Enemy Of My Enemy - Recap

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The episode begins with Lucy sitting by herself at the breakfast table. Martin enters a little later. Jake comes in too and Lucy suggests that Jake start school soon and mentions there is one a few blocks down the road. In the room, there are boxes with Lucy’s stuff that she hasn’t unpacked yet. Jake finds Amelia’s photo in one of them. Lucy leaves to get some coffee and Jake leaves with her. Martin receives a text from someone asking him to meet, because the person has information on Aster Corps. He tells his friend Trevor about it. Also, Trevor offers him a job as a reporter and Martin gratefully accepts the offer.

On the other hand, a woman possibly American, is shown crossing the border from Afghanistan over to Pakistan, in her vehicle. She is talking to man on the phone and he tells her that he is missing her. She is stopped at the border by the Pakistani police and asked to show her passport. While they are at it, she tells the man that some strange things have been happening lately, like she suspects the phone of her hotel room was tapped and oddly her ATM card stopped working “yesterday”. The man reassures her that it’s no big deal, because such things keep happening in a country like Pakistan. Suddenly in the middle of her conversation she is dragged out of her vehicle by the police. The man yells out “Mallory” over the phone.

He is visibly worried, because he can hear her yelling and also hear the commotion on the other side. Mallory is dragged away to someplace, by the police. Jake and Lucy in the meantime are sitting in an open air café. Jake draws something on paper and hands it to a woman sitting at a nearby table. “Where did you get this?” asks the shocked woman. The woman is visibly distraught on seeing the drawing and returns it to Jake. She then hurriedly leaves. Lucy finds her behavior really odd. It is shown that while Lucy was talking to the woman Jake stole an envelope from her purse. Vikash has arranged for Martin to meet someone who knows things about Aster Corps. He is taken to meet the person in Vikash’s limo. The woman from the café in the meantime is looking at a map and trying to search for something.

Frances is taking care of Amelia. Martin is brought to a shooting range where he meets Calvin Norburg. In Pakistan, the police drag Mallory into a prison cell. “Who’s your handler?” a policeman asks her. She is surprised with the question. She says the policeman is mistaken and she just into “international sales”. The policeman doesn’t believe her and insists she tell him the truth. She begins panicking demands to see the American ambassador. The policeman laughs off her demand and asks her again “who is your handler?” She says she doesn’t have a “handler” and adds that she doesn’t know what he wants from her. The policeman in anger walks out. The prison door is closed behind him.

Lucy in the meantime is reprimanding Jake for stealing the envelope from the woman. She says they have to return it and sees that the name on the envelope says “Vicente Corliss” and there is also an address on it. She is tempted to look inside the envelope. Inside the envelope she finds a wad of cash along with the sketch of a man on a paper. “You must find him. I no longer can” are the words written at the bottom of the sketch. She also finds a letter addressed to Vicente from the person who has sent her the cash and the sketch. Lucy says they have to pay Vicente a visit. Calvin gives Martin the exact location in the Aster Corps building where the most sensitive and classified flies, are stored.

Calvin adds that Martin would need a special pass to get to that level and his (Calvin) has been deactivated. He says there are a dozen other people who have the pass, but it would be impossible to get the pass from them. Calvin mentions that there is one project manager named Mallory Kane who is disillusioned with the company and might help. Calvin says that if he asks her, Mallory might help. But, he doesn’t know where Mallory is at the moment. Calvin sends Martin, Mallory’s contact info. In return for his help, Calvin wants Martin to recover all his research from the Aster Corps building. Lucy and Jake meet Vicente who is a seaman. Lucy hands him the money and the letter. Lucy says the envelope fell out of a woman’s purse.

Vicente mentions that the woman must have been his Aunt Sophia. “I didn’t even know she was in America” Vicente says. Lucy shows him the sketch of the man and Vicente says “this man killed my mother”. He reveals that a few years ago Sophia and his mother were sharing an apartment in Santiago, Chile. A man got into their apartment and sliced his mother’s throat. Sophia watched her bleed to death on the kitchen floor. He says Sophia never forgave herself for what happened, because she and his mother were really close. Vicente says his mother Claudia was a genius and an amazing astronomer, despite having no formal education. While he is describing his mother to her, Lucy realizes Claudia was just like Jake.

Her greatest discovery was a comet, whose trajectory Claudia predicted. Lucy shows Vicente the drawing Jake made in the café earlier. “That’s it, the path of the Corliss comet. How did you know that?” Vicente says on seeing the drawing. Lucy explains that Jake is just like his mother. He begs Lucy to find his aunt, “before something terrible happens”. Frances in the meantime is amazed at Amelia’s genius. In Pakistan, Mallory is brought in front of a man for questioning. She tells the man she has nothing to hide and will tell him whatever he needs to know. “Who is your handler?” he asks her. Martin meets Mallory’s husband. He tells Martin, Mallory has been working on a project for some technology Aster Corps sold to the Pakistanis called T1.

Mallory found a flaw in it and realized innocent people would get hurt. She as a result went to her supervisor and threatened to go public, and “now she is sitting in a jail in Pakistan”. Martin asks to see his wife’s computer and promises to help get her back. In her computer he finds dental bills paid for some girl named Adeline Danvers. Martin concludes Adeline Danvers is actually Amelia. He prints the bills and the related documents. Lucy finds out that the Corliss comet shall be seen “tonight” after 122 years. Lucy concludes Sophia has come to LA to see the comet. She also finds out that the comet can be seen from the rooftop of the “Astreus Society”. “I’ll be there” Lucy says. Martin shows Lucy the documents he has gotten about Amelia.

There are entries and payments but they all stop at a date 3 weeks ago. Martin concludes that’s because Aster Corps lost Amelia around that time, which is why she was wandering by herself on the beach, a week ago. “So if Aster Corps doesn’t have her who does?” Lucy asks. “That’s what we need to find out before they do” Martin replies. Later, Jake basically gets Martin to talk to the principal of the middle school that’s in the area and the one Lucy was talking about earlier. She asks Martin to get Jake along to meet her “tomorrow”. Martin is later told that T1 is a software that was developed by Aster Crops for Pakistanis to locate terrorists, but it turns out names of innocent people were also snagged because of a glitch in the program.

Martin also finds out that Mallory’s name was thrown up by the program. He finds out where she is being held. Martin calls Calvin and says he needs to meet him. Lucy arrives for the comet viewing and sees it’s been cancelled due to cloud cover. She sees Sophia by the side of the road and yells out to her. Sophia doesn’t react and steps onto the busy road. Lucy tires to stop her, but just then Sophia steps in front of a truck. Lucy manages to rescue Sophia, just in the nick of time. They hitch a ride. Sophia in tears tells Lucy that it was she who should have been killed not her sister. Martin tells Calvin about Mallory. “They flagged her because of a program called T1” Martin says. “Aster Corps is using T1 to set her up” Calvin concludes.

Calvin decides to jam the program and says someone inside Pakistan has to run her name through the program again, so she comes out clean, after her name has been removed from the program. Martin asks for Trevor’s help in finding a contact, who can talk to Pakistani officials. Trevor says he knows a man named Nazim, who might be able to help. Sophia reveals to Lucy that Claudia’s killer didn’t barge into their house, she in fact met him at a bar and she invited him home. He was charming and knowledgeable she says. Once inside the house he tried to kill her, but she struck him in the neck with sewing scissors. “Then Claudia came home” and the man “turned his focus on her”. Sophia tried to attack him, but he punched her hard and she fell.

The man then slashed Claudia’s throat and “walked out the door”, with the scissors still stuck in his neck. Martin talks to Nazim and gets him to help Mallory. Mallory is released from prison and allowed to leave. Later, Martin drops Jake to the middle school and has a detailed chat with the principal about Jake’s quirks, before leaving. Mallory returns home to her husband. Sophia meets Vicente. Calvin arrives to meet Amelia. Also, it’s revealed that Frances is Calvin’s mother. Lucy in the meantime looks at an old photo of Amelia’s birthday party that was celebrated in a park in Jersey, a few years ago. She notices that in the background is the man who killed Claudia.

She also mentions that it was Jake who saw this photo and then led her to Sophia. “Why is this guy, this stranger, standing behind my daughter, six months after he killed someone just like her?” Lucy asks. The episode ends at this point.