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Eye to Eye - Recap

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The episode begins with Jake and Amelia meeting near the beach. This turns out to be a dream, however, one that both Jake and Amelia shared. In the morning, Jake is up and ready to go out. He has a play date with Soleil. Lucy says Jake can have fun while she and Martin plan on how to find Amelia. Martin puts some waffles in the microwave and, when Martin looks away, Jake sneaks a metal fork in the microwave. The microwave is, as a result, busted and they all have to go out for breakfast now. Martin notices that the microwave timer is showing the numbers 8877.

At the diner, Lucy fondly tells Martin about Amelia while Jake is busy playing video games. The guy who works for Calvin and runs the tests on Amelia arrives at the diner. He asks the cashier for some quarters. He then begins playing the video game next to Jake. Martin, Lucy, and Jake leave. The guy calls Calvin and informs him that he saw Martin and Jake. Calvin asks him to follow them to find out where they live. In Mexico, a young priest, Father Esteban, runs into an older priest, Father San Felipo, on the street. San Felipo asks Esteban to hear the confessions because the priest who was supposed to do that is ill. Martin notices a blue car following his car. He tells Lucy about it and then swerves his car into an alley.

He manages to lose the blue car and drives into a nearby parking lot. He asks Lucy and Jake to stay put. The blue car comes into the lot and begins looking for Martin’s car. Martin steps in front of the car and it stops. He drags the guy out of the vehicle and asks why he is following him. Before he can take it any further the security at the parking lot arrives and Martin rushes back to his vehicle and drives out. Martin and Lucy then drop Jake off at Soleil’s home for the play date. Martin leaves his cell phone number with Soleil’s mom and says he will be back later to pick up Jake. Before leaving they are introduced to Soleil’s grandfather, Carl. In Mexico, Father Esteban begins hearing confessions. Guillermo comes in and says he wants to confess something, but, before he does, he wants Esteban to swear that he will not break the sanctity of the confessional by revealing the details to someone else. Esteban assures him what he hears will remain with only him. Guillermo then confesses to having committed murder.

Martin and Lucy tell Trevor that Jake and Amelia are special. They add that Calvin has kidnapped Amelia and now he is after Jake too. Lucy is surprised how Martin knows this. Martin admits he met Calvin last night, but did not tell her about it. Lucy isn’t happy about it and walks away. Martin stops Lucy and apologizes for not telling her about it. He says he was scared because Calvin threatened to hurt Jake. Lucy isn’t convinced and doesn’t want to partner up with Martin in finding Amelia anymore. Martin argues that the only way they can find Amelia is through Jake. He also promises Lucy that he won’t hide anything from her or lie to her anymore. Lucy, in the end, seems pacified. Amelia steals some money and a cell phone from Frances’ purse. During their play date Jake notices Carl’s phone. He browses through the phonebook, finds Frances’ number, and calls. Amelia answers and tells him that she knew he would find her. Jake smiles. Jake then keys in “8877” on the phone. Amelia hears this and says that she will be there. She deletes the call records and returns the phone to Frances’ purse. When Calvin’s guy walks in, she pretends she is not well and collapses to the ground.

The guy brings her to the hospital and reminds her that her name is now Adeline Danvers. Amelia is taken in for a checkup. The doctor notices the guy limping and insists he get an x-ray. He says he has to look after Amelia, but the doctor will have none of it and escorts the guy for the x-ray. In Mexico, Guillermo tells Esteban about the 36 and how he plans to get rid of all of them. He also explains his reasons.

Esteban is really disturbed by Guillermo’s confession and asks him to put a stop to his mission. Guillermo is in no mood to do so because he believes he is doing the work of God. Esteban asks why Guillermo has taken up this mission. He reveals that he is one of the 36. Guillermo has come to Esteban for absolution, but Esteban cannot forgive him and walks away. Guillermo runs after him and begs him for absolution, but Esteban says that Gillermo is a killer. Trevor helps Lucy and Martin find out that Frances is Calvin’s mother and that she is also presently works at the Greyber Institute in Beverly Hills.

They specialize in neural education of people with brain injuries. Martin and Lucy arrive at the facility and see Frances pushing a wheelchair with a young man in it. Martin asks Lucy to wait and he finds an excuse to have a chat with Frances. She tells him the young man in the wheelchair is her son, William. She says he was in a car accident 4 years ago, which has resulted in a brain injury and William’s vegetative state. She reveals Calvin, William’s older brother, was driving the car but he was unhurt. She tells Martin about Calvin’s research on the brain and says that since the accident Calvin’s focus has changed. She believes Calvin will eventually find a breakthrough cure for William.

Jake rushes out of Soleil’s house when she is not looking. At the hospital, Amelia uses the hospital computer to find out what the exact location for the coordinates 8877 is and makes a run for it. At the facility, Martin tells Lucy what he found out from Frances. Just then, Carl calls Martin and informs him that Jake has run off somewhere. Martin leaves to search for Jake and asks Lucy to stay at the facility to see if she can find out anything more. Frances receives a call informing her Amelia has run off and leaves in a hurry. In Mexico, Esteban tells San Felipo about Guillermo and his confession. San Felipo feels Guillermo is probably delusional. Esteban is convinced Guillermo was speaking the truth and that he is worried Guillermo will kill more people.

San Felipo says Esteban will be excommunicated if he breaks the sanctity of the confessional. Lucy enters William’s room and sees Calvin’s phone number written on a whiteboard. She calls Calvin and lies to him, saying that she is Linda from the institute and there has been a breakthrough. Calvin leaves to go to her. Jake arrives at an arcade and plays a video game. He saves the score of 29 with his name. When Calvin arrives in William’s room, Lucy tells him who she really is and says she wants Amelia back. Calvin yells for security. Lucy makes a run for it. At the hospital, the guy tells Frances he has found out from the cab company that Amelia was dropped off at the Marina Del Ray Board.

Amelia arrives at the arcade and sees the numbers 8877 written outside. She finds the game with Jake’s name on it. She plays the game and puts her name on it as well. A while later Martin arrives at the arcade. In Mexico, Esteban still doesn’t know if he should go to the cops or not. At the arcade, Martin sees the game and concludes Jake and Amelia are together. He tells Lucy about it. Lucy and Martin arrive at the spot where Jake and Amelia are standing. Martin goes to Jake and, at some distance, Lucy sees Amelia and runs towards her. Before Lucy can get to her Frances and Calvin’s guy arrive, drag Amelia into their car, and drive off. At home, Frances tells Amelia she knows Amelia misses her mother but says her mother just wouldn’t understand why she is there.

In Mexico, Esteban enters the police station to file a complaint. A cop notices how flustered he is and suggests he get some water from the drinking fountain near the bathroom. At home, Martin promises Jake he will get Amelia back. He then says he is really proud of how Jake is handling things. In the end, Jake holds Martin’s hand. Martin is moved to tears by this gesture. Guillermo confronts Esteban in the bathroom and asks for absolution once again. Esteban says that he can’t. Guillermo then slashes Esteban’s throat.

Trevor informs Lucy that Calvin’s foundation bought a loft downtown recently. She concludes Calvin is staying there. She stakes out the loft and sees Calvin arrive. She runs him down with her car. She gets out of the car and sees Calvin lying on the ground badly injured. The episode ends at this point.