Music of the Spheres - Recap

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The episode begins with Jake’s voiceover, where ha says as to how twelve tones can make infinite variety of music. We see a woman play violin in her musical instruments shop. Next, a guitarist is singing and playing guitar, when a woman passes by and smiles. Next, we see Jake typing the number 55124 on his tablet and he creates melody. Martin then shows him an application that can turn numbers into words. He tells Jake that if he uses numbers to type a word, then it would help martin understand his needs better. But Jake switches back to the numbers into music application. Martin wants to take Jake out and Sheri thinks it is not a good idea. But Martin doesn’t listen to her and takes Jake out. Next, Martin and Jake meet Clea.

Martin tells Clea that he thinks that Sheri is hiding something. He tells Clea that Teller gave Jake the key to all his research and then ten minutes later he is found dead. He thinks that if they can get access to Teller’s research, then they might just find their answers. Just then a woman accidentally bumps into Jake and spills coffee on him. It is the violinist. She tells them that she is sorry and leaves. Clea tells Martin to take Jake home and have him changed. They can meet at Teller’s office. He hands over the key to Clea. We then see the violinist enter her store; Trilogy Music. She hears a noise. A young boy draws her gun at her. He then jumps down from the window and his gun falls down. He runs away without picking it up. Next, the guitarist, Felipe, wants to spend the day with Yarah.

She tells him that she owns a business and so she cannot close down her shop and run away like a crazy musician. He then tells her to run away to New York with him. She tells him to go make some money so that he can buy her a bottle of wine. She is ready to meet him at night. Next, martin and Jake are on their way to meet Clea and as usual Jake wanders away. He finds Jake standing in the alley where the boy dropped the gun when he jumped out of the music store. At home, martin tells Jake to use the application so that he could communicate better. But to his shock, martin sees Jake holding a gun. He takes it away from him and to his relief it is empty. But just then he notices the serial number-55124- it is Jake’s melody. Next, Felipe sees Yarah talking to a man in the café. He asks her if he is a friend. But she tells him that he wants to buy her café.

She tells him that business is bad and she isn’t able to pay her mortgage. He tells her to sell it. She tells him that the café is all that she has left of her family. He tells her that the café is as unique as the guitar his father gifted. He tells her that he would do his best to cheer her up when they meet; but Yarah cancels the date. Next, Clea is at Teller’s office and she meets his roommate. He empties a pouch containing diamonds and examines them. Meanwhile, Jake takes Martin to the alley where he found the gun. They find the same boy in the alley looking for his gun. Martin tells him that he will not give him the gun back until he gives him some answers. The boy notices Jake and asks Martin as to why Jake doesn’t talk. He tells Martin that he has a brother who doesn’t talk as well. Maybe Jake could teach him to talk through numbers. The boy takes them to his house and Jake instantly connects with his brother.

Martin calls Clea and tells them about the guys; Elliot, the guy who lost his gun and Andre, his elder brother and he asks her to call family services. After disconnecting the call, she talks to Abraham, Teller’s roommate. She asks him about the numbers scribbled on Teller’s board; the Amelia sequence. Meanwhile, Elliot tells Martin about his parents. He also tells him that Andre got shot about a year back; brain damage. Just the Andre types “hungry” on the tablet and Elliot is happy that his brother is able to communicate. At Teller’s office, Abraham shows Clea, Amelia’s photograph. Clea is surprised to see the girl as it is the same girl from room number 6. Abraham tells her that the guys Teller was working for pressurized him for results. So he pushed Amelia harder and she ended having brain damage. Teller lost his job and went into depression.

Meanwhile, at Elliot’s apartment, Martin tells Elliot that Jake doesn’t use the application to talk. Elliot tells him that maybe Jake doesn’t want to talk and that Martin needs to be alright with that. Just then Elliot gets a call and asks them to leave. Jake gifts Andre his tablet and they leave. They hide and later follow Elliot. They see a man telling Elliot that he has to be there today and that he can’t screw up this time. Elliot doesn’t answer Martin’s questions and leaves. Next, Jake and Martin reach Teller’s office. Clea tells him that she has managed to Elliot’s aunt’s contact number. Martin leaves a voice message. Just then Abraham arrives and he sees Jake making changes to the Amelia sequence written on the board.

He adds a 6 between 975 and 1188. Abraham exclaims that Jake is one of the 36. Abraham tells Martin that God will allow human kind to live if there are 36 righteous people and Jake is one of them. Unless it is not and it might be hooey; some words simply written in a book. Clea gets more information on Elliot. She gives Martin the name and number of his probation officer. The name is John Tenney and his address is 42155; the reverse of 55124, the number Jake types on his keypad to create melody. Next, Felipe writes a song for Yarah and sings it to her, saying that it will soothe her soul. But she tells him that it is only money that can soothe her soul; else she will lose the café. Meanwhile, martin goes to meet Officer Tenney. But martin is surprised to see Tenney as he is the same guy who threatened Elliot earlier. On his way out, Martin sees the janitor from the alley.

The janitor tells him that he knows nothing about Elliot and he is here to meet his probation officer. Martin tells the janitor that he feels that Tenney is making Elliot do illegal things and that the child deserves a better life. The janitor tells martin that the lady from the music store keeps her cash in a red pouch and once a month she keeps the pouch in her purse and takes it to the bank. He admits that he is the one who tipped Tenney about this. And today is that day when the woman goes to the bank. Martin thanks the janitor. Next, Felipe goes to his friend Alberto telling him that he wants to sell his guitar. He feels bad; but then he tells Felipe about the lady who runs a shop and deals in fine rare instruments-Trilogy Music. Felipe tells him that at least his guitar would get to see New York. Meanwhile, Dee Dee, the shop owner, leaves for the bank. Elliot snatches her purse and runs.

Martin sees this and follows Elliot into the alley. Elliot is in tears. The cops arrive. Next, at Teller’s office, Abraham drops his diamonds on the floor and one diamond is missing. Jake finds it and places in on Abraham’s palm. Clea is shocked. She tells Abraham that Jake never touches anyone. Meanwhile, Felipe gives Yarah the money he got from the sale of his guitar and it means three more months of business. Yarah finds this crazy and tells him to get his guitar back. He tells her that he loves her and wants to do this for her. He says that he will also learn how to run a café. Just then she receives a voice mail. It is Martin- informing her about Elliot and Andre and it is a call from New York- Felipe’s dream. She is ecstatic and tells Felipe that he is going to need a passport. Next, Elliot walks into Tenney’s office and hands over the pouch to him.

Tenney gives Elliot some money for his brother. He also hands over the gun to him. Elliot leaves the office and other officers enter Tenney’s office and arrest him. Martin assures Elliot that they can’t hurt him anymore. Next, we hear Jake’s voiceover saying that the Earth emits a musical note at the frequency of 7.38 hertz but it is altered for some unknown reason. He thinks maybe the sound of the planet is influenced by seven billion souls whirring around it. As he speaks we see that Felipe gets his guitar back from Dee Dee and Elliot, Andre, Yarah and Felipe are having dinner. Next, Sheri questions martin about Jake’s tablet. Martin tells her that he gave it away. She doesn’t approve of the idea as it can help Jake to talk. But Martin tells her that maybe Jake doesn’t want to talk and as a father it is his job to be alright with that. The episode ends at this point.