Children of Earth (2) - Recap

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A partially deafened Gwen recovers conscious after being thrown clear of the blast, and looks at the blast crater above the Hub. Floor 13 operatives disguised as firemen arrive and get her away from the destruction and into an ambulance. They prepare to inject her with a lethal drug under orders to make there are no survivors. Gwen fights her way free and knocks them out, takes their guns, and notices a red sighting laser on her. She jumps clear as a sniper fires from a nearby rooftop and then returns fire and gets into the ambulance cab. She drives away.

Nearby, Ianto climbs from the surface wreckage and runs away as the sniper opens fire on him. The sniper gives pursuit but Ianto manages to get away.

Frobisher is at home with his wife and two daughters when he gets a call. He assures his wife that their children are now fine. The call is from Johnson, who informs him that Gwen and Ianto escaped but Jack was eliminated. She assures Frobisher that they got lucky and he warns her that they can't have witnesses. As Frobisher hangs up, there's a knock on the door. He answers it and finds Dekker outside. He has the 456 translations and brings them in. They're instructions for something that they want the English government to build in a short period of time. When Frobisher wonders why the 456 are communicating through the children, Dekker speculates that it's because they want to scare them.

Gwen pulls over as one of the fake firemen wakes up. Gwen demands to know whom he works for and he finally says that he's working for the government. He tries to attack her and she shoots him in the foot. Gwen asks why the government wants to destroy Torchwood but he doesn't know. Gwen hears sirens approaching and leaves the man alive, running off into the night.

As PC Andy and his partner look on, Johnson orders her people to keep everyone back. Andy overhears her telling her people to round up Gwen and protests, saying Gwen's an ex-police officer. Johnson ignores him and orders their homes raided, and then realizes that he knows where Gwen lives.

Gwen arrives home and tells Rhys that they have to leave right away because someone is after her. He quickly dresses and packs.

Johnson takes Andy with her and drives to Gwen's house. He tries to get answers without success and assures them that Gwen won't be any trouble.

Ianto calls Gwen and they exchange notes. They realize that the government planted the explosive in Jack when he was shot at the hospital. Gwen tries to set up a meeting place but is forced to run for the car with Rhys as Johnson and her people pull up. She shoots out their tires and drives away.

Rhys and Gwen drive to a warehouse and abandon the car. Gwen informs him that they're going underground and the car can be traced.

The government soldiers break into Rhiannon's house and search the place, terrorizing her family.

Ianto is walking down the streets, nervously watching for anything that appears to be a government vehicle. He grabs a morning newspaper and sees the lead story about the "We are coming" children.

In the morning, Frobisher checks on his daughters as they eat breakfast. He tells them to keep their phones on in case he needs to call them. His wife Anna demands answer, noting this is the first time his work has come close to home. He assures her that there's nothing to worry about and the incidents are over.

Clement McDonald is walking the streets after fleeing the government and sees the article about the children.

During breakfast, Alice listens to a radio broadcast about the Cardiff explosion.

Lois arrives at work and hears the news broadcast about the Cardiff explosion. She logs onto her computer using Bridget's stolen password. She confirms that Torchwood had a base in Cardiff at the site where the bomb went off.

Frobisher explains to his superior, Brian Green, that they believed that Jack's immortality was tied to the Torchwood Hub, and they took it out to stop him. Green worries that they're building something for the 456 with no idea what it is. He assures Frobisher that the 456 only contacted the British government, and Frobisher notes that people are wondering what the children are referring to when they say they are coming "back," and when they were here before. When Frobisher thanks Green for trusting him with the responsibility, Green warns that he's on the front line, and the front line is the first to fall.

Johnson watches as her men enter the Hub and find Jack's severed arm.

Alice tries to call Jack on his cell phone and gets his voice mail.

Bridget and Lois prepare to leave the office with Frobisher for a meeting. Johnson calls Frobisher and tells him that they've found more of Jack's body. He tells her to take the remains to Ashton Down and keep them under surveillance. Lois overhears him talking and asks if it's the Jack Harkness who called her yesterday. Frobisher is surprised to hear that Jack told her that he could help with the children over the phone. He tells her that Jack was killed in the bomb blast. As he leaves, Bridget tells Lois not to listen in on phone calls.

Ianto gets to a rooftop overlooking the Hub crater and writes down the license number of the truck taking Jack's remains away.

Government operatives watch the Davies home and Johnny notices them. He stalks inside with the newspaper and discovers an envelope inside. His son Davie tells him it's from Ianto and they're probably bugged. Johnny complains loudly while Rhiannon reads the card inside, which says to bring his laptop to where their dad broke Ianto's leg. Johnny tries to reassure her, explaining that they're the only family Ianto has.

At Ashton Down, Johnson oversees the storage of Jack's remains.

Alice keeps trying to call Jack without success.

Gwen and Rhys try to withdraw cash from an ATM machine and the government gets a trace. They freeze Rhys' accounts and Gwen says that they need to get to London to contact the people she knows. She realizes that the government is closing in on the ATM machine and they leave.

At Ashton Downs, Johnson checks the monitors and watches on the CCTV as the bag's contents start to twitch. She goes to the storage room and opens the body bag to discover that Jack's body is regenerating. She orders her man to cuff the body to the wall and then calls Frobisher to let him know they've confirmed the body is Jack's. Frobisher tells her to eliminate Gwen and Ianto by that night. He hangs up and meets with Dekker at the MI5 building where they're making the object to the 456's specifications. Frobisher, Dekker, and Bridget go inside while Lois is ordered outside and observes what's going on.

Rhys sets up passage for them to London in a small hauling company's truck. They hide in the back and the driver doesn't notice them. However, he seals up the straps and Rhys warns they'll need a penknife to cut their way out.

Johnny takes the neighbor children over to the government surveillance agents and accuses them of being perverts. While they distract the agents, Rhiannon slips out with Ianto's laptop and drives away.

Johnson and her men watch on the CCTV as Jack regenerates and screams in pain.

As Gwen and Rhys travel to London, she admits that she's feeling sick even though she's never been travel sick before. Gwen smiles and tells Rhys that she's pregnant. He's worried that there are now three of them in danger.

Rhiannon waits at a park and Ianto meets with her. She says that their father didn't break Ianto's leg on purpose but Ianto points out he always pushed too hard. He tells her what happened and admits he has no way to contact Gwen. He figures that Jack is okay and Rhiannon wonders if Jack is the man that her friend saw Ianto with. Suddenly all of the children go into a trance.

In the truck, Rhys discusses children names as the truck comes to a halt because of the children freezing. The children all say, "We are coming tomorrow." Frobisher is back at his office and gets word of the incident.

In a pub, Clement enters the same state and chants the same words.

The children finally come out of their trance and go back to normal. Clement talks to the bartender and confirms that he said something. He smells something and runs out into the streets, yelling that "they" are coming.

Ianto tries to talk to one of the children and her mother takes her away. Rhiannon confirms that her children were also affected. Ianto takes his laptop and her car keys and says he can track the license plate, and thanks her for her help. Rhiannon tells him to be careful.

Bridget and Lois deal with the flux of call and Frobisher tells Bridget to get his daughters on the phone. Lois tells Frobisher that the Home Secretary is on the phone and Anna wants him to call home. Gwen calls from London and gets Lois to ask for a meeting with Frobisher. Lois brings up her file and tells Gwen that Frobisher is busy. Gwen asks for Bridget and is informed that she's busy, and insists that the government needs Torchwood to help. Lois admits that she believes her and says that she can set up a meeting. Frobisher leaves for Thames House to meet with the Prime Minister and Lois doesn't say anything to him about the call.

Lois meets with Gwen and Rhys at a cafe and admits that she admires Torchwood's work. When Gwen asks where Frobisher is, Lois explains that her boss gave the order to have Jack killed and killed two other men along with Jack, men that were on Frobisher's list. She wonders who she's working for if Torchwood are the good guys. Rhys suggests that they order lunch to avoid raising suspicions and asks Lois for a loan to pay for it. As Rhys goes to order, Lois explains that everyone believes that aliens are involved and the object being built at MI5 is involved, and wonders why Frobisher wants Torchwood out of the way. She tells Gwen that Jack may be dead.

Jack finishes regenerating and demands answers. A hatch opens in the ceiling and Johnson pumps concrete into the cell. Outside, Ianto watches and hears Jack screaming.

Lois gives Gwen a floorplan of Ashton Downs and the release order for Rupesh's body. She has the name of the funeral director who will pick up Rupesh and suggests that they intercept him. Finally, she gives them the name of her contact, Corporal Camara, inside of Ashton. Gwen tells Lois to look her up once everything is over.

Gwen and Rhys intercept the funeral director and dump him on the side of the road.

In London, Frobisher and Bridget meet the Prime Minister at the MI5 building and Frobisher notes they haven't received any further signals from the 456. There are no signs of their approach on the radio telescopes. The Prime Minister notices a glass containment chamber and Frobisher explains that it's for the 456.

Disguised as funeral directors, Gwen and Rhys drive into Ashton Downs and ask for Camara. The soldier on duty looks in the back and lets them pass. As they drive in, Gwen says Rhys shouldn't be there but Rhys reminds her that she'll need his help to carry Jack out. The soldier at the next checkpoint directs them to a back exit and Camara meets them. He tells Gwen there are three bodies in at the moment and wonders why Gwen looks familiar. He tries to flirt with her and Rhys takes offense until Gwen warns him to be quiet. Gwen takes out the security camera with her gizmo and knocks Camara out. They go to Jack's cell and knock out the cameras as they go. The security monitors quickly realize something is wrong and sound the alert. They get the door to Jack's cell open and discover it's filled with concrete. Johnson arrives with her men and calls upon them to surrender. Gwen has no choice and puts her guns down on the floor.

The wall suddenly bursts as Ianto arrives with a crane and pulls the block of concrete containing Jack out the wall. Gwen and Rhys leap on and they drive away as the roof collapses behind them. Rhys moves a concrete mixer to block the road behind them and Gwen shoots the gas tank, cutting off pursuit. Johnson calls to tell Frobisher that they have a problem.

Ianto drives the crane to the edge of a quarry and drops the concrete block it to the bottom. It shatters open, freeing Jack. The others pick him up and admit that they don't know what's happening, but they know it will happen tomorrow.

At the MI5 building, Frobisher and Bridget arrive and Dekker releases a special poisonous atmosphere into the containment chamber, tailored to the 456's specifications. Bridget wonders if anyone else knows about it and Frobisher admits that other nations may be doing the same thing and also keeping their plans secret. Dekker notes that the 456 want Britain in particular and asks Frobisher why, but Frobisher ignores the question and leaves.