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A Day in the Death (3) - Recap

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Owen died three days ago. But despite the fact he's come back, he's not fine.

Now, Owen is sitting on a roof with a girl, Maggie Hopley. She insists that she's going to jump and tells Owen to leave her alone. He explains that he's not there to stop here. When she doesn't want to listen, Owen shows her the bullet hole in his chest and explains that he's dead. Maggie finally accepts that he's dead and wonders what it's like. He tells her there's nothing but darkness and Maggie wonders why he's there.

The Past

Jack tells Owen to turn in his badge and gun while they determine what he now is and make sure he's okay. Until Owen is declared fit, Jack says that Martha Jones will be the medical officer. He explains that if the tests show that Owen is a danger to the team, he'll be confined, and asks Owen to let them help make sure he's safe. Owen turns over his gun and security pass. While he waits, Ianto shows him how to make coffee so he'll have something to do. Owen loses his temper and snaps at Ianto, saying he finally gets to go on missions and be with Jack. Ianto wonders if Owen is going to let death beat him after all the lives he's saved.

Martha runs her tests and Owen makes small talk. and she confirms he's in great shape with no signs of rigor mortis. She notes that he isn't going to age and there's no indication of cell mutation. Gwen calls Martha to a meeting and Owen tells her to go while he gets the coffee.

Jack briefs the team on Henry John Parker, a collector of alien memorabilia. Tosh detected an energy spike from the house and the team wonders what he's found. Gwen notices that Parker hasn't been out of his house since 1986. Owen gets involved and Gwen gives assignments to everyone except Owen.

The Present

Owen talks about how many people kill themselves each year and admits he's a brilliant doctor.

The Past

Owen asks Martha why she's doing his job and Martha insists that Gwen asked her too. Martha insists that it's a good thing that he still needs help. He tries to convince her to leave and go see her boyfriend while he nervously plays with a scalpel. Martha points out that he slashed his hand open without noticing. She restitches it closed and warns that it won't heal, and Owen admits that he can't feel anything. Martha points out that he's fragile and Owen figures he'd better get used to doing things himself.

The Present

Maggie points out that Owen was pushing away the people who cared about him. He asks if her man dumped her and Maggie informs him that her husband died. He says he's sorry but Maggie says that he isn't and they don't have any special connection. Owen insists she doesn't know the half of it.

The Past

Owen asks Jack for something to do but Jack insists he can't. Owen says he's going home and Jack tells him to go ahead, but Owen wonders what he has to do. Owen goes home and watches television briefly until he gets bored. He starts throwing away all of the food and toiletries that he no longer needs. When that's done, he gets bored again. Tosh comes over and Owen figures they sent her to get him to open up. She says he figures it's all about him and talks about her own life as Owen tunes her out.

The Present

Owen asks Maggie to talk about her husband and se says it's her wedding anniversary. Her husband was killed in a car crash on their honeymoon. Owen wonders why she waited a year and Maggie admits that she believed people when they said it would get better. She asks him if he thinks it'll ever get better for her.

The Past

Owen finally asks why Tosh is there. When she says she plans to help him, he wonders if he's going to become her special project. Then he realizes that Tosh is there because she wants him, but he says he has nothing to give her. Owen wonders if she wants someone as broken as he is and snaps one of his own fingers without flinching. He goes out and runs to the river, and then dives in. He stays underwater, unharmed, for 36 minutes. When he comes up, he finds Jack waiting for him. He asks Owen how long he's going to spend trying to deal with new condition but Owen doesn't have an answer.

The team meets to discuss the Parker case and Ianto comes up with a list of artifacts that the millionaire has acquired recently. Gwen brings up the security plans and notes that Parker's mansion has solar-powered heat sensors. Owen points out that they need someone with no body heat to get in and notes they have nothing to lose. Jack agrees and Ianto returns Owen's gun. Tosh comes back from Owen's apartment and simply gives him his keys without saying anything.

The Present

Maggie is surprised that Tosh didn't say anything but Owen explains that she's a professional. When Maggie insists she isn't interested in Owen's story, he grabs her and drags her to the ledge and tells her to get on with it. She stares and then asks how he got from there to here.

The Past

Outside Parker's manor, Martha warns that he won't heal any damage he takes and he has to be careful. As he starts to leave, Martha him to take care. Jack gives him a package and warns that he'll need it. Gwen makes a call to one of the guards informing him that his wife is in the hospital. As the man leaves, Owen slips through the gate and onto the grounds, and then goes to the generator. The other guard, Webb, finds him and Owen knocks him down. Using the shirt that Jack gave him, Owen grabs the power cables and pulls them out, ignoring the electrical charge. He knocks out the guard and Tosh warns he has 80 seconds until the backup generator kicks in. However, Parker's personal generator is unaffected. Owen gets into the manor, ignoring the heat sensors, and Tosh directs him toward the energy source.

The main power comes on and the head of security, Farrington, takes him at gunpoint. Owen approaches the man and dares him to shoot, warning that he's dead. When he gets close enough, he takes the guard's gun and knocks him out. He goes to Parker's collection room and finds the millionaire in bed next door, hooked up to medical sensors. Parker knows that Owen is with Torchwood and that Jack sent him. He compliments Tosh over the radio earpiece and explains that he's fine because he's using the Pulse, an alien artifact, to keep himself alive. Owen warns that it's dangerous but then discovers that the energy isn't going into Parker and it isn't doing anything for him. Parker insists that he isn't going to die but Owen warns that if the device explodes, it'll kill thousands. Parker says that Owen can't know what death is like but Owen says that he does. When Parker says that he's afraid of being alone in the dark, Owen points out that he already is. Parker's condition starts to deteriorate and Owen explains that the Pulse represents hope, and that what's keeping him alive. Owen says he knows about death but Parker says he's just a boy. He's fought in the war, made a fortune, married, widowed, and amassed a collection. However, now he's alone. All he wants now is a decent steak. When Parker admits he might as well be dead, the Pulse starts to glow. He gives it to Owen but still doesn't die. Owen takes his hand and promises to come back so they can face death together. Parker wants Owen to tell him about Torchwood so he knows there's more out there. Owen considers it but Parker flatlines. When Owen tries to administer CPR, he realizes that he has no air to give him.

The Present

Owen explains that he failed to save Parker because he didn't have any breath. That was the final straw and now Owen wants it to end.

The Past

Tosh contacts Owen and tells him that the energy device is going to explode. Owen holds it in the hopes that he can absorb the blast. He tells Martha she has what it takes to be a Torchwood doctor, and then tells Jack not to bring him back. Owen thanks Gwen and Ianto and then apologizes to Tosh. She says that she loves him. The Pulse glows fiercely as Owen clutches it to his chest.

The Present

Owen shows Maggie the Pulse and explains that it was a reply to the messages that Mankind sent out into space in the 70s. He explains that it sang to him and is a glimmer of light in the darkness.

The Past

The team returns to the Hub and Martha figures that Owen is fine and better than fine. He thanks her for everything and kisses her on the cheek. Martha bids everyone farewell and Jack says she can come back any time.

Later, Tosh tells Owen not to look it way and asks him to share everything with her. He agrees and then admits that he's scared of being trapped in the darkness. She assures him she'll be there for him.

As Owen walks home, he sees a photo fall to the ground in front of him. He looks up and sees Maggie on the top of the building.


Owen explains that he didn't come to jump, but to help. He gives her the photo back and tells her that she has a choice. if the darkness is too much, she should kill herself. However, if there is some hope, just one glimmer of light, then it's worth taking a chance. Owen takes her hand and asks if she still wants to jump, as the light from the Pulse spreads across the rooftop.

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