Meat - Recap

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Rhys is driving to work and listening to the company jingle on the radio when he gets a call about an accident involving a Harwood lorry. The driver, Leighton Reynolds, is dead. Rhys tells the police his next of kin and address. The police tell him that there's something suspicious in the back, and that Torchwood is taking a look at it. Rhys watches as Jack and Gwen arrive with the rest of the team and investigates.

In the back of the truck, Jack and the others find dense alien flesh. They prepare to take it back to the Hub and Gwen confirms the truck belonged to Rhys' company. She doesn't notice Rhys watching from the road. He runs off to his car and tries to follow them back but the police blockade thwarts him.

At the Hub, Owen tries to determine the origin of the animal in question, and learns that it had a fake "Fit for human consumption" stamp. Tosh checks the records of the haulage firm and Gwen wonders why Rhys' company is involved. The team wonders if Rhys might be involved but Gwen insists that he's innocent. Tosh calls Harwood's Haulage, impersonating a police officer, and gets the address of the people who requested the delivery. All Rhys has for the pickup point is a service station on the A470. The meat was going to Caerwen Abbatoir, a processing plant. After Tosh hangs up, Rhys worries that it looks shady, while his secretary Ruth confirms that all the deliveries went through Leighton.

Ianto picks up Leighton's truck on the CCTV records. Owen confirms the meat is alien and contains sedatives, but is otherwise safe to eat and has probably been in the public meat supply for months. After stopping for pizza, Ianto narrows the pickup point down to three warehouses. Gwen gets a text message from Rhys and heads home. When Jack suggest she check on what Rhys knows, Gwen refuses. At home, Rhys mentions the accident and Leighton's death and asks why the police took the meat off the van. She lies about her involvement and says that he has nothing to worry about. She says it was worth coming home to see him but she has to go back to work. They kiss and she leaves. Once Gwen's gone, Rhys grabs his car keys and follows her to the Hub. He sees her meet with Jack and follows them as they go to the slaughterhouse to meet with Ianto and Gwen.

Rhys follows them as they arrive at the slaughterhouse. Sensors indicate a heat signature across the entire building. Rhys calls Gwen but she ignores the call. As they move in, they spot Rhys and wonder if he's involvement. Two men arrive in a car and take him captive, but to Jack and Gwen it looks like Rhys is involved. Gwen insists that Rhys wouldn't have lied to her and tries to move in, but Jack stops her and says they have to wait until Rhys comes back out.

Rhys is taken through the slaughterhouse as the consultant in charge, Vic, talks about ketamine injections. The two men, brothers Dale and Vic, take Rhys to an office and demand to know why he's there. Rhys says he's with the haulage company and tells them that Leighton told him what's going on before he died. He lies and says he incinerated the meat, and hopes to pick up where Leighton took off. Rhys tries to bluff his way through and claim he was told they were cleaning up old meat, but they say it's bigger than that. They take Rhys to a chamber which contains a huge alien create, moaning in pain. The brothers explain that it keeps growing no matter how much they cut it.

Gwen and Jack watch as Rhys comes out with the brothers, waves to them, and leaves. He goes home and Gwen arrives and demands to know why he was there. Rhys accuses her of lying and admits that he followed her. He demands to know who Jack is but Gwen insists that there's stuff that he has to trust her on. Rhys demands to know the truth and she admits that she's not with Special Ops, but she's trying to protect him. Gwen finally tells him that she hunt down aliens, and he doesn't believe her at first. When she speaks of what she's seen, Rhys demands proof.

Gwen calls to let the team know that Rhys has found out their secret. They wonder if they need to be with someone who knows what they do, but Owen points out they're the only ones who know what they do. Gwen brings Rhys down via the lift and Jack greets him. Gwen makes introductions and they explain what they do. Rhys then tells them what he saw and Owen believes it came through the rift from some distant ocean. Rhys explains that the creature is alive and regenerating. Jack points out that they could have already ended the operation if Rhys hadn't messed things up. Rhys explains he's already infiltrated the operation and Jack brings him into a team meeting. He shows them the floorplans and Jack says he'll have to drive in. Gwen doesn't want to hear of it but Jack says that they'll just have Rhys get them in and then get him out to safety. Gwen warns him that if he messes up, she'll kill him. Jack insists that they'll stabilize the creature and then send it back through the rift and save it. As they prepare, Gwen notes that Jack does have a heart and Jack admits that they see enough death.

Owen brings up a hypothetical of what the alien creature looks like and Tosh notes that he's just a big softy. He ignores her as she brings her sandwiches, and talks about Rhys and Gwen. Tosh wonders if it's possible to do the job and have a relationship, and invites him to a game of pool sometime. He agrees but suggests the entire group participate.

Rhys complains that he's worried about how much danger that Gwen is in. She tells him he doesn't have to prove anything to her but he insists on continuing. Gwen kisses him but notices Jack watching them.

Rhys goes back to his office with Jack to get a van and gets a call from the meat packers. As Rhys and Jack drive to meet them, Rhys asks why they chose Gwen. Jack says she stumbled across them and they needed police skills, but Rhys wonders if they considered him and everyone else who loves her and wants her safe. Jack insists they needed her and admits that Gwen criticized him on the first day. Rhys admits that she doesn't hold back and hopes that Jack is gay.

As they arrive near the warehouse, Gwen gets Rhys a Danish and reminds him to get out as soon as he can. Everyone else gets into the back of the van and Rhys drives inside. Jack asks Gwen if she's okay and the others assure her that Rhys can handle it. Rhys pulls up and asks the guards to get him a cup of tea, and then runs to back. He opens the van but discovers the team has already gone inside. Rhys gets a signature and prepares to leave.

Inside, Jack, Gwen, and Tosh find the creature and workers tunneling into its side. They stun the workers and realize the creature is sentient. They examine the massive wound in its side and Jack nearly breaks into tears at the extent of the pain inflicted on it.

Owen and Ianto stun more of the workers and realize that they're all armed. Owen warns the others and Gwen realizes Rhys is in danger but Jack tells her to stay with him.

Vic arrives with more Ketamine and starts to worry about the creature's pain. Rhys waits for word from the others and starts to get worried. He says it's time for him to leave but the head brother, Dale, tells him to wait. A guard finally notices something is going on and tells Dale, who attacks Rhys. Inside, Owen prepares to inject the creature with a sedative.

The brothers find Ianto, who tries to claim he and Rhys are the only ones there. They don't believe him and secure the building. Owen lets the others know and Gwen tries to go to rescue her fiancé but Jack says he'll be okay.

Dale and Vic take Ianto and Rhys out into the main chamber and threaten to shoot them unless the team shows itself. Gwen surrenders herself and Dale asks if there's anyone else. Gwen assures him she's the last one and says she can help him. A guard spots Tosh and Jack and Dale calls upon them to surrender. Jack explains what's going on but Dale insists it's just meat and he needs it to make money and get something for himself. When Dale accuses her of lying and prepares to shoot her, Rhys leaps in the way and takes the bullet. Ianto struggles with Dale while the alien breaks free of its bonds. Dale discovers his gun is jammed and runs off. Ianto goes in pursuit and Owen tries to finish the antidote in time to save Jack and Tosh, who are trapped. Vic runs to him and admits he didn't want any of this, but the sedative won't work. Ianto stuns Vic and Owen says he needs a new plan.

Dale and Vic go to the office to get their money but Ianto arrives and stuns them both. Owen runs at the creature and jabs it with an injector. He explains that all he could do was give it a painless death. Owen then runs to Gwen and tends to Rhys' wound. Jack and Tosh look on as the creature passes away, and Owen mutters that he's sorry. Tosh reaches out and comforts him.

Back at the Hub lab, Owen stabilizes Rhys and Jack explains that they gave the brothers and the workers amnesia pills. Rhys asks about the creature and Jack explains that they incinerated it. Jack asks for a word with Gwen in private and tells her that Rhys has to forget as well. She asks to at least get him home first and Jack agrees. As Gwen and Rhys leave, Rhys suggests they go for ice cream. As they eat, Rhys talks about everything he's learned and wants to hear everything Gwen has seen. She promises that she'll always come home to him. Rhys gets a call from the office and walks away to take it, and Gwen considers the retcon pill.

Later, Gwen returns to the Hub and tells Jack she won't drug Rhys. Jack claims he knows how she feels but Gwen says he doesn't and refuses to take it away from Rhys. She tells Jack to do whatever he needs to and he asks if she could go back to her old life. Gwen says she wouldn't notice the difference, but he admits that he would. Finally Jack tells her to give Rhys his love and he''ll see her at work tomorrow. After Gwen leaves, Jack stalks off to his office. Outside, Gwen kisses Rhys while Jack watches on the CCTV camera.