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Exit Wounds - Recap

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As the wounded team staggers away from the building where Captain John set his trap, Tosh picks up readings of rift activity at St. Helen's Hospital, the police station, and the central server building. Andy calls in Gwen to help at the police station, and Jack sends Tosh and Ianto to the central server building. He sends Owen to the hospital and has Gwen drop him off at Torchwood. They all pile into Gwen's car and Jack tells them he's going to try and reason with John.

At the Hub, Jack finds John waiting for him with booze and loud music. John asks what kept him and Jack informs him that the team survived. John admits the explosives were prototypes and tells Jack he wants him to know that he really does love him. He draws two semi-automatics and guns Jack down, and then warns it's going to get nasty.

At the police headquarters, Andy informs Gwen that aliens have appeared in the station and four senior officers are dead. Gwen confirms the captured killers are Weevils. She doses them unconscious and realizes that the Weevils specifically targeted the four senior officers.

Tosh and Ianto check the central server building and find three hooded figures wielding scythes. They gun down the three men.

Gwen checks with Owen at St. Helen's. A doctor has locked an alien Hoix inside the basement. Owen goes in with some food and an all-species sedative, lures it toward him, and sedates it.

Jack revives and finds himself chained to the wall. John explains that he's seeking revenge for Jack insulting him and ignoring him. Jack demands to know where Gray is and John claims that the ramifications of what he's going to do are beyond his control. He uses the rift manipulator to start creating localized storms and electrocutes Jack when he protests. When Jack says he'll stop them, John says that he hopes he can and then goes to find a vantage point.

John takes Jack to the castle at the city centre and then calls the Torchwood team. He tells them to get to the top of the buildings they're in. John then uses a remote device to trigger fifteen massive explosives across the city. He asks Jack to hold him, says that it's going to be okay, and then teleports him away through time.

Tosh detects the time rift and briefs the team on what's going on. The city is crippled and Ianto determines that the systems controlling Turnmill Nuclear Power Center have gone off line. Gwen takes command and organizes the team, and wonders were Jack is.

Jack wakes up in Cardiff in 27 AD. John tells him that they're safe and Jack slugs him. John informs him they have to be that far back in time to escape the trigger signal. He reveals that a ninth generation detonator is bonded to his skin and explains that someone is monitoring him, and will kill him if he doesn't do exactly what he's told. Gray walks up and embraces his brother, and then stabs him in the chest.

Gwen takes command of the police and has everyone go out to do their jobs.

At the central server building, Tosh and Ianto try to restart the Turnmill servers as the reactors go into meltdown. Ianto prepares to go to the site and Tosh points out that it's suicide. Ianto agrees but points out they have no choice, and Tosh insists on going with him.

Gray chains up Jack and explains that he blames Jack for being captured by the alien invaders and tortured for years. Now he wants Jack to suffer and plans to take his life. Now he's going to bury Jack on the site of Cardiff and let him think of how he abandoned his brother each time he revives and dies again. When John balks at burying him, Gray warns him that he'll activate the detonator if he doesn't. John tosses his ring into the grave and then starts burying Jack.

Gray travels forward in time to the Torchwood vaults and finds the cell with the Weevils.

Gwen is sitting by herself, worried about Jack. When Rhys talks to her, she wonders if she can pull it off. Rhys tells her that everyone believes in her and she's a hero. Tosh calls in to tell Gwen that she's detected a rift alert inside the Hub. Tosh can't check it out and Rhys tells Gwen that she should go and he and the others will hold down the fort. Gwen reluctantly agrees.

At the Hub, John reveals himself and Gwen orders him down on the floor. He explains that he returned to help her recover Jack, and says that Gray is responsible. He shows her the detonator and explains that Gray freed him once he finished burying Jack. John came back to help Torchwood. He explains that he found Gray chained to the ruins of a city, long after the invaders had gone. Gray had learned his sociopathic behavior from his captors. The detonator unbonds from his wrist, just like Gray promised. Gwen tells him to find Jack and be quick. John calls Tosh and has her run a trace on a specific frequency. Tosh can't find a signal, much to John's surprise.

A high-pitched frequency rings out and Weevils emerge from the sewers to attack the citizens. In the vault, Gray releases the captive Weevils. John realizes it's all part of Gray's plan to destroy the city.

Ianto and Tosh call to inform Gwen that they can't get to the nuclear power station. Owen calls to remind them that he can because the Weevils consider him their king. He heads for the nuclear power centre.

At the police station, Andy, Rhys, and the other officers try to keep the Weevils out.

Gwen continues to scan for the signal but two Weevils come in. Ianto and Tosh arrive to shoot them down. Ianto, John, and Gwen take the Weevils down to the cells but Gray locks them in. He asks John why he betrayed them and John insists it was a matter of honour. Gwen asks Gray to let them go but Gray walks away.

Owen gets to the power system where a soldier, Nira, is trying to prevent the shutdown. Owen establishes his credentials and tells her to get going. He then calls Tosh and asks for help, admitting he was bluffing. Tosh starts to divert auxiliary power back to the power centre. However, Gray shoots her down and cuts the power. He takes away her communicator and asks her what it feels like to die. A banging noise fills the Hub and he goes to investigate. Tosh crawls to her discarded communicator as Owen wonders what's wrong.

In the cells, the others wonder what is wrong. John tells them to ignore it and uses his remote unit to patch into the systems.

Gray follows the banging sound to the morgue drawers. He removes one coffin and finds Jack inside. Jack says that he forgives him and Gray wonders how he survived.

At the Hub in 1901, the Torchwood agents detected the signal from John's ring. They tracked it to the field where Jack was buried and dug him up. Jack told them to freeze him in the morgue so he wouldn't cross his own timeline and set him to revive in 107 years.

Jack tells Gray to give him the same absolution he's given Gray, but Gray insists that Jack was the favored son who will always live. His only strength is his hatred for Jack and he plans to rip everything from Jack. Jack embraces him, crying, and then chloroforms him unconscious.

John manages to send a recall signal to bring all the Weevils back to the Hub.

Tosh manages to get to the communicator and feed power to the nuclear centre. Owen realizes that she's hurt but she lies and insists it's only her broken arm. She realizes that there's no way to stop the meltdown and says the only option is to vent the flow channels internally into the building he's at. Owen thanks her and Tosh says that's what she's there for.

Jack frees the others and thanks John for his help. He tells them that Gray has been taken care of.

Owen diverts the flow channels but Tosh detects a power surge and tells him to get out before the emergency lockdown kicks in. He gets to the door just too late. Owen screams and begs Tosh and the others to help him. Tosh asks him not to because he's breaking her heart. He stops and apologises, and tells her not to blame herself. Owen asks her to describe what will happen and she reluctantly explains that the chamber will be flooded with irradiated coolant and his body will decompose as he watches. They talk about how she covered for him when he first joined, and he admits he's sorry they never did go on that date. As the coolant floods the chamber and Owen tells Tosh that it's all right.

Jack finds Tosh as she lies dying and calls for help. She explains that Owen died rerouting the blast. It's too late to do anything and she dies in Jack's arms.

Later, Rhys and Gwen watch as the news broadcasters talk about the disaster.

Jack freezes Gray and John suggests it might be better to kill him because nothing will change. He notes that Jack allowed himself to be buried, and Jack says that it was his penance. John tells him that it wasn't his fault but Jack simply kisses his brother once last time and stores him away. John tells him he's going to take a look around the plant and offers his condolences, gives Jack a kiss, and leaves.

Ianto closes Owen's file while Jack stores his belongings.

Gwen puts away Tosh's things while Ianto closes his file. He finds a video she left in case of her death and plays it for the others. She thanks Jack for saving her and showing her all the possibilities there for her. She tells them all that she loves them. Once the recording is done, Jack says they carry on but Gwen says that she can't after everything that's happened. He assures her that they all can.