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Countrycide - Recap

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Ellie Johnson is driving through the countryside and gets a call. She assures them that she'll be there soon and then she loses the signal. When Ellie spots a body in the road up ahead, she stops and gets out to investigate. As something moves behind her, Ellie kicks over the "body" to discover it's a dummy. Ellie goes back to her car and discovers someone has let the air out of her tyres. Getting in, Ellie discovers the keys are missing. She locks the doors and tries to get a signal on her cell phone without success. Something lands on top of the car, uses her keychain to unlock the doors, and drags her out onto the road.

Torchwood travels out to the countryside to investigate 17 disappearances within the last five months. All of the disappearances have occurred within a 20-mile radius and there's no apparent connection between the victims. Gwen wonders if the rift is responsible and Jack admits that it's spreading and becoming more active. They camp in the vicinity of Ellie's disappearance, unaware that something or someone is watching them. They begin discussing the last time they each kissed and Owen admits he kissed Gwen. Ianto talks about kissing Lisa, his now-dead girlfriend.

Gwen and Owen go to woods and Gwen complains about Owen telling everyone they kissed. He says she's never had a better kiss and suggests the sex would be even better. They end up face-to-face against a treeā€¦ and Gwen notices that someone is watching them from the forest. They split up to go after the observer but lose him or her. However, they find a human corpse, stripped of its skin and organs.

The team seals off the crime scene and confirms the victim was a male in his mid 40s. The killer apparently killed the victim and dumped it there, as there are no signs of a struggle. They hear a crash and return to the camp site to discover someone has taken the SUV and is driving it through the tents. The thief leaves with the vehicle and Ianto tracks it to a nearby village. The team walks there. Tosh and Ianto follow the signal to the SUV and the others check in at the pub. They search and find no one, until Gwen discovers a corpse. Someone slips past her and she and Jack chase after the person. They find a trail of blood in another house but no sign of the killer.

Ianto and Tosh walk to the SUV and approach a building where it's located. They hear a sound like a scream but Ianto dismisses it. They split up and walk around the building while another scream echoes out. Ianto briefly spots Tosh before checking out the hills, but turns to discover that she's vanished. As he tries to find her, a hooded figure knocks him to the ground.

Jack and Gwen continue their search and find a locked house. Gwen breaks in and the person inside shoots her in the side with a shotgun. Jack calls on the teenager inside to surrender. The boy, Kieran, says he thought that they were "them" and they'd come back for him. Owen and Jack get Gwen inside and Jack searches the house while Owen tends to Gwen and confirms it missed the vital spots. As he removed the pellets, Gwen wonders if he misses being a doctor and Owen admits he still is, he just doesn't have to deal with patients. Jack returns and Kieran panics, insisting that they're too strong and all they can do is barricade themselves in. Jack orders them back to the pub and tells Owen that they'll have to wait to find Ianto and Tosh.

Ianto and Tosh, disarmed, wake up in an underground chamber. As they try to escape, Ianto notes that Tosh thrives on the danger and he wonders who protects them. Tosh finds clothing belonging to the missing victims and a refrigerator containing the victim's organs.

At the pub, Jack and Owen set up a barricade while Gwen compiles the information they have. Figures start to surround the pub and the lights go out. Something tries to get in through the cellar door and Jack fires three times through the door as it grabs Kieran and pulls him in. Gwen insists on going to rescue Kieran.

As Ianto and Tosh try to break out, a woman carrying a shotgun comes in. The woman, Helen Sherman, tells them that she has no choice but to take them to the others, and that every ten years there's a "Harvest."

Jack searches the pub and finds a wounded man, Martin. He demands answers and threatens torture, and Martin agrees to talk.

Gwen and Owen go outside and find a police officer, Huw. As they talk, they spot lights from the nearby village hall. Huw tells them there's a special town meeting and Owen and Gwen head for the hall.

Helen takes Ianto and Tosh into a nearby room set up as a butcher's shop. Her husband Evan is waiting for them and wonders why Tosh thinks they should look like aliens. The couple kiss and Ianto tries to attack them, but Even easily subdues and handcuffs him. After handcuffing Tosh as well, Evan hauls out Kieran and explains that they're all simply meat. He grabs a baseball bat and prepares to tenderize Tosh. Ianto head butts Evan so Tosh can run for it, and Helen knocks him out while Evan goes after Tosh. She hides in the woods but he manages to recapture her. She kicks him in the stomach and runs away again. Evan catches up to her and starts to choke her to death. Owen, Gwen, and Huw arrive and stop him just in time. However, Huw draws his gun and reveals he's Evan's nephew. Owen has no choice but to surrender.

Evan and Huw take Gwen, Owen, and Tosh back to the house and prepare to kill Ianto. Jack slams through the door driving a tractor. He takes down all three killers and prepares to shoot Evans. Gwen stops him, saying she has to question them and learn why. Jack relents.

Gwen takes Evan back to the pub and interrogates him. He explains that every generation in the village killed travelers who wouldn't be missed. When Evan wonders why she wants to know so badly, Gwen says that she's things he wouldn't believe but she can't understand what he did. He leans close and whispers that it made him happy.

Later in Cardiff, Gwen wonders who she can tell about the things she's seen, the things that people like Rhys wouldn't understand. She finds herself in Owen's apartment, and they kiss.