Closer - Recap

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The episode begins with Lucy cooking breakfast for Jake. They are living in house rented out by Abraham’s friend. Martin on his computer sees what Calvin said at the shareholder meet. He leaves to find out more about Calvin. Jake and Lucy on the other hand leave to put out flyers about her missing daughter. Under a bridge, a man in the meantime is making a sculpture out of small wheels. A van arrives and two men drag the guy into a van and quickly drive off. Amelia is losing it and says she wants to go home. A guy tries to calm her down and says “this is your home”. “We have a problem. This isn’t working.

Results are no better in the house than they were in the lab” the guy calls up someone and says. The guy mentions that they need to go back to the “original plan”. The guy with the knife necklace on the other hand is shown tattooing numbers on his body. He tattoos the number “5296” on the inside of his right bicep. He is looking at the newspaper cutout which has the photo of a woman named Rosemary Mathis, who an article mentions, is a famous architect. Martin with the help of his journalist friend finds out that he can get to Calvin through Vikash Nair. Vikash is meeting with Calvin. He says he believes in Calvin, although Aster Corps is doing its best to talk him out of investing in Calvin.

Just then Vikash receives a call and looks visibly worried. He leaves by himself, asking his bodyguard to not come along. The bodyguard looks worried and asks one of his men to follow him. Martin arrives outside the hotel Vikash is staying at. He sees Vikash leaving in a cab and himself enters the cab. He pretends he is in a hurry and wants to go downtown, just like Vikash does. They decide to share the cab. The man with the knife arrives at an exhibition that has creations made by Rosemary. He converses with Rosemary and manages to create quite an impression in her mind. An old woman who is apparently a librarian is retiring. She is given a surprise send off party and tells everyone that she is going to Paris.

An old man who is there is visibly disturbed to hear this and walks away. The woman notices this. Martin on the other hand tries to talk to Vikash into letting him meet Calvin, but Vikash assumes him to be some reporter and doesn’t pay heed. He reaches his destination and walks into some alley. Martin follows him. Vikash sees the black van arrive and in it is his father the sculptor, who was kidnapped earlier. The driver asks Vikash if he has the money, Vikash shows him that he does. Martin arrives and asks Vikash to not go any further. Just then the men in the van begin shooting. Vikash’s bodyguard makes it at the spot just then and fires back. Martin in the meantime safely escorts Vikash out of there.

They escape in the same cab they came in. Martin tells Vikash, “they” want to kill him and are using his father as bait. Jake in the meantime is busy playing with a kid named Soleil, on the beach. Her mother is busy talking to Lucy on the other hand. The old man walks up to the old librarian and asks “Frances you really leaving?” He assumes she is leaving as she has met someone else. “I didn’t meet anyone Carl” she assures him. The man asks her why she is going to Paris. She says she can’t tell, but has to go “underground for a while”. She doesn’t want the man involved as he doesn’t want him to get hurt. “I’m hurting right now” the man says.

The woman apologizes to him, but says she simply can’t help it. Martin gets Vikash to Martin’s journalist friend Trevor’s office. Vikash later explains that he has been estranged from his father for years. His father lives off the streets and does “these crazy sculptures” and Vikash never tried very hard to find him. “And now my money is going to get him killed” Vikash concludes. The knife guy and Rosemary on the other hand seem to be forming a bond. She asks him to walk her to her apartment. Trevor tells Martin that Vikash has left. He got a phone call, went down the hall to take it and then left.

Martin concludes that he has gone to meet the kidnappers as he is desperate to save his father. “They will kill both of them” Martin says. Jake it turns out, put Martin’s phone in Vikash’s pocket, so he could be tracked through GPS. Martin uses Trevor’s phone to track down his phone, to find out where Vikash is. Frances gives Carl her new phone number and leaves. She asks him to not tell anyone about it. Outside her apartment, Rosemary tells the knife guy that there is no satisfaction is what she does, as she sees patterns and designs and doesn’t really have to think hem up. The guy says she is the “chosen vessel” which is why the designs come to her. “It’s your destiny” he says.

Rosemary says she wants to give up everything, simply to be normal and be happy. The guy is worried to hear this, but simply kisses her hand and walks away. He puts back the knife necklace into his pocket, while walking away. Rosemary opens the door to her apartment and just as she is about to enter the guy comes back. He says a person can’t choose a different path, as they have to fulfill their destiny. He then slashes her throat with the knife. Martin and Lucy arrive at the spot where the kidnappers have taken Vikash and his father. Martin calls up his phone. A kidnapper hears it ringing and removes it from his pocket. He on Martin’s phone sees the pictures that Martin has taken of theirs, pointing a gun at Vikash and his father.

Over the phone Martin tells the kidnapper that the photographs he is seeing has also been sent to the cops, so it’s better if he walks away. The kidnapper looks worried and tells his men “let’s go”. The men then hurriedly leave in their van. Vikash and his father are left behind by the men, just as Martin had instructed. Martin and Lucy arrive at the scene. Vikash realizes Martin made the whole thing happen and thanks him. Martin says he is absolutely sure Aster corps was behind the kidnapping but can’t prove it at the moment. He asks Vikash to tighten up his security. Vikash’s father in the meantime tells Lucy “she will be here soon”. Lucy is baffled as to who he is talking about.

Just then the sun changes its position and his sculpture forms a shadow on the pillar of the bridge that, paints Amelia’s picture. Lucy is stunned to see this. He assures her, she will find her daughter. Martin gives Vikash his number, so he can get in touch if Calvin agrees to meet. He and Lucy then leave. Frances arrives at the house where Amelia is. She tells Amelia, she is going to take care of her from now on. Amelia responds positively to Frances’s arrival and seems to warm up to her. Jakes suddenly runs out of the car in front of a school. Turns out, it’s the school where Soleil is a student. She is overjoyed to see Jake there and introduces him to her grandpa.

Turns out, Carl is her grandpa. Jake sees Frances’s number on Carl’s phone. Next day, Martin gets a call from Calvin, who says he knows Martin wants to talk about Aster Crops. He tells Martin he “will be in touch” and hangs up. The episode ends at this point.