Children of Earth (3) - Recap

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Jack, Ianto, Gwen, and Rhys arrive at an abandoned warehouse and Ianto tells them that it's Torchwood's new base.

Newscasters inform their audience that the "tomorrow" that the children have spoken of has arrived.

As Rhys starts a fire, Ianto explains that the warehouse used to be a Torchwood holding facility. Gwen wonders what they can do but Jack says that they've survived first. He notes that Gwen shouldn't be fighting in her condition and Rhys isn't happy that Jack learned it before he did and storms off.

The government announces that schools have closed and a temporary curfew is in effect. At home, everyone across the nation watches as the government asks them to remain calm.

Ianto calls to tell one of Rhiannon's neighbors to pass on the message that Ianto is alive and well. Johnny brings over more kids for Rhiannon to take care of so they can make money.

Alice still tries to call Jack but only gets his voice mail.

The Torchwood team assesses all the equipment that they have. Ianto says that they can still access the Hub software but will need power and additional computer equipment. When Rhys mentions criminals, Gwen says that they should start acting like criminals. She figures that as a former police officer, she can show her teammates some new tricks.

Working together, the team steals credit cards, laptops, and cars.

Alice goes outside to borrow a phone from a passing pedestrian and calls the Cardiff Bay Police Station. She asks after Jack and they ask for her name and address while tracking her call. Alice gives the call back, unaware that she's been spotted on the CCTV. Johnson monitors the call and her men determine that her parents had fake IDs.

The Torchwood team brings up the power and gets new clothing.

On the streets, Clement steals a woman's wallet and goes to a bar. He warns the barmaid that he can smell the aliens returning, just like the last time. She calls in the police and they arrest Clement.

Torchwood checks into the news systems and runs data searches on Clement and the other three persons who were targeted for assassination at the same time as Jack. Gwen takes out a special pair of contact lenses and then calls Lois at a cafe. Gwen is outside on the phone and asks for five minutes. They meet and Lois says that she always met once and that's enough. Gwen asks her help to get to the 13th floor of Thames House and demonstrates a pair of contact lenses that act as a camera. Torchwood needs Lois to wear them inside and they'll use lip-reading software to translate anyone she sees talking. Gwen assures her the contact lenses won't show up on a bug detector. She tells Lois to figure out a way to get inside but Lois refuses. Gwen asks her one last time and then gives her the contact lenses as Lois walks away.

Jack runs a background check on Frobisher to determine where he has the authority to order executions. Ianto asks how it felt for Jack to be blown up and Jack admits that he felt everything. He wonders if Jack has ever considered if his luck will ever run out, but Jack tells him that the Doctor said he would last forever. When Ianto realizes that Jack will see him age and die, he says they're better make the most of it, and suggests right now. Jack tries to send Rhys on an errand but he has to finish cooking. Ianto then brings up the arrest report on Clement. Gwen calls to warn them that Lois may not take on the mission. Ianto directs her to the police station to get Clement out of jail. He then explains to Jack how Clement was one of the children taken away in 1965. Jack brings up the photos of the three assassinated individuals as they looked 40 years ago and realizes that he recognizes them. He runs off without explaining.

Johnson's people determine that Alice is Jack's daughter and put into cover in 1977 on the orders of her mother. Frobisher tells her to bring Alice in for questioning. He then tells Bridget to prepare everything for transfer to Thames House. Lois suggests to Bridget that she could go with them and hints that Frobisher wants her there for private reasons. When Frobisher storms off before Bridget can ask, she reluctantly agrees to let Lois come with them.

Gwen calls PC Andy and asks him to release Clement. He agrees to help and Gwen goes in to post bail and get Clement. He recognizes her and she hugs him.

Alice looks outside and notices men watching her house. She goes back inside and gets Steven ready to leave with her. As they run to the back and into the adjoining houses, the soldiers break in. Alice knocks one of them out and takes his gun and they run down an alleyway. Johnson and her men corner them and Johnson dares her to shoot, wondering how immortal Alice and Steven are. She points out that if she wanted Alice dead, she would have opened fire. Alice surrenders, warning her that she'll kill Johnson if she harms Steven. They turn to Steven, only to discover that he's gone into a trance and is pointing up to the sky.

Rhiannon discovers all the children in her home pointing to the sky.

In the street, Clement points to the sky.

Ianto gets reports confirming that all the children across the world are pointing to the sky above the centre of London.

Ianto and Rhys realize the children are pointing toward Thames House. They run to the roof and watch as a hole opens in the clouds above Thames House and a pillar of energy shoots down.

Frobisher takes the elevator to the 13th floor, telling Bridget and Lois that they're not authorized. He jams the elevator and runs to the containment room, 413, to join Dekker and watch as the energy filled the atmospheric chamber. The energy column fades away and across the world, the children say "We are here," before reverting to normal. Clement warns Gwen that the aliens are back.

From within the atmospheric chamber, alien voices briefly screech and then command Frobisher to speak. He introduces himself and liquid spurts against the walls. Frobisher asks what they are called and the aliens accept "456" as their name. Frobisher asks what they want but the 456 give no response at first. They finally say that they would speak with the world. Frobisher asks why but the 456 refuse to clarify. He insists that their communications as ambassadors remain private. The 456 agree and then tell Frobisher to bring the British representatives. He approaches the containment chamber and says he has one condition. Frobisher tells them to keep their previous meeting off the record. The 456 agree and then say "Return soon." Once outside, Frobisher collapses in relief.

Colonel Oduya of UNIT and General Pierce of the American government meet with Brian Green. Pierce registers the President's protests that the British government dealt with the 456 on their own. Green invites any government leader to visit the 456 but Pierce points out it would take weeks to properly screen the area for security purposes. Green volunteers to withdraw and let the British Civil Service act as a middleman. Oduya suggests that UNIT step in but Green warns that the 456 specifically chose Britain. He insists that Frobisher is a good man... and expendable. Pierce agrees once Green assures him that he won't enter the containment room.

Green gives Frobisher his new orders. Meanwhile, Anna Frobisher is talking with a neighbor. Once she puts her phone down and goes to check on her daughters, Jack slips in and steals her cell phone.

Gwen and Clement are caught in traffic. As Gwen checks in with Ianto, Clement has more flashes of memories from 1965. He tells Gwen that he's remembering more, and a man has come back for him after over 40 years. Gwen drives up onto the sidewalk to get through the traffic jam.

As Frobisher prepares his diplomatic support staff, Bridget warns Lois that she may be in over her head. Frobisher gets an incoming call from his wife's cell phone and discovers that it's Jack. Jack wants to know if the 456 have come back and Frobisher confirms the aliens have returned. He insists that he had no choice but to order the execution of Jack and the others. Jack demands to meet with the 456 or he'll reveal everything to the world, and warns that the 456 returning means that they can't be trusted. Frobisher warns Jack they have his daughter and grandson. When Jack threatens to go after Frobisher's wife, Frobisher points out that Jack won't because Jack is a better man than him.

Gwen takes Clement back to the new Hub and introduces him to Ianto and Rhys.

Frobisher and his staff prepare to meet with the 456. Lois steps away for a moment to go to the restroom and puts in Gwen's contact lenses. Gwen and the others pick up the signal as Lois goes to join Frobisher and the others. As they take the elevator to the 13th floor, Lois stands behind Bridget and Frobisher. Bridget suggests that the Prime Minister is using Frobisher to maintain his position. They enter 413 and Gwen has Clement watch on the screen. He warns that he can't smell the aliens and confirm they're the ones who took them.

Frobisher approaches the containment chamber and calls the first diplomatic congress to order. He offers formal greetings from the nations of the Earth and Gwen tells Lois to get to an angle where she can see Frobisher's mouth. The 456 acknowledge Frobisher's introductory statement but Torchwood can't see the alien's speak. Lois writes out the aliens' words on a pad so Gwen and the others can read it. The 456 screech and slam themselves against the containment glass. When Frobisher asks if there is a problem, the 456 tell him to continue. Frobisher then asks the 456 to discontinue using the children as a means of communication. The 456 agree.

Pierce directs Frobisher to ask why the 456 came to Britain. Frobisher offers a document summarising the world's culture and history in whatever format they wish. His aide brings him Pierce's request and the 456 say that they came here, but they have no significance. It refers to them as middlemen. Gwen realizes that the 456 are lying and they realize that Frobisher has convinced the 456 to lie. The 456 next ask for a gift and say they want 10% of the world's children. As Frobisher asks the 456 to repeat its request, Clement realizes that the 456 want the same thing they want in 1965. He starts to panic and says that the man is coming back. He points to the door... and Jack enters.

The 456 reiterates its requests and informs them that it wants 10% of the children.

Clement insists that Jack hasn't changed in all these years. Jack addresses Clement by name but admits that it was easier if he didn't know the names. When Gwen tries to reassure Clement and says that Jack fights the aliens, Jack admits that he gave the 456 twelve children as a gift.