Out of Time - Recap

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Owen, Jack, and Gwen are waiting at an airfield as a 1946 de Havilland DH 89 Dragon Rapide comes in for a landing. The plane, Sky Gypsy, pulls to a halt and three people emerge. The pilot, Diane Holmes, apologizes for coming down unexpectedly. The two passengers, John Ellis and Emma Louise Cowell, emerge and Jack asks them when they left. Diane confirms they left on December 18… 1953.

At the Hub, everyone introduces themselves and Jack explains that their plane passed through a time rift and arrived in the present. They suspect it's a trick but Tosh produces photos confirming everything. Diane wonders how they get back and Jack explains that according to the historical records, their plane never returned. John asks what happened to their families. Tosh goes over their histories. Emma's father died young and her mother died at age 81. Tosh is able to find information on John's son, born in 1937. Diane admits she didn't have any family or boyfriends.

Jack and Gwen take the passengers to a hostel. John gets out his radio and Jack helps him. John gives him photos of his family in the hopes Jack will track them down, and promises to look after the ladies. Gwen talks with Emma who explains she was helping her aunt and uncle with their children as practice for when she had her own. She takes a teddy bear from her suitcase and thinks of her aunt as if she had just left her. Emma wonders what her family thought when her body was never found and breaks into tears.

The next day, the team gives the three passengers new identities and money, and jobs suited to their skills. John refuses, insisting they can't take away their names since it's all they have left. Jack apologizes for not thinking it through. Ianto takes them out shopping and they're shocked at how expensive things are. As they try to adjust to the new technology and the lack of rationing, Ianto takes them on a shopping spree. He then drops John off at the Millennium Stadium and he tries to track down his son Alan. At the hostel, Diane tells Emma she's going to check on the airplane and wonders what work she can get in aviation. Emma worries about finding a husband. The two girls at the hostel, Alesha and Jade, arrive and introduce each other.

Owen accompanies Diane to the plane hangar and notes that her flight record was impressive. She explains she ferried planes during the war and got a taste for it, and couldn't stand to be married. He warns she can't take it up because she no longer has a valid license. Diane insists on Owen explaining everything to her.

Jack and John go drinking and John talks about his life and how he used to charge for people to watch his TV, the only one in the neighborhood. He notices Jack's American accent and asks how he ended up with Torchwood. Jack admits that his life is complicated and John wonders if he fell through time too. Jack admits that he did and they share a toast.

Emma is decorating the hostel with paper chains. Jade and Alesha explain they grew up orphans, and Emma admits her parents died as well and she has nothing. When she starts to break down from grief, they offer her a beer.

John still wonders about his son and what happened to him. He asks Jack to find Alan, the only thing he has left.

Owen takes Diane out for Chinese and she waits for him to pull out his chair. He finally does so and they talk about how women's issues have improved and he flirts with her.

A slightly tipsy Emma starts singing with the other girls but John comes in and berates her for not behaving.

Once they finish eating, Owen invites Diane back to his place to check herself out on the Internet. He hastily apologizes, noting it's not a pickup line, and Diane asks if he has any Scotch at home.

Emma calls Gwen in to talk to John. He insists she can't draw attention to herself and they can't trust anyone. He promises he won't let Emma out of her sight and starts telling her what to do, noting he's not her dad. She again realizes that she won't see anyone else from her time ever again, breaks into tears, and runs out. Gwen goes after her.

At Owen's house, Diane wonders if he has a girlfriend and who all the beauty products belong to. He notes that she smokes too much and she talks about Amelia Earhart and wonders if she's out there somewhere. Diane looks out the windows and he assures her she'll fit in fine. She admits she's glad he doesn't have a girlfriend and he agrees.

Gwen takes Emma to her flat and tucks her in for the night on the sofa.

Owen and Diane end up in bed and afterward, she explains she had a married man as a lover. She preferred the freedom of not being chained to a man. He suggests they should be fuck buddies but she insists that sex shouldn't be devalued as they go again.

Emma wakes up the next morning to find Rhys wandering around the flat, naked. She screams and Gwen comes in. She explains that Emma is her aunt's step-daughter and Gwen is putting her up. Rhys reluctantly agrees to let her stay and once he's gone, Gwen warns Emma that Rhys doesn't know what she does. Back at the Hub, Gwen explains to Jack why she took Emma in and notes Diane didn't come home last night. Owen makes an excuse for her.

Tosh finds Alan and John goes to see him at a hospital, claiming he's his own nephew. John is shocked to discover that Alan is an old man and suffering from Alzheimer's. He never had children, his wife died, and there's no one to look after him. John tries to get through to him, showing him photos of his childhood, and Alan has a brief moment of clarity before sinking back into dementia with no idea who John is.

Owen takes Diane to the airfield to get her started training on modern planes.

Jack considers the photos of the three people and notes there's no enemy to fight and defeat. John is facing the end of his world and there's nothing they can do.

Owen tries to book Diane for a flight but the owner refuses to reschedule when she doesn't have a license. As they leave, Diane is nearly in tears,.

Gwen and Rhys take Emma out to a club and Emma leaves with a boy when Gwen isn't looking. They end up in a booth together, kissing, and Gwen pulls the boy off. Emma says she wasn't going to let the boy do anything but Gwen warns she might not have had a choice. Rhys wonders why she's overreacting. Gwen takes Emma back to the flat and discusses sex with her. Gwen admits she's casually slept with several men, but thinks Emma should wait until someone special comes along. She wonders if Rhys is Gwen's someone special and the best sex she's had, and Gwen has to think about it.

The next morning, Owen returns home to find Diane upset upon discovering that there's no challenge to flying. He gives her a dress as a present and they kiss.

Emma returns home from a job interview and tells Gwen that she got the job as a shop girl in London. Gwen suggests that she wait and they find something for her in Cardiff.

At the hostel, John plans to rebuild his life and thanks Jack for his help. He secretly takes Ianto's car keys and drives away.

Gwen and Emma return from shopping and Rhys tells them that her mother called and she has no idea who Emma is. He demands to know who Emma is and what it has to do with Gwen's work. Gwen admits that Emma was lost and isn't a relative, and Rhys is mad that she lied to him. Emma offers to go but Gwen insists she couldn't let her go. Rhys storms out and Gwen wonders how she can separate her two lives. Emma says that Gwen has to let her go.

That night, Owen takes Diane to the top of a parking garage. They drink and dance and then go back to Owen's flat for sex.

Ianto calls to tell Jack that John has taken his car keys and can't get hold of him. They track the car and realize John is driving home. Jack realizes what it means and takes off after him. He discovers John trying to kill himself in his car with carbon monoxide poisoning. He stops him and says he can build a life, but John says he already did so years ago when he was meant to. Jack insists that there's nothing after death, no reuniting with loved ones. John asks Jack to let him die with dignity, because he can't bear to live.

After love, Owen admits that he can't concentrate, he can't focus, and all he can think of is Diane. He admits that he's scared and Diane says that she loves him too. Later, he dozes off and she admits she's always at love's mercy.

John gets back into the car and kills himself. Jack sits with him and holds his hand as he passes away.

The next morning, Gwen takes Emma to the bus station and gives her some final advice. She says Emma doesn't have to go but Emma says that if she doesn't, she'll always wonder what it's like. They embrace one last time and Emma gets on the bus.

Owen wakes up and discovers that Diane has gone. There's a note on the pillow and he reads it in shock and then drives to the airfield. Diane is in her flight clothing and is preparing to take off. He tries to convince her to stay but Diane says it's the same weather conditions as the day they flew through the rift. Owen warns she can't go back but she insists that if nothing else, it will take her somewhere new. He begs her not to go but Diane places her scarf around his neck and kisses him one last time. She promises to remember him and he steps back as she closes the door and departs in her plane.