Accused - Recap

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The episode begins with Tanner, being accompanied by one of his men, arrives outside a house. At home, Martin gets a call from Trevor and gives him the news that Guillermo is dead. He tells Trevor that he is planning to tell Detective Lang, the cop handling the case, everything. After the call, Martin follows Jake into his bedroom and sees Amelia standing there by herself, crying. She is missing her mother. Martin suddenly hears someone sneaking in. He switches off the light in the room and leaves the kids inside. He closes the door behind him and picks up a knife. He spies on Tanner and his accomplice and sees them looking around the house, while holding guns.

He goes back to where Jake and Amelia are and tells them that they need to quietly sneak out of the back. They do so without Tanner or his accomplice noticing. At her office, Nicole Farrington is informed that there has been an incident with Dr. McCormack, one of the inmates of her facility. She is told that he escaped and was again captured, but he was with a friend of his named Shane Stevens, a marine who got roughed up in the process. Now Shane has put up flyers all over town that McCormack is missing and has also filed a missing persons report. Dr. Linus, the man carrying out the experiments, is told by Farrington that they will have to quickly finish the sequence because things are heating up.

She as a result asks him to double McCormack’s dosage although Linus advises her against it. Linus says that it might psychologically affect McCormack. Martin arrives at Abraham’s with Amelia and Jake. They enter the house and Martin switches off all the lights, while telling Abraham that Aster Corps has sent people to his (Martin) house. The next day, while Martin is telling about Abraham his plan to talk to Detective Lang, Jake hands Martin a piece of paper with “3021” written on it. After entrusting Abraham with taking care of Jake, Martin leaves with Amelia to meet Lang. At the facility, Dr. McCormack is brought back to his senses with a shot of adrenaline. He had passed out because of his dosage being doubled. At Abraham’s place, Abraham figures out that 3021 when added gives 6, which is the number of healing.

Based on the number, he concludes that they need to look for a doctor. He puts the numbers in a search engine and it brings up the details of Dr. McCormack. It’s a missing person’s report posted online by McCormack’s friend, Shane Stevens. Jake hints that he wants to meet Shane Stevens, so Abraham has no other option, but to follow him. On the way, Abraham figures out that McCormack is possibly one of the 36 and needs their help. At the precinct, Martin and Amelia arrive. They are called into an interview room by Lang and Martin then begins telling Lang his story. He hands Lang a flash drive, saying it will back up all what he is telling him, is true. Lang finds it difficult to believe all that Martin has told him and says that he wants to first talk to Amelia.

Lang also tells one of men to bring in Tony Rigby for questioning. At an airport, Rigby, who seems to be in a hurry, buys a ticket to New York. The clerk at the counter swipes his credit card and immediately on his screen, a Homeland Security Alert in Rigby’s name pops up. After Rigby walks away, oblivious about what the clerk has learned, the clerk alerts the authorities. At a diner, Abraham and Jake meet Shane. He tells them, how McCormack, who was an army surgeon in Afghanistan, saved the lives of 5 marines. Shane, who was one of them, tells Abraham that McCormack came back after being discharged from duty. He says that 3 months ago, McCormack disappeared.

Shane feels the doctor’s life is in danger and recounts how some men kidnapped McCormack right in front of his eyes, after assaulting him (Shane). In the end, Shane asks Abraham how they know McCormack. After Abraham admits that they don’t, but were sent to help him, Shane, assuming the whole thing to be a joke, storms out. Abraham chases after Shane and tries to reason with him, but to no avail. While Shane is trying to get away from Abraham, he crashes into a bicycle courier. While they are distracted, Jake picks up and quickly pockets a box that fell out of the courier’s backpack. At the precinct, Amelia is recounting to Lang all that she has been through.

Martin tells Lang, how his son has the same abilities as Amelia and shows Lang the number, Jake gave him earlier. At the airport, Rigby is arrested before he can escape. At the precinct, Lang assures Martin that he will get to the bottom of things and asks Jake to go be with his son. After returning home, Martin is worried on seeing Jake and Abraham aren’t there. He and Amelia rush out to look for them. On the street, Jake hands Abraham the box, he stole from the courier. On it is the name and address of someone named Randy Kitson and it’s mentioned that if this box is found that it be returned to Randy. Abraham concludes that by returning the box, it might lead them to McCormack, so they proceed to do so.

At the facility, Farrington hands Calvin McCormack’s file and gives him all the details about the doctor. At the precinct, Rigby tells Lang that he doesn’t work for Aster Corps anymore and asks him to talk to Nicole Farrington instead. Lang says he will, but also detains Rigby for further questioning. Martin and Amelia are still searching for Jake and Abraham. Amelia, who sometimes sees visions of things that are going to happen, tells Martin that she sees Jake. At Farrington’s office, Lang arrives and questions her about all that he has been told. She denies everything. Calvin, who is there with her, even provides him proof that Aster Corps had no connection with any of the wrongdoings.

After returning the box to Randy Kitson, who runs a smootie stand, Jake stands in front of a clock placed nearby. At his office, Lang is informed that none of what Martin or Amelia said checks out. Also, there was a gun found near Martin’s house with his prints on it and it was the same gun used to kill Lucy. While Martin and Amelia are looking for Jake, his car is stopped and he is arrested for Lucy’s murder. Amelia sneaks out of Martin’s car, before the cops realize she is there. At her office, Farrington gets a text about Martin’s arrest and tells Calvin about it. At the precinct, Martin is told about the evidence that was found against him. He tries to reason that he is innocent, but to no avail.

While Jake is busy staring at the clock, he suddenly notices McCormack sitting in a café nearby. Abraham sees him too and rushes to talk to him. He tells the doctor, who he is and also about the 36, but McCormack doesn’t seem interested. He asks Abraham to leave him alone and walks away. Jake runs after him. At the precinct, Martin is visibly surprised on learning that he has been bailed out by Calvin. He tells Martin that he too wants to get even with Aster Corps for killing his mother. Before leaving, Calvin tells Martin he did his part, now it’s up to him (Martin), how he goes about doing things. Martin returns home and sees Amelia sitting there by herself. He asks if she can still see Jake and she says that she can.

She says she can take him to where Jake is, so they rush out. While Abraham and Jake are chasing after McCormack, urging him to stop, Martin arrives. He reprimands Abraham for leaving the house and risking Jake’s life. He orders Jake to get in the car, while Abraham tries to tell Martin about McCormack. Martin says he doesn’t care because protecting his son and Amelia is most important to him at the moment. Abraham refuses to stop pursuing McCormack, saying he has to protect the doctor because he is one of the 36.

Martin as a result leaves Abraham on the street and drives away. Soon after, Abraham is kidnapped by a bunch of men, who put a bag over his head and throw him in a van, before driving away. At her office, Farrington tells Calvin, how she wants him to work hard to complete the sequence, so his ailing brother can get his life back. Martin, who is feeling guilty about his earlier behavior, tries calling Abraham, but it goes to voicemail. At a facility somewhere, Abraham is being held prisoner in a little room. The episode ends at this point.