Tessellations - Recap

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The episode begins with Jake talking about symmetry and how it’s all around us. Martin is then seen chasing after Jake through a crowded marketplace. The two then stop at the pier and look at the Brooklyn Bridge. Jake in the meanwhile is interested in looking at some container labelled Mobius instead. Meanwhile, Abigail comes in and introduces herself to Jake. Martin is the one who has called Abigail there and tells her to put the past behind. Abigail tells Martin that she will always be there for Jake. He asks Abigail to help him prevent Jake from being taken away. He requests Abigail to pull some strings, so Jake is not taken away.

Later, Martin tells Clea that he has asked for Abigail’s help to keep Jake from being taken away. Meanwhile, Jake writes a number 2545 on the blackboard that Martin recognizes as the number Jake was getting him to focus on at the pier. Just then Martin sees an invoice, which shows it has paid Teller $10,000. Martin is told, Teller was paid the money for the services rendered. Mobius Shipping it turns out was funding Teller’s research. Martin is told that his son has divine potential and he should thus concentrate on what Jake is trying to tell him. Martin then realizes that Jake wants him to go to the offices of Mobius Shipping. He takes Jake along with him. Later, Martin sneaks into the container yard of Mobius shipping. But finds its offices closed. Just as he is about to leave he sees the number 2545 written on a truck in the yard.

He opens the door of the truck and finds a cell phone in the driver’s seat. Just then a few guys come in and addresses Martin as Mike, and he plays along. He is then handed over a walkie by the guys and told about when the shift changes. He is then told that they have fifteen minutes “to pop the can and load up the truck.” Martin then gets into the driver’s seat and sees the guys draw out revolvers. The guys then talk about the valuable cargo that comes into the yard through the day. The guys are basically planning on a heist, as they plan to steal some of that valuable cargo. They ask Martin if the plan is good with him, addressing him as “boss”. One of the guys tells Martin that they are looking for a ship with an IMO number ending with 2545.

Meanwhile, a boy in a convenience store kisses an Arab girl who works there. The girl tells the guy that she likes him, but she is skeptical about their future. She then talks about the animosity her people have against his people and vice versa. Just then a Hassid walks into the shop and wished to talk to the guy, whose name is Tomer. The Hassid reprimands Tomer for romancing a girl whose people are the sworn enemies of his people.
Later, Avram calls Tomer and asks if Moshe (the Hassid) sold him the ring. It seems that Avram and Tomer are cousins. Tomer explains that it didn't work out. Avram says he'll talk to Moshe about the ring. Meanwhile, Jake is arranging dodecahedra (12-sided blocks with numbers written on them). He is told to do it again, after he had arranged them once. Meanwhile, Martin is driving the three guys to the heist. Meanwhile the girl Tomer likes, informs him that her brother got swept up last night. She tells Tomer that her brother is innocent.

She then tells him that a man came to the store and told her that, her brother has a message only for her. She asks Tomer to get her the message from her brother in prison. He tells her it’s much too dangerous. She is livid at his reaction. Meanwhile, the guys tell Martin to go and talk to Nelson, the supervisor, as there seems to be extra inspections in the docks, and Nelson it turns out has the information where 2545 is heading. They send Martin to go and ask Nelson where 2545 is heading. Martin then goes in and asks Nelson about 2545. Nelson in reply tells him that the customs is planning to go over 2545 with a fine toothed comb. He then informs Martin that the ship is on its way to Pier C. Later, Martin tells Clea on the phone, that this time Jake’s numbers have led him to something illegal.

Clea tells Martin to come back and not do it then. Martin replies that “if following these numbers from Jake stops him from feeling pain, then I got to do it”. Meanwhile, the guys come to know that Martin is a fake and beat him up. Just then a woman comes in and asks the guys what they are doing. She then asks Martin if they have met before, as he looks familiar. She it turns out is the wife of one of the guys, and is there to give him his lunchbox. She then takes $40 from her husband Joey for some medicines, and leaves. Martin then tells Joey that it might sound crazy but he is supposed to help him and his wife. Meanwhile, Tomer meets with his girlfriend’s brother in jail. Tomer asks him about the message he has for his sister.

He tells Tomer that he was planning to escape from Israel with his family, just before he was arrested. He then gives the message to Tomer that 9808 has changed and it is now 2545. He tells Tomer that he doesn’t need to understand, but instead just remember the numbers. Before being taken in again he also tells Tomer that his sister must go tonight. Later Tomer tells Avram about the numbers over the phone. Avram then unravels the kabbalistic meanings of the numbers to Tomer, and tells Tomer that it’s good news. Later Avram helps Clea unravel the numbers and shapes that Jake has revealed in his test. Avram tells her that the numbers and shapes that Jake has revealed are a method developed by Teller to find the 36 righteous ones. Clea tells Avram that probably her supervisor is taking orders from someone, and is probably trying to find out if Jake is one of the 36.

Meanwhile, Joey tells Martin about how his wife has MS and how he couldn’t tell her he has lost his job. Nelson is the one who fired Joey, as his wife’s insurance got too expensive. Martin in the meanwhile tells Joey to take a leap of faith, and trust him. Later, the guys find out that Nelson has given them the right pier, but now they need to get past the security. Meanwhile, Clea does a bit of snooping round in her supervisor’s office, just then she is shown walking towards it. Then just as the supervisor enters her office, Clea pretends to be inside looking for a particular form. She seems convinced, till she sees something amiss on her desk. Meanwhile, Martin and the guys manage to distract the customs. Meanwhile, Joey’s wife develops a photograph in which she sees Jake and Martin. Meanwhile, the cops give Martin’s truck a chase, or so they feel, but they then see the cops drive by ahead of them.

They then pull over and observe what the cops are doing, from a distance. The cops open a container numbered 9808 and find only vegetables in it. Late the guys meet up and discuss what they should do. Just then they see Joey and his gun missing, and decide to split up and search for him. Meanwhile, Jake and the other kids are being made to play a game by the supervisor. Jake meanwhile freezes in one place. Meanwhile, Clea comes and tells Jake “that test you are taking, someone else is watching”. Jake then manages to create a situation by which, Clea is able to scan her supervisor’s laptop without her supervisor being any the wiser. She then seems to have found what she wanted. Meanwhile, Martin finds Joey. He reasons with Joey and tells him not to do anything foolish with the gun. Joey isn’t in the mood for reason, and Martin has no other option but to wrestle him to the ground. Meanwhile, Tomer tells his girlfriend about the message from her brother and that it has to be delivered to someone named Michael, who has to basically be wished happy birthday and told about the number.

She tells him that she has an uncle named Michael in the US. Meanwhile, Martin manages to wrestle the gun out of Joey’s hand and throws it into the water. Just then Martin gets a call on Mike’s phone and is told by Tomer over the phone that, 9808 has changed and now it is 2545. Martin then tells the guys on the walkie that they have been looking at the wrong container and should look for 2545. They then open the container, and inside find Palestinian men, women and children who look weary and soiled, and who beg for their help. Later Clea questions Abigail about Teller. She then questions Abigail about her supervisor giving Jake the particular test formulated by Teller. Meanwhile, the authorities and media are called in at the container yard. Joey in the meanwhile, comes clean with his wife.

Meanwhile, Martin tells Nelson he better come clean about the trafficking charges, and helps him with the number of a lawyer who can save him. He in return tells Nelson to give Joey his job back. Later things are shown falling into place, with Tomer proposing to his girlfriend and Joey getting his job back. Later, Clea comes and tells Martin that Astacore is continuing Teller’s research, and they are after Jake. The episode ends at this point.