Clockwork - Recap

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The episode begins with Amelia running through the desert. At home, Martin is trying to find something on the person, whose test result Amelia stole from the Teller Institute and gave Jake. Nearly all the information on the test result is “redacted” except for the person’s photo and his MRI scans. Abraham arrives and Martin is pleasantly surprised to see him. While Martin is talking to Abraham, Jake writes 948 on the test result and gives it to Martin, who tells Abraham that this person was possibly Dr. Teller’s first patient. Abraham volunteers to stay at home and look after Jake, so Martin can go to Trevor’s office and using a facial recognition software try to learn who this person is.

At Trevor’s office, Martin learns the person is Philip Green, a triple murderer, who is on death row and is scheduled to be executed tonight. Trevor says he will use his contacts to set up Martin’s interview with Green. A man is playing with his son in the yard, when his pregnant wife hands him the phone and says there is a call for him. Mike, the man, tells someone over the phone that he will be there and after he hangs up his wife begs him to not go, but the man insists that he has to. Martin meets Wynn Miller, Green’s attorney, and convinces Miller to let him meet Green, by telling him that he knows about the Teller Institute and the experiments.

At home, Abraham is baffled when Jake suddenly begins disassembling the wall clock. Glenn brings Martin to Green and after he has told Green why he is there, Martin asks him if he is one of the 36. After Green nods in the affirmative, Martin tells him that he was sent by his son to help him. He asks Green how he can be of help and Green hands him an old photo of his estranged daughter. Martin concludes that Green wants his daughter brought to him and assures Green he will try his best.

Martin meets Kate, Green’s daughter, who is now a family therapist. He explains to her why he is there and she in turn tells him that her father had a gift which is why he was taken to the Teller Institute, but after he returned he had changed. She says she is convinced he killed those three people because when she asked him he confessed that he did. She was left in the care of an aunt she barely knew and when she tried to meet him in prison he refused, which is why she doesn’t want to meet him now or talk to him. She tells Martin to leave and never contact her again.

While Jake is busy placing the gears of the wall clock he has disassembled in a certain order on a table, Abraham gets a call from Martin, who tells him about Green and his daughter. Abraham says Martin will have to convince Kate that Green is worth saving and adds that if Green is one of the 36 Martin just can’t let him die. Mike and his wife are discussing about how a man killed his father because he wanted to steal his car, but is still walking free. Mike says he can’t get over that incident, so he is unable to focus on anything else. His wife argues that the person he is planning to kill in the night had nothing to do with his father’s death, but Mike says this person killed someone and so he deserves to die. Mike’s wife is simply not able to come to terms with his decision and walks away completely distraught.

Martin finds out that the three people Green allegedly killed while trying to rob an antique store, where he was working, were all Aster Corps employees. Martin meets Zenger, the owner of the antique store, who says Green didn’t steal anything from his store on the night of the incident. In fact, Green only took a box in which was a machine he had himself built using spare parts from the store. Zenger says he couldn’t figure out why Green would kill 3 people to take something that was his. Mike reluctantly leaves for his mission with a guy driving a yellow car.

Martin brings Green’s machine home and Jake on seeing it immediately seems to figure out what it is. Abraham says the machine is a cipher, something that is used for building and interpreting messages. Abraham wonders if the machine held a message that was worth killing for. Martin meets Kate once again and shows her the machine. She recognizes it and says there is a gear missing, which is the key to operating it. She says her father had told her a fairy tale that this machine would help find the 36 people who would save the earth.

Martin says her father didn’t narrate a fairy, but spoke the truth. He tells her about Aster Corps and the 36, but she finds it difficult to believe all of it. He says he too initially did not believe any of it, but after seeing the things that he did he changed his opinion. He tells her that her father probably killed those three employees of Aster Corps to protect the 36 and now wants her to save his life. While Green is being walked to the execution room, Miller gets a call from Martin, who tells him that he and Kate are on their way. At home, Abraham is baffled to see Jake place the hands of the wall clock at 9:48 and then go back to writing 948 in his notebook.

While Green is being readied for the execution, Mike and his friend Dixon, both of whom are prison guards, discuss how they will carry out the execution, the sole responsibility of which is on the two of them. Mike goes out for a smoke and sees Kate and Martin waiting impatiently at the prison gate to get in. He recognizes Kate, who is his son’s therapist, and helps them get it. He seems really disturbed, when he finds out that Green is Kate’s father and tells her how sorry he is that Green is going to be executed. While Martin and Kate make their way inside, Mike tells one of the guards that he wants to talk to the Warden about something.

Martin and Kate go in and Glenn says he has been informed by the Warden that there will be a delay because one of the execution team members has dropped out. Green seems glad to see his daughter although he still doesn’t utter a word, but she understands how much he loves her. He is taken away for the execution and his daughter goes with Miller to the gallery. The prison guards hand Martin, Green’s belongings in a box, and in it he sees a note that says “your son knows”. Martin gets a call from Abraham, who asks Martin if the numbers 948 mean anything to him. Martin says it’s the address to the antique shop, where Green used to work.

Martin arrives at the shop with Jake and Abraham and there Jake sees a clock, which Zenger says was repaired by Green. Jake disassembles the clock and in it finds the gear, which is the key to the cipher. Once home, Jake uses the key to activate the cipher. Trevor arrives and tells Martin about Lucy and while he is trying to come to terms with the news, the numbers 318 are revealed to Jake by the cipher. He seems to realize something, walks to the window and sees Amelia standing outside. The episode ends at this point.