Gyre (Part 1 of 2) - Recap

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The episode begins with the voiceover of Jake talking about the Gyre in the Pacific Ocean, a vortex of currents which doesn’t allow anything to escape. But now there is evidence that it’s possible to get away from the Gyre, and find a way to the shore. Martin meanwhile asks Abigail to explain herself. He asks her why Aster Corp is running tests on his son. Abigail tells him that Aster Corp has been interested in Jake since he was born. Martin was out on an assignment and his wife Sarah had gone to Abigail as someone had approached her after the tests she had gotten done at the hospital. Jake had been flagged as special Abigail tells Martin. She also tells him that Mobius is a front for Aster Corp. Abigail tells Martin that she doesn’t exactly know what Aster Corp wants from Jake, as they are into everything from climate change to increase in the global population.

She tells Martin that he shouldn’t trust anyone, and especially not the review board. She tells Martin that the review board is rigged and that he is going to lose. Martin on the other hand feels Abigail is saying all this as she wants Jake’s custody. Jake meanwhile goes to the balcony and drops a glass dodecahedron on the windshield of a cop car below, the numbers 2217 are seen on the car. The cop comes out and sees them. At the precinct just as Martin is about to leave with Jake, after completing the formalities, Jake heads towards another door instead, where he has seen something. Martin accompanies him in there. Inside, Jake reaches the record archives. He then pours out a bottle of juice right in front of the door of the archives. He then hides in a corner and Martin follows suit. Just then a man wheeling in a bunch of files slips on the juice and some of the records fall to the ground, the man then leaves to get a mop.

Jake meanwhile is busy writing 2217 repeatedly in his notebook. Martin then finds lying on the floor a file, with the number 2217 printed on it. Inside is the picture of Amelia, and all her details. Meanwhile, a woman walking on a beach finds a toy cat; a man comes and snatches it away from her telling her it’s his beach. He tells her to go to another stretch of the beach, and also informs her that the cat is a good luck charm. She then enters his tent and is surprised to see all the stuff he has gathered from the beach. She then figures out that all stuff in there is from Japan, and is actually from the Tsunami that hit Japan. She then finds out that the man is putting all the stuff he has collected on ebay, and is outraged that he is selling somebody else’s stuff, people who might have met with tragic ends. The man replies to nothing except telling her to get out. She then goes out and sits in the beach right in front of the tent.

He tries stopping her, but she reminds him that the beach is public property. She also tells him that till she is there, he isn’t getting one more thing that comes out of the ocean. Meanwhile in Japan, a boy is dribbling a soccer ball off his legs in his living room, with his brother keeping count. The father of the boy is informed that he is going for the world record, so he can get tons of money from sponsorships. The father dismisses the whole, as foolish. He tells his wife he shall be reinstated to work soon, and the family can then move out of the government home. His wife suggests that it’s probably time for him to change his job, as it doesn’t make him happy. He tells her work has nothing to do with happiness. Meanwhile, Martin shows Clea, Amelia’s file. Clea is baffled, as Amelia has supposedly been dead for 3 years. Martin feels its all eyewash, and turns out Amelia’s family too did not buy the fact that’s she is dead and hence filed a petition. Martin tells Clea that Amelia is alive, but he has no idea where she is.

Jake wants him to find Amelia and that’s what he plans to do. Martin then asks Clea if what Abigail said is true and whether the review board has already been bought over. She reassures him that no judge would take a final decision without taking into consideration her opinion, as she is Jake’s caretaker. Martin then meets with the medical examiner for Amelia’s case, pretending to be a reporter. He then shows Jake Amelia’s file, informing him that her body was in a bad shape, and the match was hence made using dental records. He shows him that there was a 99% match. The examiner then goes through the file and is surprised at the fact that, the photos of the autopsy and the body are missing. Later Martin calls Amelia’s father. Martin tells him that he wants wrong in having his daughter’s death re-investigated. He in turn feels Martin has been put up to this by his ex-wife. He tells Martin that his daughter is dead, and hangs up.

Meanwhile the boy in Japan is still dribbling the ball, and it has already been six hours, the media too is there to give the boy coverage. A reporter interviews the boy’s father Mr. Osugi. He is asked about the tsunami, and is unable to reply. His wife tells the reporter how harrowing the experience has been. He tells the reporter that he is a descendent of the Samurais. He then leaves just as his company VP arrives at his doorstep. The woman on the beach meanwhile tells the man that he has no shame and is greedy. The man at last lashes out and tells her “I have nothing but shame”. Clea’s supervisor in the meanwhile tells her that Martin isn’t a good father, as wherever Jake is around him, he does something dangerous or weird. She then accuses Clea of having an inappropriate relationship with Martin, because of which she is in support of Martin. She then tells Clea to make a decision which would be in Jake’s favor. Martin meanwhile is informed that according to the Kabala the 36 should never become self aware, but his son is and also that Jake is using him as an instrument.

It is also dangerous for two of the 36 to connect with each other, the Kabala says. The rabbi tells Martin that he trusts him, and asks him how he can help him. Meanwhile the man at the beach tells the woman that, he was there during the tsunami. He was at a mall, he describes to her how it was like a river rushing through the mall, with the things and people in the mall all flowing out. He somehow held on for 6 hours. He then recounts a woman who was also holding on just like him. He could see in the woman’s eyes that’s she was getting tired. The water kept bashing into them and wouldn’t let up. He then started talking to her to keep her mind off the fatigue, even though he knew she couldn’t understand. But ultimately her fingers got tired, and she was gone. He was later rescued, and was back in his apartment in Seattle as if nothing had happened.

He then tells the woman on the beach that he isn’t selling the stuff; he is instead putting it on ebay hoping someone would claim it, which would mean that at least some of them are alive. She then tells him that she understands completely, and that she will help him. Martin meanwhile looks through videos of Amelia doing puzzles just like Jake. She then suddenly speaks in one of the videos much to Martin’s shock. She then says she hadn’t spoken all these years as it was unnecessary. In the video Amelia also says that she remembers her appendix being taken out. Martin then sees in the medical examiner’s report that the weight of the appendix is given, which means the body couldn’t have been of Amelia’s. He can now prove it. Martin then leaves a message in Clea’s phone telling her what he has found out and also that, she needs to get Jake out of the review hearing.

Just then he is assaulted by someone from behind. The CD and the file are then taken away by the man who attacked Martin. Osugi meanwhile informs his wife that he didn’t get his job back. He then enters the house, and his son on seeing him stops his dribbling, and the ball falls to the ground. The boy with the football then kicks down a Samurai ornament from the wall which falls to the ground and breaks. The woman on the beach meanwhile help the man, but all the while she keeps checking her clock. She tells him that she is meeting someone. Later, inside the tent she sees on television Osugi’s wife showing the broken Samurai ornament, which is used to hold a samurai sword. She then sees the samurai sword lying in the tent and realizes that the ornament was meant for this very sword, as they both have the same emblem. She excitedly calls the man into the tent. The man immediately recognizes Osugi’s wife as the woman who was holding on with him in the tsunami.

Martin meanwhile wakes up and realizes he is on a metro rail track. He then sees the train approaching and somehow manages to save himself. He then catches up with Abigail. He then tells Abigail how somebody tried to have him killed. He tells her to get him to Jake. Meanwhile, Osugi comes to know that someone in the US has found his sword, and gotten in touch with the news station in Japan. Osugi’s wife then tells him how the man with the sword tried to help her during the tsunami. Osugi then in tears bows down to his son, as it all happened because of him. Just then the woman on the beach named Lucy receives a call from Amelia father, he tells her about Martin’s call. Lucy is his ex-wife and he feels she is the one who put her up to this.

He tells her Amelia is dead, but she says the numbers sent her to the beach. She then breaks down, saying “she is not coming”. She then tells the man about Amelia and also that she is sure Amelia was trying to tell her something. She is on the beach based on the reading of one of Amelia’s equations. The man takes Lucy into the tent and shows her on a map that the tsunami changed the flow of the current, and hence on the map he shows her where Amelia would be. Martin in the meanwhile is informed that he doesn’t have custody of his son. Clea then comes out and tells Martin “I did what’s best for Jake”. Jake is then taken away. The episode ends at this point.