Broken - Recap

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The episode begins with Martin waking up in the middle of the night, and discovering that Lucy isn’t in her room. He assumes Lucy has gone to the cops and wakes Jake up to tell him. They have to leave because the cops will be looking for them. Calvin wakes up on the floor of his house, with his hands and feet tied. Lucy, who is nearby, asks him to start talking. She sees a voicemail from Martin, but ignores it.

Guillermo is walking through a deserted trail, while muttering to himself. He runs into a ranger, who warns him to turn back. The ranger says the trail ahead is dangerous and he is already looking for a hiker, who has gone missing. Guillermo insists that he is well prepared and keeps walking. While Martin is packing their stuff in a hurry, Jake tunes into the radio frequency 89.2 and brings it to Martin’s attention. He hands Martin a notebook, which belongs to Soleil, and Martin assumes he wants to return it. They sit in the car and Jake, once again, tunes the radio to 89.2. It’s just static, so Martin tries to turn it off. Jake turns it back on again, hoping the radio waves would carry his message across.

While Lucy is torturing Calvin for Amelia’s whereabouts, in the desert, an injured hiker, who isn’t able to walk, drags himself to a large rock and lies on it. At Soleil’s, Jake goes straight inside the house, removes a photo album from a drawer, and opens a page. Carl doesn’t seem to mind, and goes upstairs to call Soleil. On the page that is open, Martin sees a photo of Carl and Frances standing in front of a vehicle together. Martin notes down the license plate number and, once Carl returns, he asks him how he knows Frances. Calvin is in bad shape and is nearly passing out from the pain, so he asks Lucy to get him painkillers from his bedroom and, in return, offers to reveal Amelia’s whereabouts.

At Soleil’s, Martin explains that he knows Frances’s son, Calvin, and Carl says he met Frances while volunteering for a library where she was working. They fell in love, but she suddenly left. He only has her number, but she never calls back. While they are chatting, Jake once again tunes in 89.2 on a radio kept nearby. Amelia, too, is tuned in to the very same radio station. Instead of static, a man is now heard talking about God and the devil. This seems to scare Amelia, who mentions that someone’s coming. Guillermo comes across the injured hiker, who is in really bad shape. Guillermo gives him some water and the hiker, after coming to his senses, begs Guillermo to kill him. At Trevor’s office, Martin is informed by Trevor that he gave Calvin’s home address to Lucy last night. Martin decides to go there, and asks Trevor to look after Jake while he is away. While Lucy is looking for the painkillers, Calvin frees himself and walks up to her with a gun in hand. He says he could have called up the cops or even walked out but, instead, he wants her to meet Amelia and also wants Lucy to do something for him.

The hiker reveals to Guillermo that he is a pediatric neurosurgeon and a little boy died while he was operating on him because he got drunk the previous night. The rule is no alcohol 24 hours before surgery. He came hiking, searching for God’s forgiveness, and feels he has been aptly punished. He wants Guillermo to put him out of his misery, for the sin he has committed. Amelia is really agitated and wants to meet her mother and, while Frances tries to stop her from leaving, they hear a knock on the door. Calvin puts the gun down and calmly explains to Lucy that he is trying to map Amelia’s brain because it could help millions. Lucy argues that she is just a child, but Calvin says there are miracles inside her brain that he is trying to bring out. Calvin then tells Lucy, if she wants to see Amelia again, she will have to bring him Jake. Martin begins knocking on the main door.

Guillermo asks the hiker to rest and then begins setting fire to the photos of all the people he has killed. He comes across Jake’s photo and puts it back in his folder. Calvin tells Lucy where she has to bring Jake and says he will bring Amelia there. Martin is trying to break down the front door but, after trying for some time and failing, he keys 892 in the security system and it opens the door. Calvin and Lucy drive away just moments after he enters. Guillermo wants to save the hiker, by calling for help, but the hiker is adamant that he doesn’t want to be saved and asks Guillermo to leave.

Lucy calls Trevor and finds out Jake’s with him. She offers to come over and take Jake off his hands and he is fine with that. After picking up Jake, she drives to the location where she is suppose to meet Calvin. It’s near the very same trail where Guillermo is. On the way, she calls Martin and leaves him a voicemail. She tells him where she is headed and also mentions that Jake’s with her. Martin is in Trevor’s office and is shocked when he finds out that Lucy left with Jake a while ago. He hasn’t heard the voicemail yet because he left his phone in the car.

Guillermo manages to convince the hiker to go on living, by reminding him that he has saved a number of children over the years and can save many more if he stays alive. Guillermo says he has also learned the lesson that, while doing God’s work, one should be prepared to bear acceptable losses. He tells the hiker they will get out of there, the same way they came in. Martin arrives at the place where Lucy is waiting for Calvin and angrily confronts her. She tries to reason with him, but he is outraged that she would trade Jake for Amelia and drives out of there with Jake. Calvin arrives to pick up Amelia and finds the door of the house open. Martin turns the car around and returns to where Lucy is. He finds Lucy still waiting for Calvin and tries to convince her that he won’t come, but she wants to wait for a while. Jake tunes into the radio station again. Martin tells her about it and asks her to come along. He says if the signal’s getting stronger, they are probably getting closer to Amelia.

Guillermo saves the hiker by helping him back to civilization, where he is reunited with his wife and child. The radio signal gets stronger and, just then, Martin recognizes Frances’s car parked outside a house. They go in and find Calvin sitting near the dead body of his mother, who has been shot in the head. They look for Amelia, but she is missing. They question Calvin about Amelia’s whereabouts but, instead of answering them, he warns them with a gun in hand to not follow him and leaves. Guillermo is seen scanning the city from a hilltop. The episode ends at this point.