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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 1x01 04/Jun/2009 Afro Ninja 8
2 1x02 11/Jun/2009 Miss South Carolina 8.5
3 1x03 18/Jun/2009 News Puke Kid 7.5
4 1x04 25/Jun/2009 Scarlet Takes a Tumble 9.3
5 1x05 09/Jul/2009 Leave Britney Alone! 9
6 1x06 16/Jul/2009 Billoon45 10
7 1x07 23/Jul/2009 Worst Best Man Speech N/A
8 1x08 30/Jul/2009 Reh Dogg N/A
9 1x09 06/Aug/2009 Drunk Dunk N/A
10 1x10 13/Aug/2009 Skateboard Girl N/A
11 1x11 08/Oct/2009 Tron Guy 6
12 1x12 15/Oct/2009 Backyad Wrestler 7
13 1x13 22/Oct/2009 Crying Giants Fan 8
14 1x14 29/Oct/2009 Nintendo 64 Kid 9
15 1x15 05/Nov/2009 Trampled Cheerleader N/A
16 1x16 12/Nov/2009 Ladder Fail Guy N/A

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
17 2x01 13/Jan/2010 David After Dentist 7
18 2x02 20/Jan/2010 Crystal Light Dancers (Reunion) 8
19 2x03 27/Jan/2010 Risky Business Girls 8
20 2x04 03/Feb/2010 Football Player Tackles His Teammate 8
21 2x05 10/Feb/2010 The Average Homeboy 8
22 2x06 17/Feb/2010 Prom Girl 8
23 2x07 24/Feb/2010 Hoodrat Kid 9
24 2x08 03/Mar/2010 Make it Snow Girl 8
25 2x09 10/Mar/2010 Phillies Fan's Daughter 7
26 2x10 02/Jun/2010 Lightning Bolt LARPer 8
27 2x11 09/Jun/2010 Look at That Horse Guy 7
28 2x12 16/Jun/2010 What What in the Butt (Remix) 8
29 2x13 23/Jun/2010 Stuck in an Elevator 7
30 2x14 30/Jun/2010 Cartwheeling Goalie 8
31 2x15 07/Jul/2010 Looking for a Girlfriend 9
32 2x16 14/Jul/2010 WoW Freakout Kid (Investigation) 8
33 2x17 28/Jul/2010 Worlds Worst Comedian 8
34 2x18 04/Aug/2010 Awful Weatherman 6
35 2x19 11/Aug/2010 Peter Pan Fail Girls 6.5
36 2x20 18/Aug/2010 Angry Black Preacher 8
37 2x21 25/Aug/2010 American Idol Girls 7.5
38 2x22 08/Sep/2010 Double Rainbow Guy 9.5
39 2x23 15/Sep/2010 I Like Turtles 7.5
40 2x24 22/Sep/2010 Reporter Who Can't Break Glass 9
41 2x25 29/Sep/2010 Season 2 Web Reflections 7.5

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
42 3x01 11/Jan/2011 Bed Intruder 8.7
43 3x02 18/Jan/2011 Brian Atene 7.5
44 3x03 25/Jan/2011 Ice Cream Truck Guy 7
45 3x04 01/Feb/2011 National Anthem Fail Girl 8.5
46 3x05 08/Feb/2011 Evolution of Dance Guy 9
47 3x06 15/Feb/2011 Crying Wrestling Fan 8
48 3x07 22/Feb/2011 Hurdle Fail Girls 8
49 3x08 01/Mar/2011 Foul Ball Couple 7.5
50 3x09 08/Mar/2011 Phil Davison 8
51 3x10 15/Mar/2011 Board Breaker 7
52 3x11 17/May/2011 Tay Zonday 7
53 3x12 24/May/2011 Boom Goes The Dynamite Guy 7
54 3x13 31/May/2011 The Naked Wizard 7
55 3x14 07/Jun/2011 Bug In Mouth News Reporter N/A
56 3x15 14/Jun/2011 Cheerleader Stunt Girl 7
57 3x16 21/Jun/2011 Metal Club 7
58 3x17 28/Jun/2011 Fart Bus Kid 8
59 3x18 05/Jul/2011 Philly Taze Fan 7
60 3x19 12/Jul/2011 Drunk Knock-Out 7
61 3x20 19/Jul/2011 Tosh.0 Marathon 7
62 3x21 26/Jul/2011 Leprechaun In Mobile (Investigation) N/A
63 3x22 20/Sep/2011 Eli Porter 8
64 3x23 27/Sep/2011 Surfer Fail 8
65 3x24 04/Oct/2011 Redneck Stuntman 8
66 3x25 11/Oct/2011 Brad The Actor 8
67 3x26 18/Oct/2011 Shrooms Guy (Intervention) 7
68 3x27 25/Oct/2011 Magician Fail 7
69 3x28 01/Nov/2011 Face Bumper Smash 7
70 3x29 08/Nov/2011 I Just Shot Myself 7
71 3x30 15/Nov/2011 Web Reflection 7

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
72 4x01 31/Jan/2012 How To Get European Men 7
73 4x02 07/Feb/2012 How To Draw Guy 7
74 4x03 14/Feb/2012 Haboob Wedding 7
75 4x04 21/Feb/2012 Mustang Kid 7
76 4x05 28/Feb/2012 Bad Breakdancer 8
77 4x06 06/Mar/2012 Worst Sketch Troupe (Sketchdemption) 7
78 4x07 13/Mar/2012 Parkour Girl 7
79 4x08 20/Mar/2012 MMA Girl Chokes Out Guy (Rematch) 7
80 4x09 27/Mar/2012 Cliff Jumper 9
81 4x10 03/Apr/2012 Results of the Memorabilia Dump 7
82 4x11 29/May/2012 Smell Yo Dick Girl Web Redemption 8
83 4x12 05/Jun/2012 Skateboard Kid 8
84 4x13 12/Jun/2012 Pepper Spray Guy 8
85 4x14 19/Jun/2012 Spelling Bee Kid 8
86 4x15 26/Jun/2012 How To Flirt Guy 7
87 4x16 03/Jul/2012 Bubb Rubb 7
88 4x17 10/Jul/2012 Juggalo Kid 8
89 4x18 17/Jul/2012 Army Mom Prank 7
90 4x19 24/Jul/2012 Rock Climber Pooed Pants 7
91 4x20 31/Jul/2012 Banana Sprite Challenge (Regurgitation) 8
92 4x21 25/Sep/2012 Boy In Black Face 7
93 4x22 02/Oct/2012 Krispy Kreme (Exclusive Interview) 8
94 4x23 09/Oct/2012 Sweet Brown 7
95 4x24 16/Oct/2012 Tisha UnArmed (Cewebrity Profile) 7
96 4x25 23/Oct/2012 Male Cheerleader 7
97 4x26 30/Oct/2012 Bryan Adams Guy 8
98 4x27 13/Nov/2012 Girl Scout Thieves 7
99 4x28 20/Nov/2012 Taxi Dave 7
100 4x29 27/Nov/2012 100th Episode : Virgin Trampoline Jumper 8
101 4x30 04/Dec/2012 Season 4 Web Reflection 8.5

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
102 5x01 05/Feb/2013 Gingers Have Souls 7
103 5x02 12/Feb/2013 X12 (CeWEBrity Profile) 7
104 5x03 19/Feb/2013 The Oscars Spoiler Alerts 7
105 5x04 26/Feb/2013 Courtroom Cock Guy 7
106 5x05 05/Mar/2013 Ventriloquist Fail 7
107 5x06 12/Mar/2013 Fat Bottle Ninja 7
108 5x07 19/Mar/2013 The Illusion 7
109 5x08 26/Mar/2013 Feminine Fragrance 7
110 5x09 02/Apr/2013 Wacky Neighbors to the North 7
111 5x10 09/Apr/2013 BK Chicken Fries 7
112 5x11 16/Apr/2013 Hi Baby Girl 7
113 5x12 23/Apr/2013 Tribute to Trees in Time for Arbor Day and 420 7
114 5x13 30/Apr/2013 Child Covered in Hickeys 7
115 5x14 07/May/2013 Prom; Summer Movies; Tonetta Gets Web Redemption 7
116 5x15 14/May/2013 Daniel Desensitizes African Successor 7
117 5x16 03/Sep/2013 Boldest Wardrobe Choice; Animal Rescue; Dirty Prancing 8
118 5x17 10/Sep/2013 The Sanchize; Daniel Fixes America's Youth 8
119 5x18 17/Sep/2013 Daniel Meets a Princess; Magical Item; Lohanthony 8
120 5x19 24/Sep/2013 Is It Racist?; Raising Daughter; DJ Web Redemption 7
121 5x20 01/Oct/2013 Gravy a Autumn's Official Beverage; Web Redemption for Man Who Trades Life Savings for a Banana 7
122 5x21 08/Oct/2013 Worst School in America; Web Redemption for Man Who Creates Force Fields 8
123 5x22 15/Oct/2013 Competitive Eater; Female Musicians; Facts of Life 7
124 5x23 22/Oct/2013 Daniel revisits some of his past Web redemption guests; Daniel's early commercial work; what young boys do when they're alone 7
125 5x24 29/Oct/2013 Daniel shows that nothing good can happen when you mix alcohol and electricity; the show's sexiest Web redemption ever 7
126 5x25 05/Nov/2013 First Female Presidential Candidate; Yelp Reviews Comedy Central; Pothead Pupil Web Redemption 8
127 5x26 12/Nov/2013 Daniel is excited for ``Movember,'' and gets the urge to purge; a security guard gets a web redemption 7
128 5x27 19/Nov/2013 Just a Friend Complex; Rich Folks on Instagram; AIDS Test 7
129 5x28 26/Nov/2013 Daniel makes Thanksgiving unforgettable; shares in his Tosh Empire; bad impressionist gets Web redemption 7
130 5x29 03/Dec/2013 Daniel invents some games that will give Parker Brothers a run for their money; a Christmas card that is guaranteed to ruin Christmas N/A
131 5x30 10/Dec/2013 Weirdoes of the Year; Fan Christmas Cards 7

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
132 6x01 18/Feb/2014 Sports or Consequences; Father; Sexy Web Redemption N/A
133 6x02 25/Feb/2014 Girl on a Date; Give Away Car; Ice JJ Fish Web Redemption N/A
134 6x03 04/Mar/2014 Game That Censors Hate; Web Redemption for Guy Who Doesn't Take Direction from Women N/A
135 6x04 11/Mar/2014 Daniel speaks to Congress and has lunch with a homeless man; a child forced to enter the workforce gets a Web redemption N/A
136 6x05 18/Mar/2014 Offensive Attorney Plays Pin the Tail on the Donkey; Web Redemption for Dog Trapped in Man's Body N/A
137 6x06 25/Mar/2014 Daniel makes the audience drink something he made from a toilet; overpriced headphones; a teacher gets a Web redemption N/A
138 6x07 01/Apr/2014 Daniel rids the world of homophobia with the Prancing Elites; turns your horrific tweets into a book for children; touches one lucky fan emotionally N/A
139 6x08 08/Apr/2014 Never Take Your Girlfriend to the Ballgame; Web Redemption for 49-Year-Old Comedian N/A
140 6x09 15/Apr/2014 Citrus and the Human Eye; Teaching Man to Play Basketball N/A
141 6x10 22/Apr/2014 Daniel teaches us how to up our hashtag game, chats with the happiest and creepiest guy in LA, and a girl who wants the internet to pay for her injuries gets a web redemption N/A
142 6x11 29/Apr/2014 Religious Rapper Reclaims Throne; No Stupid Questions (Just Stupid Girls) N/A
143 6x12 06/May/2014 Throwing Shoes at Women; Leaked Intimate Conversatinos; Web Redemption for Cheapest Man in America N/A
144 6x13 13/May/2014 Daniel reveals who will get his old Subaru and shows us why it's never safe to pass out at his place N/A
145 6x14 20/May/2014 Daniel buries shovel girl forever, asks his fans to dispense some Twisdom to the class of 2014, and a guy who lost the space race gets a web redemption N/A
146 6x15 27/May/2014 Daniel webchats with a goat, and a bowler who got screwed out of a perfect game gets a web redemption N/A
147 6x16 26/Aug/2014 Tosh.0 Goes Back to School N/A
148 6x17 02/Sep/2014 Daniel meets the only man in the world who cares about women's sports N/A
149 6x18 09/Sep/2014 A Vine gangsta gets a "CeWEBrity" profile N/A
150 6x19 16/Sep/2014 Brooklyn’s baddest dog expert gets a Web Redemption N/A
151 6x20 23/Sep/2014 A heartbroken teenager gets a Web Redemption N/A
152 6x21 30/Sep/2014 The world’s worst weightlifters get a Web Redemption N/A
153 6x22 07/Oct/2014 Daniel becomes a big brother N/A
154 6x23 14/Oct/2014 Two barely literate rappers try to rhyme N/A
155 6x24 21/Oct/2014 Daniel checks up on the subjects of past Web Redemptions N/A
156 6x25 28/Oct/2014 TBA N/A

S05 - #110/Aug/2013Tosh.0 Dirty Half DozenN/A
S06 - #211/May/2014And Your MomN/A
S06 - #307/Aug/2014Shart Week #2N/A
S06 - #408/Aug/2014Shart Week #3N/A
S06 - #509/Aug/2014Shart Week - The Big ONE!N/A

    Season 6 »
Classification: Variety
Genre: Comedy | Current Events | Sketch/Improv
Status: Returning Series
Network: Comedy Central ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: June 04, 2009
Episode Order: 30
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