Ghosts - Recap

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The episode begins with a storm approaching. Jake is using different colors to write something on different pages. Lucy has packed all her stuff and is leaving. Martin promises her that he and Jake will never stop looking for Amelia. Amelia is sitting by herself, in a garden, and doing the same thing Jake is doing. She telepathically speaks to Jake. She tells him that it’s his moment and he has to stay strong. Jake responds with a nod. Lucy tells Jake she is leaving to find Amelia. While she is talking to Martin, without her knowledge, Jake removes her phone from her bag.

Guillermo is driving to Trevor’s office, where there is a party going on. A man called Dutch, who is an ex-special forces guy, arrives at the party. Dutch knows Martin, and Trevor has called him to help find Jake. Guillermo parks outside the office, and looks at the building plans he is carrying with him. Lucy gets a call from Trevor, who says Dutch has arrived. Lucy realizes she has Martin’s phone and he has hers. She figures out this is Jake’s doing. Trevor asks her to join the party and hangs up. Martin arrives, and he and Dutch are really happy to see each other. Amelia is still in the garden, by herself, and is writing numbers in a particular color. Jake is at the party, and is doing the same. Martin tells Dutch he needs his help. He tells him about Jake, and how some people are trying to take Jake away from him.

Guillermo, dressed as a repairman, enters a manhole near the building. The power in the building goes off, which apparently is Guillermo’s doing. Jake looks worried. Martin calms him down, saying it’s just the storm. Lucy arrives, and tells Martin about the phone. Lucy collects her phone and is about to leave, but Jake blocks her path and holds her hand. Martin is really surprised, and says Jake really wants her to stay. Lucy decides to stay. After Guillermo has secured the main door from the outside, he uses the fire escape to enter the building. Guillermo makes it to where the party is. Jake realizes this, and hides under a ping pong table. Lucy follows him assuming he’s just playing.

Martin is telling Dutch about Guillermo. Dutch asks Martin to meet him the next day, so they can come up with a game plan. He assures Martin they will find Amelia, and also keep Jake safe. Trevor loses his cell reception and asks Rubin, one of his employees, to go to the control room and resolve the issue. Rubin goes to the control room, with a female co-worker, and they begin making out. While at it, they see Guillermo standing nearby. Guillermo talks about a holy war, and says they are collateral damage. He attacks them. Jake realizes what happened. He walks out of Trevor’s office, and Lucy follows him. Martin goes to check on Rubin. Jake arrives at a different part of the building and settles down. Lucy sits near him, and asks if he is trying to tell her something. Jake is busy scribbling numbers, as is Amelia.

On seeing the carnage in the control room, Martin is shocked. He comes back and finds Jake missing. He tells Dutch and Trevor what he saw. The three of them split up, and begin looking for Jake. Trevor’s employees begin to panic, after seeing how brutally Rubin and the girl have been murdered. While trying to escape, they learn that the main door to building is locked. Amelia looks really worried, and telepathically tells Jake they have to hurry. Jake is done with what he was writing. He hands the page to Lucy, and points to a mirror on a nearby wall. Lucy places the page alongside the mirror, and the reflection looks like a butterfly. Lucy is amazed, and says this is the kind of butterfly Amelia used to draw. Lucy concludes that Jake is communicating with Amelia, which is why he wanted Lucy to stay. She hands him the page, and he continues what he was doing.

Martin runs into Phil, one of Trevor’s employees. He has been attacked by Guillermo, but is still alive. He tells Martin that his attacker was dressed like a repairman, and had a scar on his neck. Martin immediately realizes who it is. Dutch arrives where Jake and Lucy are. He tells her about the killings. Guillermo also comes there, and Dutch sees him. Dutch closes the door of the room, and latches it from the inside. He asks Lucy to stay low, and points a gun at the door. Phil tells Martin that he saw Jake, and also says where exactly he saw him.

Guillermo is trying to break down the door. Jake communicates with him telepathically. He tells Guillermo that he knows he is in unbearable pain. Images of him sitting near his wife’s bed, in the hospital, begin flashing in Guillermo’s head. It appears his wife is on her deathbed. Guillermo begins yelling, begging Jake to stop, and continues trying to kick the door down. Dutch shoots the door, a number of times, and the kicking stops. Dutch is about to open the door and check, when the door breaks open. Guillermo lands on Dutch. They get into a fight and, eventually, Guillermo shoots him. Lucy, who is standing nearby with a wrench, attacks Guillermo. While she is fighting him, she tells Jake to run. She injures Guillermo, by stabbing him in the leg with a piece of glass, but he kicks her and runs after Jake.

Martin hands Phil over to Trevor, and goes in search of Jake. He is hiding on the roof of the building. Guillermo arrives there and begins looking for Jake. Amelia tells a worried Jake that there is another way out. Jake grabs a piece of paper hanging nearby, and begins writing the numbers once again. Martin makes it to the roof. He finds out Guillermo has locked the door from the other side. Dutch, who is injured, arrives there. Before Martin and Dutch can break the door down, Guillermo finds Jake.

He takes out his knife to kill him. Jake telepathically communicates with him, and tells him that his wife loved him. Jake tells him that, before he turned to death, he knew love. Guillermo breaks down and thinks of his wife, who died during childbirth, but that doesn’t change is mind. He is about to attack Jake, when Martin breaks down the door. Guillermo and Martin get into a fight. Martin shoots him multiple times, with Dutch’s gun, and Guillermo falls off the roof. Martin looks down from the roof, and is amazed when he doesn’t see Guillermo. Martin looks on the roof for Jake, and sees him sitting near Dutch’s dead body. Guillermo is badly injured, but manages to escape before the cops arrive. Amelia is sitting in a lab somewhere. She was only imagining herself sitting in a beautiful garden. The episode ends at this point.