Fight Or Flight - Recap

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The episode begins with Amelia having nightmares about all that has happened. She wakes up with a start and sees Jake watching her. Martin comes in and tells them to get ready for breakfast. Martin is still trying to get in touch with Abraham, who isn’t picking up his calls. He has left Abraham a number of voice messages, saying how sorry he is. Martin gets a call from Trevor, who informs him that a vendor saw a Hasidic man being abducted into a van yesterday. Martin is shocked because he immediately realizes this man was Abraham. Martin tells Trevor that Abraham was trying to track down McCormack, who is one of the 36.

While trying to find some way to escape from the room he is being held in, Abraham hears chanting. At the care facility, Calvin tells his brother that Aster Corps is just 10 digits away from finding the God Sequence, which would help cure him. At Farrington’s office, Calvin overhears her talking to an auditor about the $40 billion loss that the company is staring at. After the auditor leaves, Calvin asks her how bad the situation is. At the market, while asking around about Abraham; Martin, Jake, Amelia and Trevor come across Dr. McCormack sitting at a café. Martin tries to talk to him, but McCormack refuses to entertain him and begins to leave. He barely stands up; when it appears that he has a heart attack. He collapses to the ground and dies.

After McCormack’s body is taken away, Martin is told Detective Lang wants to speak to him. Martin leaves the kids with Trevor before going to meet Lang. After Trevor walks away with the kids, Martin sees Dr. Plimpton, one of the 36, who Martin had saved from Guillermo a few weeks ago, arriving. She is there to meet McCormack. Martin takes her aside to give her the bad news. While they are hanging out, Jake reveals the number 53 to Trevor, who tries to figure out the relevance of it. While chatting with Dr. Plimpton, Martin is surprised to learn that she is one of the 36. He also learns that both she and Dr. McCormack were a part of a sleep therapy program. She reveals that there are in all seven patients that this clinic is treating. On hearing this, Martin recalls “the nest of 7” that Guillermo had talked about before dying.

A cop arrives and says Lang is ready to see him. The cop addresses him as Baum and Martin had told Dr. Plimpton that his last name was Bishop. She finds this odd and quickly leaves before Martin can explain himself. After assuring Lang that he had nothing to do with McCormack’s death, Martin tell him about Abraham’s abduction. Martin suspects Abraham was abducted by Aster Corps. Lang asks him to stay at home till he sorts out this whole Aster Corps issue. Martin tells Trevor that Dr. Plimpton told him McCormack used to write in his journal about his health problems. Martin had noticed McCormack put a journal in his pocket before dying and tells Trevor they need to find it.

At Aster Corps, Farrington tells Calvin about the company’s financial woes. She says only the “God Sequence” can put things right because it would help them predict everything from stock prices to currency values. Farrington gets a call from Tanner, informing her that McCormack is dead. She says she can’t have the police showing up at the clinic. He assures her that he will handle the issue. She also tells him to find Jake as soon as possible. At the clinic, Calvin arrives and is shocked on learning about McCormack’s death. Calvin asks to see McCormack’s chart to find out if their experiment caused the death. Dr. Linus, who is heading the program, refuses to entertain Calvin, saying the experiment is absolutely safe and McCormack died of a heart attack. At the morgue, Martin arrives to recover McCormack’s journal.

He sees Tanner leaving with the journal and chases after him. Tanner manages to escape after firing a few shots at Martin, who is forced to take cover. At Trevor’s office, after a bit of research, Martin and Trevor figure out which sleep clinic in the city is being run by Aster Corps. Trevor decides to go into the clinic to save the patients, who according to Amelia might all die, if they aren’t rescued. Martin, Amelia and Jake decide to wait in a car outside because everyone at Aster Corps by now recognizes Martin. At the clinic, Trevor pretends he suffers from the same symptoms as McCormack, which is why he can’t get any sleep. Dr. Linus takes him to an empty conference room and asks Trevor to take a test. Before leaving, he tells Trevor he can take all the time he needs.

Trevor turns away from the security camera, wears a Bluetooth headset and calls Martin. He tells Martin about the test. Martin asks him to take a picture of the test and send it to him. After receiving the picture, Jake gets to work. He marks the answers, which Martin conveys to Trevor. After he is done, Trevor calls for Linus. At her office, Calvin takes up the issue of McCormack’s death with Farrington, saying the sleep experiments might be dangerous. Farrington doesn’t care because she is more bothered about the “God Sequence”, which would allow Aster Corps to predict the future. She tells Calvin he is free to leave if he isn’t comfortable, but also reminds him that he needs the sequence to cure William, his brother.

While heading with Trevor to the sleep lab, Linus tells him how impressive his test results were. After sneaking into Dr. Linus’ office, Calvin sees McCormack’s brains scans on his desk. He is shocked with what he sees in the scans. Meanwhile, Trevor is hooked to a sleep machine. After opening a package he has received, Abraham sees that inside is a book. The book is in Yiddish and a particular passage is marked in one of the pages of the book. He reads the passage, but doesn’t understand its significance. At the clinic, while she is hooked on to the sleep machine, Dr. Plimpton begins convulsing. While Trevor is talking to Martin over the phone, one of the nurses there sees him.

Martin knows Trevor is in trouble, so he goes in to help him. Before leaving, he asks Amelia and Jake to stay put in the car and call the police if they sense trouble. Calvin comes and whisks Trevor away before the nurse can ask him too many questions. After entering the facility, Martin finds Trevor and Calvin. Martin is informed by Calvin that the study is killing the patients and he has evidence. Calvin takes the duo to Dr. Linus office and shows them the brain scan, saying this experiment is shredding the frontal lobe of the patients’ brains. He also gives Martin McCormack’s journal kept in Linus’ office, which describes in detail how the study affected him.

Calvin tells them that Dr. Plimpton is in a really bad shape, so they have to immediately get her out. After unhooking her from the sleep machine, Calvin asks the duo to rush her to the hospital, saying she might feel fine if her brain gets enough rest. Calvin goes to the room where Linus is working with his team, so he can distract them. Moments before Lang and his men are alerted, Martin and Trevor manage to sneak out Dr. Plimpton from the facility. Martin drives away with Plimpton to the hospital, while Trevor stays behind, so he can call Detective Lang with the evidence. Inside the facility, Lang asks everyone working there to quickly clear out because he suspects that the cops will soon arrive.

At Abraham’s cell, a Hasidic man enters and tells him that he is being held captive for his own safety. The man cryptically says “he” will be here tomorrow morning and all will be clear. Abraham asks the man, who this “he” is, but the man refuses to answer that and instead leaves. While driving back home after dropping Dr. Plimpton at a hospital, Martin calls up Trevor, who is with Lang.

The cops have stormed the lab and rescued the patients. Martin thanks Trevor for everything. After Martin hangs up, Amelia senses something is wrong. Moments later, an SVU crashes into Martin’s vehicle from the driver’s side. Martin passes out from the impact, while Lang and his men, who are in the SUV, get out and kidnap Jake and Amelia. The episode ends at this point.