Reunions - Recap

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The episode begins with Amelia running through the desert. Tony Rigby and his men catch up with her in their vehicles and take her back to The Teller Institute, a highly guarded research facility. She is shoved hard into a lab and crashes into a bunch of files that fall to the ground. Calvin’s assistant is there and is being forced to run tests on her. While he is chatting with Tony, Amelia notices in one of the files the photo of a man alongside scanned photos of his brain. Before anyone can notice, she hides the paper with the man’s details, in her pocket.

Calvin’s assistant tells her that trying to run wasn’t a good idea and she could have gotten killed. She counters that he shouldn’t pretend as if he cares and reminds him that he sold out Calvin to settle his gambling debts. Amelia telepathically tells Jake, who is in a parking lot with Martin, to save her. Martin is waiting outside a hospital to pick up Lucy, who needed medical attention because of all the things that recently happened. Travis is also there because his employee Phil, whose life Martin saved, is admitted there. Travis tells Martin that Phil has told the cops everything including Martin and Lucy’s real name. Travis also hands Martin the card of Nelly Lee, a detective who is investigating the case, and who seems to know a lot about all of them.

Before getting into his car, Martin sees that Jake has written 0715 on the glass of his car window. On the way, Martin sees a florist van with 0715 on it and follows the van. They see the van delivering some flowers to Tony Rigby’s house and are surprised to see Calvin walking towards his vehicle from the house. Martin and Lucy scramble into Calvin’s vehicle before he can leave and Martin quickly grabs Calvin’s gun that he sees on him. Martin tries to threaten Calvin into telling them where Amelia is, but he says that he is himself searching for Amelia. Calvin feels Aster Corps must have hidden her in one of their isolated facilities. He says he has a directory of all the Aster Corps facilities in his loft and takes them there.

At his loft, Calvin tells Lucy and Martin that Aster Corps is trying harness Amelia’s astonishing predictive abilities to make money. Jake walks into Calvin’s lab, which is in another part of the loft. Martin comes searching for him in the lab and sees him sitting in a chair with a device connected to his head. Martin calls out to Jake, but Jake seems to be in some sort of trance. Calvin arrives and Martin orders him to get the device off Jake. Before he can do so, Calvin notices Jake’s brain scan on a screen and is amazed. He says the device has activated a part of Jake’s brain, which might allow him to speak. Jake finds himself in a garden with Amelia and they have a conversation. Amelia says the garden was a place locked away in her mind and Calvin’s experiment opened it. She says she can come here whenever she wants.

Calvin tells Lucy and Martin that Jake is having a conversation with Amelia. Jake passes on Lucy’s message to Amelia that she loves her and misses her, Amelia says that she knows. Before their conversation ends and he comes out of the trance, she tells Jake where exactly she is being kept. Jake is again silent after coming back to the real world, but in his own way tells them where Amelia is being held. Calvin tells Lucy and Martin where the Teller Institute is located, but says that he can’t come along because he has to look after his brother. He says that all thanks to Jake he has figured out the last piece of the puzzle, in how his bother can be cured. At the facility where his brother is, Calvin hooks up his brother’s brain with a device and begins his experiment.

On the way to the Institute, Lucy’s car stalls after the engine overheats. Calvin’s experiment works and his brother comes out of his vegetative state and says his first words since his accident. Lucy, Martin and Jake, hitch a ride with a truck driver named Jerry Wood. Martin hands him $200 to take them to the facility. On the way, Jerry tells them about his daughter Eve, who he says works as a nurse at some facility. He shows them her photo and turns out she is the same girl, who is helping Calvin at the facility with his experiment. Jerry drops them to their destination and they see from a distance how well guarded the Teller Institute is.

Jake suddenly begins yelling which attracts the attention of the guards, who head their way. Martin realizes Jake did it deliberately and tells Lucy to hide with Jake. He tells the guards his car has broken down a few miles down the road and he needs help. The guards take him along with them and lock him up in a cell at the institute. Case, Calvin’s assistant, sees him there, frees him and takes him to Amelia. At the facility, Calvin and his brother are having a heart-to-heart.

Lucy and Jake manage to gain entry into the Institute’s garage and there Jake places a vehicle’s key on its hood. He throws away the keys of the rest of the vehicles into a nearby drain. After he has done this, Jake drags a baffled Lucy out of there. Tony and the guard figure out that Case freed Martin and rush to where Amelia is. Amelia tells Martin that she knows who he is and says they have to quickly leave. Tony and his men find Amelia missing and begin looking for her through the security cams placed everywhere. Amelia and Martin enter a lab and switch on all the electrical devices and servers there. This causes a power surge and the lights go off, which was the idea because they can now escape without being noticed.

They arrive at the garage, where Martin sees the key on the hood of the vehicle that Jake left behind. Martin and Amelia drive out of the garage and the guards are unable to stop them. Amelia tells Martin to stop at a particular spot; turns out Jake and Lucy are hiding there. They are relieved to see each other and quickly get out of there. At the institute, Tony gets a call from Miss Farrington, who is apparently his boss. She is not happy that Amelia has escaped and says that she is sending someone named Tanner to deal with the situation. Tony is worried on hearing this and tries to convince her otherwise, but she is adamant. Martin tells Lucy to disappear somewhere with Amelia and she agrees.

Before parting ways, Amelia gives Jake the paper with the man’s photo and brain scans that she pocketed earlier. She tells Jake to give it to Martin, saying he’ll know what to do with it. At the facility, something goes wrong with Calvin’s experiment and he is shocked when he finds that his brother’s condition has regressed. While on their way, Lucy and Amelia see Aster Corps vehicles approaching them from the front. Amelia says she has seen the possibilities and there is no way for them to escape. Amelia sees only one possibility that can work, which is that she escapes into the desert while Lucy remains in her vehicle.

They both know they might never see each other again, but Lucy convinces Amelia to leave. Miss Farrington tells Tanner, who is in the Aster Corps vehicle that he should take Amelia alive, but eliminate Lucy because she is a liability. Tony sees that Lucy is by herself and asks her where Amelia is, she says she doesn’t know. While running through the desert, Amelia hears a gunshot and from a distance sees that one of Tanner’s men has shot her mother. The episode ends at this point.