The Blood Line - Recap

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In Shanghai, Gwen prepares her gun, remembers her father, and realizes that today is the day that she kills him.

In Buenos Aires, Rex and Esther squeeze out a drop of Jack’s blood and watch as it moves across the floor on its own. Gwen coordinates the route of their blood in Shanghai and their teammates in Buenos Aires. They figure that since the Families destroyed the blood banks in both cities, the blood must be important. Jack moans in pain and complains that the blood inside of him is trying to move. Meanwhile, Esther worries that if they stop the Miracle, death may catch up to Rex, and the team tries to work out what they’re seeing that goes through the planet’s core from Shanghai to Buenos Aires.

At the facility in Shanghai, Mother Colasanto orders her workers to prepare explosives. She informs Jilly that at midnight, after they leave, they plan to blow up the compound. The Blessing will still continue, but no one will be able to reach it.

Gwen prepares to follow the blood and the others wish her luck. When Oswald complains that he died with a lot less sentiment, Gwen aims her gun at him and warns him that if they succeed, murder will come back. Meanwhile, Rex tells Jack that he’s going to have to call in the CIA. Jack agrees but tells him not to give away the team’s location. In Langley, Shapiro receives a call from Rex. He then declares Special Ops Station One per Rex and informs his agents, including Charlotte, that they’ll be running an operation in Buenos Aires.

Mother Colasanto coordinates the facility’s destruction with the Family operative in Buenos Aires, the Cousin. He has his men plant explosives at their facility as well. Meanwhile, Mother Colasanto tells Jilly about how the two cities are near-perfect antipodes. Jilly records what’s she saying and asks how the Blessing can penetrate the Earth’s core. Mother Colasanto tells her that the Blessing defies known physics, and they were only able to discover it when they learned that the average life expectancy of Old Town, Shanghai, always matched the life expectancy of the world. The Families paid the Chinese to look the other way. Now the Families are preparing for Phase 1.

Shapiro links up with Rex and introduces him to Sandra Morales, their translator. He tells Rex that his local liaison will be Captain Frederico Santos and that the Argentinian Army can only get involved because the Families aren’t an internal problem. Esther ties in and asks the CIA to trace the ownership of all business along the blood line. Charlotte warns that given the population density and lack of files, it can’t be done. However, Morales says that they’ve been tracking local money since 1980 and they have the data on file. Charlotte thanks her for her input and Noah mentions a trace. She asks him what it is and Noah explains that they’ve developed a way to trace the Families’ phone calls and locate the mole in their department.

Gwen follows the blood line to a restaurant and tells the owner to open a door blocking her way. The owner refuses, saying there are many ghosts on the other side, but Gwen pays her everything she has. On the other side she finds an alleyway leading to the Blessing facility. Sensing the presence of the Blessing, Gwen backs into the restaurant and calls Jack to tell her what she’s found. Jack tells Oswald that they’re moving out.

As Santos and his men meet with Rex, Noah tracks a street that doesn’t exist in the paperwork. As Rx moves out, Charlotte secretly sets her phone to the Families’ channel.

In Buenos Aires, Oswald worries that they won’t be coming back and Jack asks how much choice his victim had. Oswald asks who Jack is, pointing out that his friends sometime fears him. Jack hesitates and then tells Oswald that he’s from the future. When Oswald asks if they make it, Jack admits that the future is being rewritten. He speaks of seeing the greatness of humanity in the future and wishes that Oswald could see it so he’d realize how small his life is.

Gwen waits by the door and calls Rhys at home. Andy is there and has got Rhys a police visa into the camp to get to Geraint. Geraint is still there and hasn’t been sent to the ovens yet. Rhys asks if there’s anything Gwen wants him to say to her father, and she warns that if the Miracle ends, Geraint will die. Her husband says that Geraint has had her time and Gwen is the one who needs to stay alive. Gwen hangs up and the owner comes over and offers her a cup of tea. When she points out that Gwen is a sad girl and a crazy girl, Gwen agrees and takes her hand.

As Santos and his men prepare to move out, Rex clutches at his chest in agony. Esther hands the case with Jack’s blood to a young soldier in the truck and goes to her friend’s side. The soldier cuts the case open, confirms what’s inside, and then removes a detonator from his pocket. As the other soldiers realize what is happening and open fire, the male soldier detonates the explosives on his person. The truck blows up, blasting Rex, Esther, and Santos away. When Santos tries to call in, Rex tells him to stop so that the Families will assume that they’re dead.

At Langley, Shapiro realizes that he’s lost contact with his team in the field. Using satellite photography, they confirm that there was an explosion.

Rex tells a shocked Santos to report to his home base and tell them that Rex and Esther are dead. Esther insists on going with Rex and he reluctantly agrees. Santos warns that they don’t have anything but handguns. Gwen tries to call them but Rex tells Esther to ignore it so no one will learn they’re still alive.

Shapiro realizes that the mole betrayed them and tells Noah to run the trace no matter the risk. Noah goes to work and begins identifying the phone number. Charlotte gets up and goes to her office and removes a hidden case and puts it in her purse. She then leaves her bag on the desk next to Shapiro and Noah, wishes them good luck finding the traitor, and walks out. As she goes, she tells Morales that Shapiro wanted to see her. When she gets there, Shapiro says that he didn’t ask for her. Noah realizes that the phone number belongs to Charlotte and Shapiro spots the bag... just as the bomb explodes. In the hallway, Charlotte is knocked to the ground along with many others. She smiles in triumphant and leaves.

Jack and Oswald arrive at the restaurant and Gwen tells him that Rex and Esther were caught in the explosion. When Oswald reacts with shock, Gwen tries to attack him and Jack holds her back. She warns Jack that they have to protect him since the only blood of his that they now have is what is in him.

The two teams break into their respective facilities, killing anyone who gets in their way. Rex checks the plans and warns that Esther doesn’t have to come with him, but she insists. They find the stairs and head down. Meanwhile, Jack and Gwen hide the bodies and Oswald complains that they’re condemning men to Category One status. Gwen admits that they can’t get through the main body of guards. Before they can work out what to do next, Rhys calls Gwen and reports that he’s with her father.

Andy and Rhys get into the camp and find Geraint. Rhys tells the unconscious man that all of them send their love. Meanwhile, a nurse tells Andy that Geraint is better off than a 15-year-old girl was brought in Category One and no one has tried to claim her. She tells them that they have until the end of the shift and then all of the Category Ones will be burned. Andy goes to the girl and sits with her.

Jack recognizes the lettering on some boxes and tells Oswald that he’s glad he’s there.

Mother Colasanto’s sensors pick up Jack and the others. She tells Jilly that she will be meeting the creator. Jilly is shocked to see that Jack is with Oswald. Mother Colasanto and her men greet Jack and his party as they come up in the elevator. Oswald says that it’s about him, not Jack, but Mother Colasanto dismisses him as irrelevant. Unimpressed, Oswald says that here and now, he’s the most important person. He removes his coat and reveals that he’s wired with explosives. Jack tells Mother Colasanto that Torchwood has the advantage.

The Cousin calls in to tell them that the Families have the advantage in Buenos Aires, and reveals that he has captured Rex and Esther. When the Cousin draws a gun on Esther, Rex intervenes and says to threaten him, not her. They wonder who will break first, but Jack says that he has the most powerful thing of all. He steps out on the catwalk, cuts his finger, and lets the Blessing pull drops of blood into itself. Jack tells the others that the Blessing wants him because he’s the only one with mortal blood in the entire world. Gwen stares into the Blessing, shocked, and Mother Colasanto asks what she can see. Gwen can see all of her guilt, while Jack can see his entire lifetime and says that overall, it’s not bad.

Oswald stares into the Blessing in shock and Jilly points out that they took the world’s biggest bastard, wired him with explosives, and showed him his own soul. Jack tells him to hold on, and Oswald smiles and says that he’s accustomed to sin. When Gwen wonders what they’re looking at, Jack explains that the Blessing is the gap in the rock, but finally admits that he has no idea what it is.

The Cousin tells Rex and Esther that the Blessing generates a morphic field, binding humanity together with a force like magnetism or sunlight. The Families fed it the blood of an immortal, and Jack realizes that the Blessing was hurt and tried to protect itself by extending the gift of immortality to all of mankind. Mother Colasanto says that immortality is only the first step, and next they’ll sweep aside the weak and the unsuitable, take over the banks, and control all world governments. Jilly agrees with the Family’s plan to make the world more compact and disciplined.

Jack realizes that they need to deal with him, and the Cousin admits that they drew Jack out so they could destroy him. However, Jack threatens to drip more blood into the Blessing, switching everything back. The Cousin and Mother Colasanto laugh and explain that the Blessing operates in a polar dynamic field. To shut down the Blessing, Jack would have to introduce his blood at both ends simultaneously. Mother Colasanto orders her men to shoot Jack. When Oswald threatens to detonate himself, Mother Colasanto tells him that nothing he can do will deliver Jack’s blood to the other end in Buenos Aires.

Before the security forces can shoot, Rex has an idea. He steps forward and cuts his finger, and his blood is drawn into the Blessing. As both facilities shakes, Rex explains that when they arrived, they exchanged Rex’s blood for Jack. Since the Families thought the blood was gone, they made no further effort to stop Rex and Esther from getting in.

The soldiers prepare to shoot Rex, and he dares them to do it and splatter his blood. Mother Colasanto warns Jack and Rex that they’ll both die, but Jack says that he’s lived long enough and asks Rex if he’s ready. Rex steps to the edge of the catwalk and Jack does the same. Gwen realizes that he won’t kill himself and prepares to shoot him. However, the Cousin shoots Esther and tells Rex that she’ll die for good if the Miracle ends. Rex asks Jack what he can do. Jack doesn’t know, but Gwen tells him to continue with the plan. She says that no one should have the power to choose who lives or dies, the power that Oswald had when he killed his victim. Oswald points out that she’s doing the same thing and admires her. Gwen asks Jack if he’s ready. When he says he is, she shoots Jack while Rex rips open his wound. Their blood flows into both ends of the blessing simultaneously and the facilities start to collapse.

In Wales, Geraint and the girl come back to life... and then die. Rhys places his phone next to Geraint so that Mary can say goodbye to him. Across the globe, everyone who died, dies for good.

Gwen runs to Jack’s side. Jilly runs for the elevator while Oswald grabs Mother Colasanto. He tells Gwen to run and ignores Mother Colasanto’s promises of giving him whatever he wants. As Gwen gets in the elevator with Jilly, Jack comes back to life as his immortality returns.

In Buenos Aires, Rex collapses next to Esther. The Cousin grabs his laptop, but Rex revives, grabs the Families agent, and throws him into the chasm.

Gwen sees Jack and runs back to get him. When Jilly activates the elevator, Gwen grabs her and tries to stop the elevator. Meanwhile, Jack watches his chest wound heal. Staring, Oswald says that he’s seen a true miracle. Gwen knocks out Jilly and goes to Jack, and Oswald them to go while they can because he’s taking the entire facility with him. As they go up in the elevator and escape along with Jilly, Oswald says that he’ll see his victim in Hell. As he triggers the explosives, Jilly trips on her way out. The explosion consumes her and knocks Jack and Gwen down.

In Buenos Aires, Santos and his squad come in and rescue Rex and Esther.

As they watch the flames, Gwen wonders if she just killed Rex and Esther.

EMTs work on Esther and Rex.

Sometime later, Rhys, Gwen, and Jack attend the service for Esther. Also present are Charlotte, Rex, Esther’s sister Sarah, and her two daughters.

Jilly meets the Blue Eyed Man in the park and she says that she’s been there for weeks, waiting for him. She has nothing left and can’t go home, and asks what she should do. The Blue Eyed Man tells her to start again... with the Families. When Jilly asks why she should do that given what they put her through, he says that they nearly succeeded and that the Miracle was only a trial run for Plan B. The Blue Eyed Man gets up and walks away. After a moment, Jilly goes after him.

Charlotte offers her condolences for Esther to Rex. Once she leaves, Gwen wonders why the Blessing couldn’t have spared Esther. The two poles are sealed up and Rex wonders what Jack and Gwen will do now. He gets a call from the agents who deciphered Noah’s file on the mole. Rex realizes that it’s Charlotte’s phone number and runs after her. She draws a gun and shoots him in the chest, and CIA agents shoot her down. Jack and Gwen run to Rex’s side and realize there’s nothing they can do... and Rex come back to life, fully healed.