite sides of the world. Esther checks and confirms that they are two major population centers balancing each other. Jack points out that the PhiCorp logo has the same image of a line through the world. They decide to split up and check out the two cities. Oswald says that they have to take him, and points out that they can’t have him arrested. He knows that Gwen won’t leave him with Rhys because she knows Rhys would kill him.

Gwen, Jack, and Oswald go to the installation in Shanghai and break in.

Esther meets Rex in Buenos Aires. He warns her that he brought in a special “weapon” under diplomatic courier and if someone checks the records, they’ll be detected.

At Langley, Charlotte checks the diplomatic files and confirms Rex’s location. She then texts a message to her superiors.

In Shanghai, Jilly goes to the facility and armed guards usher her in. A woman is waiting for her and says that Jilly must not feel well. She explains that everyone who approaches the Blessing feels ill. The woman takes Jilly in and explains that the feeling is the Blessing’s attempt to communicate. She admits they have no idea if it is a living thing, but they believe that the Blessing shows the person viewing it themselves. They descend into a sub-level as the woman explains that some people kill themselves when they look upon the Blessing, people that have done something vile. She wonders what Jilly will see.

The two women emerge into the sub-level and Jilly stares in awe at the glowing core of energy that reaches deep into the earth. The woman asks Jilly what the Blessing tells her about herself, and Jilly says that she knows that she’s right.

In Buenos Aires, Esther receives a call from Gwen. They plan to start searching for the Families, and Esther checks the case that Rex brought... which contains Jack’s blood. Once Gwen hangs up, jack moans in pain and she realizes that his wound is getting worse. While she tends to it, Jack says that he’s tired of a mortal life. Oswald notices that the blood from the bandage is moving on its own across the floor and points it out to the others. Gwen figures that the blood is showing them the way and the Blessing is calling to Jack.