Tour Girls

Tour Girls

Tour Girls is a spirited reality series that follows a group of mostly novice Australian strippers on a hectic three thousand kilometer adventure working the strip clubs of New Zealand. We meet them as they deal with drunken club patrons, obsessed fans, hard edged bosses, angry club owners and each other in this hectic dash from one club to another.

The cameras have 24 hour access as we capture the dramas, catfights and conflicts as the girls travel in a cramped motor home while working the back end strip clubs all around New Zealand over a tight three week schedule.

Among the cast of characters is the glamorous stripper who doesn't want to strip, Angie who can't perform unless she drunk, Britney who is from New Zealand but doesn't want mom or the home folks to know she strips, Buffy who likes to whine about everything and Karen, the tour veteran who is just trying to hold it all together.

Along with all this, throw in a couple of very arrogant tour managers who aren't afraid to correct the girls even after the most minor of infractions and who try to save every nickel they can on the tour, and you've got an addictive reality series with humor, drama, and human conflict. Learn to love these quirky and volatile personalities as they try to live and work together in very close quarters for three weeks.

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