Event Horizon - Recap

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The episode begins with a man carrying a small knife in his necklace walking away from a body lying on the ground in a pool of blood. Jake and Martin on the other hand make it to the pier. “This is it buddy can’t go any farther west than this” Martin tells Jake, while standing at the pier. Lucy arrives there a little later and Martin begins making small talk with her. She says she is there looking for her daughter. Martin is pleasantly surprised when she says her daughter’s name is Amelia. Later, Martin shows Lucy a picture of Amelia on his computer. He says the picture was taken in a facility in New York.

Martin tells her about Aster Corps and how they are also after Jake. Martin informs her that Jake and Amelia are similar, in that they see patterns and numbers in things all around us. Jake shows the two, two new numbers to add to the sequence of numbers they already have. Martin figures out the numbers are co-ordinates to a location. They look in a map on a nearby wall and figure out that the location is 10 miles from where they are. The coordinates lead them to a motel and they knock on the door of one of the rooms, as per Jake’s information. A man opens it and they ask about Amelia. The man says “I don’t know who that is”.

Then just as they are about to walk away, they hear a little girl’s yelling from the inside. The man quickly closes the door on their faces. Martin kicks the door in and gets into a fight with the man. Lucy goes inside and searches for Amelia, but only finds a backpack. She also sees that the bathroom window is broken. The man points a gun at Martin and makes good his escape. Martin sees the man get away in his car. He notes down the car’s license plate number on his cell phone. The man, who was seen earlier with the knife in his necklace, is shown looking at photographs in a file he is holding. Turns out, he is sitting in a diner in Brussels.

He talks to a waiter and does so in a manner which really creeps, the waiter out. At Aster Corps in the meantime, a guy named Calvin who apparently is the head of the company and a genius from the looks of it, is being convinced to give a speech for the shareholders. He is visibly uncomfortable with the idea. Another guy who is apparently a company executive tries to convince Calvin to give the speech, as the shareholders are looking forward to it and in return they will continue to fund the company’s projects. The guy mentions how they sold their company to Aster Corps for $42 million and got rich.

Calvin argues that he never wanted the money, but instead wanted to change the world. The guy asks Calvin as to what is exactly bothering him, while reminding him that they have been friends since college. Calvin explains the sequence of numbers that he has come up with repeats itself and terms it the “god sequence”. He says the numbers will change the face of humanity and hence he can’t let Aster Corps have it. Incidentally, the numbers Calvin is talking about are the same as the ones Jake and Amelia have stumbled upon. Calvin’s friend on his part finds Calvin’s theory laughable. He asks Calvin, as to what is it that he exactly wants. “I want to get out of my contract Tony” Calvin says.

He begs with Tony to get him out. Tony agrees and says he will talk to the legal team. Martin on the other hand runs the license plate number through the system, thanks to help from a journalist friend. He finds out that the kidnapper was paid by Aster Corps. The man with the knife necklace in the meantime enters an empty bakery and locks it from the inside. The baker is busy kneading some dough, and doesn’t mind the company. The baker asks the man to make himself at home and continues with his work. The man removes a LP player from a case and begins playing some music. Turns out, the music he is playing was composed by the baker, who was earlier a composer.

The baker is pleasantly surprised to hear his own composition. He seems happy. But, the man with the knife doesn’t seem too happy about the fact that the baker decided to stop composing. He tells the baker that he is in the path of god and an aberration. He then removes his knife and slashes the baker’s throat. The baker slowly collapses to the ground and passes away. Jake seems to sense all that that has just taken place. Martin tells Lucy, the kidnapper was a private detective who works for a lawyer who in turn works for Aster Corp. Martin’s friend’s IT guy has given him a flash drive in which is a program that will help him hack into the lawyer’s computer.

Now all they have to do is feed the program into the lawyer’s computer. Martin decides to go by himself to the lawyer’s office and walk in through the front door, as that would look the most inconspicuous. The man with the knife finds the baker’s music that he has written on paper, after looking around in the bakery. Under one of the musical notes he writes the numbers “318963287” which is the number the god sequence reverts back to, each time. Martin sneaks into the lawyer’s office and manages to gain access to his computer. He begins hacking it.

In the meantime, Calvin is meeting with the very same lawyer, and the lawyer’s team informs him that if he bails out of the contract, Aster Corps will own everything that he has worked on, during his stint with the company. The lawyer on the other hand is outraged to receive a call from the kidnapper who tells him Amelia has escaped. The lawyer later spots Martin, just as he finishes hacking his computer. Martin pushes him to the wall and makes a run for it. Martin makes it back to Jake and Lucy who are at his friend’s office. The hacker finds an office address on the flash drive with the numbers 5227 in it.

Lucy observes that Jake too is hinting at those very same numbers, by scoring 5227 in all the arcade games he is playing in the journalist’s office. They arrive at the address. Lucy sees a girl running inside the house and assumes its Amelia. She immediately runs in. Martin runs after her. There are people all over the house doing drugs and in their own world. Martin runs into the kidnapper who is there searching for Amelia. Jake sees him punching Martin unconscious. The kidnapper finds Amelia in one corner of the house. She on seeing him immediately runs. Lucy manages to stop the kidnapper from chasing her. Martin hits him on his head with a heavy object, from behind. The kidnapper falls to the ground unconscious.

Lucy then discovers that the girl isn’t Amelia. The girl says the backpack was given to her by another girl by the beach, in the morning. Turns out, this girl too had blonde hair and was around the same age. “Let’s go. Show me” Lucy tells the girl. They make it to the beach and on the way the girl says, she is the illegitimate daughter of the lawyer. Martin and Lucy conclude the lawyer had hired the PD only to make sure the girl was fine. They convince the girl to call her mother, who they feel must be really worried. Calvin on the other hand speaks his mind during the shareholder meet and basically says that Aster Corps only wants to makes profits. Tony stops him before he can say too much.

It is in the meantime shown that the guy with the knife has Jake’s photo in his file. After the meet, a man named Vikas Nair introduces himself to Calvin. Nair is an investor, who invests money in “bold ideas”. Nair offers to help Calvin out, no questions asked. Nair says his money and Calvin’s vision could create wonders. He is ready to give Calvin free reign, for whatever he wants to do. The girl brings Martin, Lucy and Jake to the spot where she met Amelia. Jake finds a chess piece buried in the sand, at that spot. It is then shown that Amelia is being kept in a house by Calvin.

She tells him she doesn’t like it there, but Calvin tells her that her family gave her away, and adds “we are your family now”. The hacker calls Martin and informs him that he has found Jake’s death certificate on the Aster Corps system. It says he died in a car accident, but the date is blank. “All they have to do is fill it in” the hacker says. Martin shocked to hear his. The episode ends at this point.