Perfect Storm - Recap

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The episode begins and Lucy wakes Martin up from his sleep and says she needs to show him something. Lucy shows Martin the research she has put in, into the man who killed Claudia. Lucy through her research has concluded that the man who killed Claudia is looking to kill a certain type of person. “A person like Amelia or Jake” Lucy says. Lucy and Martin both agree that Jake wants them to know about this killer, but they can’t figure out how to catch hold of this man. Just then, Martin gets a text from Calvin, telling him to meet. Martin concedes Lucy is “on to something” and therefore he tells her to “keep looking”. The killer in the meantime arrives at an apartment building, and he’s looking for someone.

He tells the doorman he is looking for Martin and his son Jake. The doorman says Martin doesn’t live there anymore. He asks for a “forwarding address”, but the doorman says he doesn’t have one. Martin drops Jake off at school. Before going in, Jake hands Martin a piece of paper. The numbers 5991 are written on it. At home, Amelia too is shown focusing on these very same numbers. Just then Martin gets a call from Abraham. Martin is surprised Abraham has his new number. Abraham says he received three calls last night from someone that didn’t speak, so he correctly guessed that it must be Jake. Abraham wants to tell Jake something. Martin hands him the phone. Jake is shown laughing on hearing whatever it is that Abraham said.

Martin is pleasantly surprised to see Jake laugh and excitedly tells Abraham about it. “Yes I heard…tremendous” Abraham says. “What did you say?” Martin asks curiously. Abraham says he told him a joke. Martin mentions that their trip to California has been great for them, because for the first time Jake held his hand. “Touch…a breakthrough for Jake” Abraham says. “Maybe this means he is getting close to the girl” he adds. Abraham hangs up and keeps walking down the street, the killer who was hiding nearby, apparently heard the whole conversation. Calvin hands Martin, Mallory Cain’s pass card. Calvin mentions that such a pass card is “one of a handful in existence”. He also mentions that it would give Martin access to every locked door inside Aster Corps, including room 275 where they keep the main server. “I need you to download every file with my name on it” Calvin tells Martin.

Calvin says Martin can grab any other file he wants, while he is at it. Calvin then shows Martin the floor plan. He strictly instructs Martin to stay away from a cluster of offices on the 10th floor; those offices are Tony Rigby’s. Tony is Calvin’s best friend with who he had a falling out. Calvin says that, if Tony catches Martin then its game over. A man who is waiting outside a store impatiently is called inside the store by an Asian guy, who is apparently the owner. The Asian guy shows him a classic arcade game. The man isn’t too happy to see it and says he doesn’t want anything electronic, but only spring-loaded. The man walks out of the store and on the way out he calls up another Asian guy named Shigero Fugura, hoping to find what he wants, at his store.

The killer in the meantime sneaks into Abraham’s apartment and begins searching for something. He hears Abraham entering the apartment and hides. Abraham leaves the apartment a little later, oblivious to the killer’s presence. Martin makes it inside the Aster Corps building and meets Tony Rigby. He tells Tony, Calvin gave him Mallory’s pass card and told him to steal all his files. Martin lies that, Calvin approached him to do a story on Aster Corps’ alleged illegal activities, “most recently the attempted murder of Vikash Nair and the illegal detention of Mallory Cain in Pakistan”. Martin says he as a responsible reporter has the duty to tell the truth and he tells Tony that he thinks Calvin Norburg is insane.

Martin offers to do a story that would make Calvin look insane and in turn help exonerate Aster Corps. Martin tells Tony he needs access to all of Calvin’s files, in order to take him down and mentions he would do all this for a “price”. “What’s to stop you using anything you find against the company?” Tony asks. Martin says the last thing he wants to do is take on a company the size of Aster Corps. “I am a freelance journalist, all those years in court I could never afford it” Martin says. In the end, Tony is convinced and gives Martin access to Calvin’s files. The guy in the meantime meets Shigero Fugura and he hands the guy a spring-loaded arcade game. The guy while buying it mutters to himself: “she shouldn’t be able to influence the outcome”.

The killer on the other hand approaches Abraham on the street and asks about Jake. “What business do you have with Jake?” asks a suspicious Abraham. The killer basically tells Abraham that he knows Jake is one of the 36 and says that he also knows Jake and Abraham’s connection. Abraham is surprised to hear this and asks how the killer knows all this. The killer says he too has been studying Jake and others like him. The killer then says that Jake and others like him are in danger. Abraham stares at him for a bit, and then says he doesn’t know anything about Jake’s whereabouts and can’t help him. The killer gives him the address of his hotel and tells Abraham to give him a call if he changes his mind. Abraham figures out that the killer is “an enemy of the 36”.

Martin finds out from Calvin’s files that he is the one who took Amelia. He calls Lucy and tells her about it. Later, before Martin can leave, Tony puts a GPS tracking software on the laptop Calvin gave Martin. Martin is oblivious to this. The guy in the meantime brings Amelia the arcade game. Next, Amelia is put on a chair in a room with a lot of computers. Sensors are attached to her and some sort of an apparatus is also attached to her head. The game is in front of her. Frances tells Amelia how much she and Calvin appreciate what she (Amelia) is doing. The guy explains to Frances that because the game isn’t electronic, Amelia will have to figure out the outcomes on her own, which would be akin to predicting the future. A computer screen in the meantime shows a 3D image of her brain, which shall be monitored while Amelia is at it.

Amelia has to basically predict which jackpot holes the pin-balls will go into, right at the moment they are launched. It is then shown that Amelia’s accuracy in predicting correctly is 91%, whereas a supercomputer that was doing the same calculations could only manage a 68%. Frances and the guy are more than amazed at the results. Abraham on the other hand sees the killer leave his hotel room and sneaks in. Abraham has from a source of his, acquired the pass card to the killer’s room. The killer it turns out is living in Room No. 5991. Abraham finds the killer’s file, in which are the photos and other details about the 36. He is shocked to see Jake’s photo in the file. Just then the killer returns and says “I see you changed your mind”. Abraham asks him who he is. He says his name is Guillermo and basically he is a priest.

Guillermo says he is on a mission. “My mission is to rid the world of the 36, so that the natural order of god can be restored” Guillermo explains. Abraham says Guillermo will not complete his mission and hints that he will make sure of it. Guillermo proceeds to attack Abraham, but he reminds Guillermo that his mission is to kill the 36 and if he deviates from that, he is “simply a godless murderer”. “I am not a 36” Abraham says. Guillermo backs off, visibly frustrated. Abraham then quietly walks out of the room. Calvin in the meantime finds out about Jake and also that Martin is his father. Calvin now realizes why Martin wants to take down Aster Crops. Lucy goes to the cops and tells them Calvin has Amelia, despite Martin advising her against it.

Calvin tells Martin he knows about Jake, just as Martin gives him the laptop with the files in it. Martin is agitated to hear this and with a gun to Calvin’s neck he tells him to free Amelia. Calvin says if anything happens to him or Amelia, Jake will disappear. “I am surprised you let him go to a public school” Calvin says. The cops in the meantime check the records and find out Amelia is dead. They feel Lucy hasn’t been able to cope with Amelia’s death and bring a psychiatrist to see her.

Lucy realizes that the cops aren’t buying her story and she leaves in a huff. Abraham calls Martin and warns him about Guillermo. Tony finds out Amelia’s location thanks to the laptop, because Calvin carries it with him while visiting Amelia. At home, Martin tells Lucy about Guillermo, but doesn’t tell her what Calvin said. The episode ends at this point.