Leviathan - Recap

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The episode begins with Martin waking up in the hospital and being told by a doc that he is fine except for a mild concussion. Martin is shocked on learning from Trevor that Jake and Amelia weren’t in the car. Martin and Trevor leave the hospital in search of the kids. Martin checks his jacket pocket and in it he sees a piece of paper with the numbers “318” written on it. Martin figures Jake must have put the piece of paper in his pocket just before the crash. After being told by Trevor that his car was towed from the crash site, Martin tells him they need to find his car because Jake might have left some clue in it.

At the pier, a ship called “Leviathan” is docked and standing nearby are Nicole Farringdon and Lawrence, her lawyer. They are there to meet someone. Awhile later, Tanner arrives there with Amelia and Jake. The kids are taken aboard the “Leviathan” by Farringdon’s men. Lawrence feels Farringdon is absolutely insane for believing that a bunch of numbers will solve their $40 billion problem and therefore refuses to be a part of any of this. Farringdon calls Calvin and informs him that Jake and Amelia have been found. She asks him to come to the “Leviathan”. At the car impound, Martin and Trevor look around inside Martin’s car and find a pair of gloves. Martin says they aren’t his, so they decide to run an ID on the gloves.

Aboard the “Leviathan”, Calvin arrives and sees Jake and Amelia being held in a cell. He looks worried, but plays along, telling Linus that they should get started with the experiment. Elsewhere, Abraham is released from captivity and brought to a rabbi. The two talk about the 36. The rabbi hints to Abraham that the “God Sequence” has been found in its entirety. He then shows Abraham some Yiddish inscriptions in a book kept in front of him. At the forensic lab, with Detective Lang’s help Martin and Trevor learn that the fingerprints on the gloves are Tanner’s. Lang gets a call informing him that Martin’s bail has been revoked. He tells Martin about it, saying he as a result will have to arrest him again. Martin begs Lang to let him look for his son.

Lang allows him to leave, saying when he comes for him (Martin) the next time; maybe Martin can lead him to some bad guys. At the rabbi’s chamber, Abraham sees the “God Sequence”, written in the book in front of him. Abraham is astonished on seeing it. He is told by the rabbi that today the world will also know of it. The rabbi comments that humanity must be allowed to progress or everything must come to an end. Abraham fears that if all is supposed to come to an end today, it means Jake is in danger. The rabbi says it’s possible and that today might be Jake’s last day on earth. Abraham isn’t happy to hear that and expresses his anguish. The rabbi reprimands Abraham, saying he has no right to come in the way of what the lord has decided.

He then orders Abraham to sit in the room with him until the day is up, so he can’t interfere in things that are about to transpire. On the “Leviathan”, Amelia reassures Jake, saying everything will be ok. She asks him to wait for her signal. Farringdon is told by Calvin that there are 8 numbers left to complete the sequence. She says they have only till the next morning, so Linus suggests Amelia and Jake be put into induced coma. Calvin says that’s really dangerous and reminds them that, was the reason McCormack died. Farringdon and Linus remind Calvin how this number could save his brother, which prompts Calvin to withdraw his protest. Amelia tells Jake that there is an 84% chance Calvin will help them. She then puts her plan into motion. As per the plan, Jake feigns a convulsion, while Amelia yells for help.

Linus comes to check on Jake. The moment Linus arrives, Jake stops convulsing and sits up as if nothing has happened. After asking Amelia to keep an eye on Jake, Linus walks out, but before the door to the cell can completely close, Amelia rolls a toy car towards the door. Thanks to the car, the door remains open. At Tanner’s, Martin and Trevor sneak in and see that he isn’t home. Martin finds a tazer kept in a drawer in the house. They hear Tanner entering and immediately hide. Tanner enters and notices Trevor hiding in one corner of the house, but before he can do anything about it, Martin sneaks up behind him and tazes him. Tanner collapses to the ground unconscious. The duo then ties him to a chair. After Tanner regains consciousness, Martin beings torturing him to find out where Jake is. Tanner refuses to answer and eventually passes out.

Trevor notices that Tanner is wearing a wire. On the “Leviathan”, Jake and Amelia sneak out of captivity. At Tanner’s, Martin and Trevor learn that he has been wearing a wire, so he can record every conversation between him and Farringdon. Tanner, who is now conscious, explains that the recordings are an insurance policy, just in case Farringdon tries to frame him for everything. Seeing that there isn’t a way out, Tanner reluctantly reveals to the duo, where Jake is. After rendering Tanner unconscious, Martin calls Lang. While escaping, Jake and Amelia run into Calvin, who offers to help them. Before he can walk the kids to the exit, Linus stops them and Calvin is forced to pretend that he found the kids wondering around the ship. Linus takes the kids and walks back to the lab, while Calvin looks on helplessly.

The kids are hooked on to a sleep machine. Farringdon sees on the screen the remaining numbers of the sequence appearing. Martin arrives at the docks. He boards the “Leviathan” pretending to be a technical inspector, there to examine the ship’s engine. During the experiment, Calvin sees Amelia convulsing and realizes something is wrong. He is about to stop the experiment, but Farringdon stops him, reminding him that his brother needs the sequence to live. Moments later, the sequence is complete. Martin enters the lab gun in hand and orders Linus to stop the experiment. Linus refuses, so Martin shoots him in the foot.

He then removes the sleep devices from Jake and Amelia’s heads. Jake wakes up, but Amelia doesn’t. Calvin comes in and helps revive Amelia by sticking in her chest a syringe with some medication in it. Farringdon tries to access the Aster Corps system, but sees that she is being denied access. She calls Lawrence, asking why she isn’t able to access the system. Before he can explain why, the FBI is seen entering Lawrence’s office. Martin yells out to Farringdon to switch on the news, saying the whole world now knows, what she has done. Soon after, Lang arrives and arrests Farringdon, who is already stunned on hearing Tanner’s recordings, which are now public. At the rabbi’s chambers, after allowing Abraham to leave, the rabbi strikes out Amelia’s name from his book.

After returning to the care facility, Calvin is shocked on learning that his brother is dead. At the docks, Amelia tells Martin that she is fine. She then suddenly realizes that she can’t see the numbers anymore and happily tells Martin about this. At the care facility, Calvin is also arrested by Lang. At home, after Martin has tucked Jake and Amelia in, Abraham arrives. Martin is happy to see him. He tells Martin that he can no longer interfere in all that’s happening, which is why he is going back to his world. He hands Martin, Guillermo’s knife, saying he is now the protector of the 36. In an FBI locker, the cipher is stored. The series ends at this point.