Two Of A Kind - Recap

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The episode begins with Trevor telling Martin that Lucy’s body was found in the front seat of her station wagon, which was at the bottom of a ravine. Martin blames himself, saying he left her, but suddenly realizes that only one body was found, which means Amelia is still alive. A man is shown spying on them from a distance and, after eavesdropping on their conversation, he walks away. Amelia, who is in the bedroom with Jake, tells him that she can’t stay with them just yet because if Martin finds her, he will hand her over to the police. She also reveals that Guillermo is still alive, although Martin shot him, and he is coming for Jake.

Using the cipher, Jake brings up the numbers 10262000 and Amelia tells Jake to show this to Martin. Before leaving, she tells him to follow the numbers to find her once again. Guillermo is in a hotel room, by himself, and is checking out an article on an archaeology website. He is looking closely at the photo of a woman in that article. On the table, he has her photo alongside Jake’s. The man, who was earlier spying on Martin and Trevor, arrives at Guillermo’s hotel room. He gives Guillermo Martin’s address and, instead of paying the man, Guillermo slashes his throat after telling him why he wanted him to find where Martin is.

Nell, the woman from the article, is at home with Simon, her husband, and her baby. She is packing her stuff and leaving for California. She will be working there and, because of the severe insomnia she suffers from, will also be visiting a sleep clinic. She is taking along with her a 50,000 year old stone artifact, which has some markings on it and was also seen in the article Guillermo was reading. At Martin’s, Jake is burning up. Martin is really worried when he learns this. Jake points to the cipher. Martin sees the numbers and tells Trevor that 10262000 is Jake’s birthday. He asks Trevor to run these through Breakwire, the underground search engine that Trevor has in his office.

Before Martin walks out, Jake stuns him by speaking his first words. He tells Martin to “find him”. Martin tells Abraham, who has just arrived, what Jake said. Martin’s conclusion is that Jake wants him to find Guillermo so, after entrusting Abraham with taking care of Jake, he leaves for Trevor’s office. Calvin is at home and is watching the news. Nicole Farrington, Aster Corps CEO, is making an official statement about how some irregularities were found in Aster Corps operations, which are being thoroughly investigated. She is heard saying that she won’t tolerate any illegal or unethical practices within the corporation.

While he is watching this, Calvin gets a call from an Aster Corps representative, who says Farrington wants to meet him, personally, and will be paying him a visit later in the day. Martin arrives at Trevor’s office, and shows him a new number that Jake has provided. It’s the first number he has given with a dash in it. 2013-1026, when searched, reveals the details of an unclaimed body in the city morgue. Nell calls Simon from an airport in Chicago. She is stranded there because her flight has been delayed. She asks him to call the university in L.A. and arrange for someone to pick up the artifact, because it will be get there before her.

During their conversation, Simon asks Nell what she can see. She looks outside the airport and describes to him an Indian settlement, complete with teepees and the works. Before hanging up, he tells her what an amazing gift she has. At home, after looking at the map of the city, Jake figures something out. The map on one corner has the 2013 schedule for bus 1026, which goes to the airport. Jake puts all the stuff he has been working on in his backpack, and walks out of the house. After trying to stop him from leaving, Abraham is forced to follow him.

At the morgue, Martin and Trevor are shown the unclaimed body. It’s the man who was hired, by Guillermo, to spy on Martin. Although Martin doesn’t recognize the man, he notices how the man’s throat was slit. They are informed that the body was found in a dumpster, near a hotel, and are also given the address. Bus 1026 takes Jake and Abraham to the airport. Amelia was also on the bus and she accompanies them. They see flight 1026 is scheduled to arrive, from London, and rush to the terminal. Martin and Trevor arrive at the hotel and ask the manager about Guillermo. He reveals that Guillermo is probably still in his room, because he hasn’t checked out yet. Martin convinces the manager that they are from U.S. Customs, and asks him to show them Guillermo’s room.

At the airport, Jake finds a wooden crate with Nell’s name and the numbers 1026 on it. Jake draws some symbols on paper and gives it to Abraham, who says he has to inform Martin about this. He walks away to call Martin, because there is no cell phone signal where he is standing. Jake and Amelia watch the crate being hauled away by a guy and follow him. At the hotel, Martin and Trevor find Guillermo’s room empty and, upon seeing a blood stain on the floor, Martin asks the manager to call the police. While at it, he gets a call from Abraham, who tells him about the symbols. Martin says they are hieroglyphics, and he is presently seeing them in a photo that Guillermo has left in the trashcan.

At the airport, Nell arrives and hails a cab to the university. Guillermo, who is nearby, steals a vehicle and follows Nell. Jake and Amelia see the guy loading the crate into the back of a van, from the university. Before he drives away, they distract him and quickly hide in the back of the van. Abraham returns, after he is done with the call, and begins to panic when he sees Jake and Amelia are missing.

During their meeting, Farrington shows Calvin the new Aster Corps facility. It has been made much friendlier for the test subjects. Calvin is amazed to see the changes, and eventually agrees to join Aster Corps again. Farrington shows him that the company has started a sleep therapy program, because most subjects have trouble sleeping. So now, they voluntarily come to the company to seek help for their problem and, while they are sleeping, the tests are run. Farrington says they have come up with a 90 sequence number, thanks to these tests, which is the “God Sequence”. She also asks him about Martin’s whereabouts, but he says he doesn’t know. She seems to believes him.

While Jake and Amelia arrive at the university, Martin and Trevor find out that Nell is at the university. Abraham calls Martin. He tells him that the kids are missing and they must have followed the crate. Martin concludes that they, too, must be at the university and heads there. Jake and Amelia find the crate in a lab and, after opening it, Jake begins decoding the hieroglyphs on the stone, which are actually numbers. Guillermo follows Nell into the university grounds and sees her entering the building. While decoding the hieroglyphs, Jake begins to tremble because he realizes Guillermo is here. They hurry out of the lab, while Nell is on her way to the lab with Guillermo stalking her. He soon catches up with her and puts a knife to her throat.

Martin arrives at the university grounds. Guillermo is waiting for Jake to arrive before he kills her, but Jake, who is two floors above, telepathically tells him that she is not the one. Guillermo, unable to bear the pain of this telepathic encounter, clutches his head in pain. Nell immediately makes a run for it. She runs into Martin, who has just entered the building, and begs him to save her from the armed lunatic. He tells her to run and he calls 911, while making his way to where Guillermo is. Suddenly, Guillermo appears and attacks him with the knife, but he manages to fend off the attack.

Their fight spills into a chapel, housed within the university halls. Martin, using a heavy candle stand, manages to severely injure Guillermo. After he realizes he has failed in his mission, Guillermo slashes his own throat. Jake and Amelia arrive there, soon after, and Jake pockets Guillermo’s knife necklace. After the authorities are done questioning them, Jake takes Nell to the lab, and shows her that he has deciphered the hieroglyphs. She is too amazed for words.

That night, at home, Martin tells Abraham that Guillermo said something about “the nest of 7” before he died. He asks him what it means. Abraham pretends to dismiss the statement as the ravings of mad man, but secretly looks worried. After Abraham leaves, Martin says that they are going to find Amelia’s father. Amelia says that she doubts he will find him because she knows these things. Amelia goes to her bedroom, and Martin thanks Jake for finding Amelia. He says that Amelia is a part of their family now. Jake, in response, smiles at him and goes to his room. The episode ends at this point.