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The Road Not Taken - Recap

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The scene opens with Martin and Jake on the road. Martin tells Jake that it has been a while since he has been to McMinnville. In another place, a boy grabs his bow and arrows and climbs out of a window without his parents’ knowledge. Simon, who lost his phone with pictures of his deceased daughter is staring at the big screen at the picture of his daughter and crying. On the road, Martin sees that the tire pressure is low and wonders how that could be possible. In London, Simon tells his wife, Nell that he got a promotion in Paris, France. She doesn’t like the idea, but hides it from her husband that she is not really ready to move on. She looks in their daughter’s room. The boy who took his boy and arrow with him makes a log about how he is on a quest to provide for his family. He is only a teenager, but is determined. Martin and Jake pull up to a gas station and Martin sees that a piece of a pencil is lodged in the pressure release.

A gas attendant named Brayden, comes out and recognizes Martin. He tells him that he has a lot of nerve showing his face around there. He tells him that he needs to get some air and some gas. Jake has other plans as he tosses Martin’s car keys into a movie recycling truck. Martin asks Brayden if he can make him another set. However, Brayden says that his tow-truck guy, Landford, is out. Martin calls him, but there is no answer. Jake goes up to a car and a guy tells him to be careful because it is a classic. Martin recognizes the man as Henry, his old boss at the local paper. Jake gives Henry a piece of paper with number 67 on it. Martin sees that Henry’s brake line was cut on his car. Brayden tells Martin needs to find Henry because this was no accident. They arrive and find Beth, an employee that Martin used to work with. She invites them in and they catch up. She tells Martin that she is married to Travis Cooper, a big wig for Western Pacific Glass Company now instead of the Steel Mill that Martin shut down with his article.

Martin asks Beth about the story that Henry is working on and Martin asks if Henry still keeps his notes in short hand. She says that he does and Martin says that he can. In London, Simon tells Nell that the company will pay for the move. She sits on the bed and says that she is a little under the weather. She says that they should talk about Paris and says that this is good for him. He says that he loves her and she says that she does too. It is clear that she is not ready to move on. In the woods, the boy is chased down by a wild dog and gets turned around. At the local paper, Martin and Beth go through the notes and Beth tells Martin that Henry was heartbroken when Martin left. She says that Henry wanted the same thing that Martin got. Martin sees a notebook that Jake brought over and it is notes about some chemical tests. They get an address and Martin asks Beth to join him. She agrees.

Back in the woods, the boy hears a man calling for help. It is Landford the tow-truck locksmith. He clipped a deer and fell down the hill. He says that his leg might be broken. The boy helps him out and says that the moss on the tree means that they are going the right way. Martin, Beth and Jake get to the home of Nick Fowler, an employee for Western Pacific Glass Company. Martin sees a burn on his arm and Nick tells them to get off their property. They hear a window being shattered. It is Beth’s window. There is a brick with the words, “Stop Asking Questions” written on it. They get to Beth’s house and Jake makes a friend with Beth’s dog. Martin and Beth talk about her family and it is clear that they have history together. Martin says that it was hard to leave for him too and says that he wonders sometimes what it would be like had he never left. It is an awkward moment and Travis gets home. He sees Martin there and tells him that he should leave. Martin agrees and Beth tells that Henry could be in real danger.

Nell meets with her therapist and says that she is not ready to move on from the death of her daughter and tells her that she is going to tell Simon that she wants a separation. She is told to think about it. The boy is helping Landford to the road and they have problems. The boy tells Landford that his dad is out of work and that he wanted to support his family. Landford tells him that is not for him to worry about. They hear a radio and Landford says that is his truck. Henry calls Beth’s phone and Martin answers it. He asks where he is and Henry tells him to meet him at the paper. Martin tells Beth this and she tells him that Jake can stay with her. Martin gets to the paper and Henry tells him that he is in the middle of a chemical spill that happened in the Western Pacific Glass Company and that he is on the verge of a great story. He tells him that he can’t go to the police on this. Martin agrees to help Henry with his story and says that he needs to be careful with everything. Henry writes down the address to a site where Western Pacific Glass Company has a construction building.

Martin arrives at the site and finds Travis there. He tells him that he set off the silent alarm and Martin reveals of the intimidation that Travis must have used on Nick Fowler. Travis says that the Nick was insubordinate and that is why he was getting close to being fired. At Beth’s place, they hear on the radio of Martin’s keys being found. At Landford’s truck, the boy and Landford arrive and the boy says that Landford’s battery is dead on his phone. Landford tells the boy that he is going to have to drive. At the dig site, Travis asks Martin why some one threw a brick through Beth’s car window. Martin shows the paper that has the note written on it. He tells him that Henry is on a story that will shut down Western Pacific Glass Company. He shows Travis the note that Henry wrote with the address. Travis says that the handwriting on both is the same. Martin sees the dig site 67, the same number that Jake keeps repeating. A girl calls into the DJ and says that she found the phone with bears and tells him that she is going to do a good deed and bye the Japanese girls a Vinyl if they are ever in Oregon.

The picture gets sent to the Japanese girls, who are in London. They go up to Nell and ask her to take their picture. As she is about to, she faints. At dig site 67, Martin sees Henry walking out and says that he now knows why he didn’t want him looking at his notes. It turns out that Henry is extorting money from Western Pacific Glass Company to try to make a name for himself. Martin says that is not how he was taught. As Henry drives off, the boy and Landford are swerving on the road. They almost hit Henry and eventually block his path. The police show up and Henry is arrested. At the hospital in London, Simon rushes to his wife and the doctor tells him and her that Nell is alright and so is the baby. Nell is confused and so is Simon. It turns out that Nell is pregnant.

Martin and Travis are driving back to his house and Travis tells Martin that him shutting down the Steel Mill with his article turned out to be a good thing. He says that he would have never met Beth had the plant still be open. Martin says that he doesn’t feel like it was good, but Travis tells him that many lives were saved. Jake walks outside just as Martin and Travis pull up. He gives Martin the keys. Martin gives Beth a goodbye hug and she tells him to be happy. The Japanese girls get their picture taken and Nell and Simon see their new baby. The boy is reunited with his family and Martin and Jake are back on the road. Jake is smiling. The episode ends.