Gyre (Part 2 of 2) - Recap

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The episode begins with Martin looking at Jake and his photograph with tears in his eyes. He then frantically begins packing his things. Lucy in the meanwhile checks out the map with the new location of the currents marked in it, and proceeds to the location. A traveler meanwhile asks for someone called Jamar Becco. Jake meanwhile is shown writing the number 4370 in his notebook. Clea meanwhile tells the supervisor that she did what was best for Jake. Jake then wears a hooded shirt, and takes out a phone from under his bed and leaves the room. Abigail meanwhile tells Martin that she has arranged for some good legal help. Martin informs Abigail that they are moving Jake, as he received a call informing him of the same.

Jake is being transferred to a long term care facility. Martin then tells Abigail about Amelia and he doesn’t want the same happening to Jake, he is hence planning to smuggle Jake out, as he can’t rely on the law anymore. He then goes to a pawn shop and tells the man at the counter that he needs to buy a gun. The man reluctantly sells it to him. Martin then leaves the shop without the bullets. The traveler meanwhile sees a video of him trying to convince Becco who was a famous musician, to play ones again. Becco is seen turning him down, saying he doesn’t play anymore. Lucy meanwhile calls Amelia’s father Frank to know if Martin left any number to reach him. She begs him to call her if he has any information. Jake meanwhile takes a photo of the glass dodecahedron on his phone. Clea then gets Jake some popcorn, he pours the popcorn into his backpack. Martin meanwhile is heading to Jake’s room with the gun, just then the supervisor calls him from behind.

A man and child meanwhile have completed painting a church from the inside. The apparently seems to know a lot about building materials. Just then his mother comes to pick him up. She then gifts him a cartographer’s scope, and he runs out to check the latitude they are at. She then tells the man that the child clings on to men who give him attention, especially since his dad left. The woman named Gwen then invites him to dinner. The man accepts the invitation. Meanwhile the supervisor feels Martin is there to say a goodbye to his son, and hence escorts him to Jake’s room. Martin walks up to a hooded Jake in his room, but just as he turns around everyone is shocked to see that the boy in the hooded shirt isn’t Jake. Martin realizes that Clea helped Jake escape. A flustered supervisor asks Martin to leave and instructs her men to search the premises. Clea then tells Martin that she put Jake in a cab and gave the driver his address.

At home Martin finds Jake’s phone and the picture of the dodecahedron in it. He clicks the picture and a number 4370 pops up. Jake meanwhile is seen walking on a crowded pavement. He finds a phone that someone has dropped, and sees African musicians performing on it. The owner of the phone then comes and takes the phone away. He then opens his notebook and stares at his number. Just then a man comes and tells Jake that he too sees numbers, and shows Jake his notebook. He then sees cops standing in front of his building. The man then hands him a pass of some sort and tells Jake he will distract the cops, so Jake can get into the building unnoticed. Jake then manages to evade the cops, thanks to the man.

Meanwhile the traveler runs into Lucy at a gas station and tells her, his car has broken down, and also how he is looking for a Jamaican musician. He then shows her the video of one of the Jamaican singers on his phone. He says the video has gotten 318 hits, and Lucy tells him that 318 was an important to her daughter. She then agrees to give him a lift. Meanwhile the man in the church asks Colin the kid to show him how the scope works; as he hears him mouth numbers which somehow relevant to the man. He then tells Colin that, the numbers he spelled out are the very numbers he won the lottery with. He tells the boy to help him find out where the place with these numbers is. Martin meanwhile finds Jake sitting in the graveyard in front of his mother’s tombstone. Martin tells him he saw the message that Jake had left him. Turns out, 4370 is Jake’s mother’s birth date.

Abigail meanwhile tells Martin that the authorities have put out an amber alert for child abduction. Martin tells her that he plans to leave the state with Jake. The two then get out of there. Clea meanwhile tells her supervisor she knows that, the supervisor is working for Aster Corp. Lucy meanwhile tells the traveler about her life. The rabbi meanwhile shows Martin that everything about Amelia including Teller’s records has been stolen. Martin tells the rabbi that he wants to get out of town unseen. The man from the church meanwhile comes and tells Gwen that he can’t make dinner as he is leaving town for a while. He tells her, he has to pay a debt by delivering a message given by someone. Jake meanwhile sees the same map that Lucy has, at the rabbi’s place.

The rabbi has meanwhile made arrangements for Martin’s safe passage. He then provides Martin with transport and other details to get him situated in a different state. Meanwhile, the traveler is dropped to his destination by Lucy. He then arrives at Thomas Becco’s doorstep and is told by a woman that he won’t be back for 3 months. He then begs to use her bathroom. Meanwhile, Jake at the bus station stands staring at the entrance, although it’s time to board the bus. Martin then sees the number 4370 written against LA on the bus schedule and proceeds to change their ticket from Minnesota to LA. Meanwhile, the traveler chats with the girl at Thomas’s house and tells her how he paid Jamar a visit. He tells her how, Jamar wants sing with his brother. She asks her help to bring them together.

The woman then reveals to him that she is Thomas, and has had a sex change operation, which Jamar could never accept. He then tells Thomas that, Jamar won’t make music without her. The man from the church meanwhile reaches the destination given by Colin, and doesn’t find anything there. A guy from Aster meanwhile catches up with Martin and Jake. Martin then points his gun the guy. They then get into a scuffle and the guy gets the gun and tries shooting Martin, but the gun is empty. Martin then neutralizes the guy by hitting him with a brick. The man from the church arrives at the scene just then and tells them to get in. Martin then reminds the man that they have met before, and that he was leaving Martin a message from Sarah his wife. He then tells Martin, Sarah’s message that she wasn’t scared of dying as she had gotten all that she ever wanted, and how much she loved Jake and Martin.

He then tells Martin to take his car to California as it’s brand new and hasn’t been registered yet. Jamar and Thomas meanwhile perform together, with the help of the internet, thanks to the traveler. The man from the church meanwhile goes back to Colin and Gwen. Jake, Lucy and Martin meanwhile arrive at the same pier in LA. Lucy then tells them about Amelia, in whose search she is there. The episode ends at this point.