Monitored - Recap

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At 7 a.m., an alarm sounds and Whisper 119 tells Ian that it's time for his run. He jogs outside and bumps into two girls, who comment on the Gnome helmet on the flagpole. Ian challenges them to keep up with him as he goes to meet with Coach. At the gym, Ian spars with Coach, who says he can achieve much more than martial art moves. The boy realizes that Coach has hidden feelings about Tower Prep, and Coach points out the West Campus in the distance. He explains that it's for students sentenced to detention, and warns that if Ian asks more questions, he'll end up there. Ian realizes that Coach was a student there, but Coach flips him and warns that you can never take your eyes off the other side.

The next morning, Ian is donning his school uniform and Don can't resist taunting him over the fact he's given up as a rebel. Ian goes to see Gabe, who has used his "hypersuasion" to convince his roommate Howard Gilmore to do chores for him. Gabe comes in and says that he filed a missing possession report with the monitors. Ian invites them to breakfast and admits he'd rather be with them. He asks about their roommate, who is sleeping beneath a blanket. They don't even know his name.

At the cafeteria, Whisper 119 delivers their breakfast choices. Ian trains in the exercise room, and then goes to class where Science lectures. When he asks a question, Ian jumps in and answers. Science gives them homework concerning ultraviolet light and prepares to leave. However, the monitors come in and inform Ian that he's accused of theft and larceny against his fellow students, and haul him to Headmaster's office. Headmaster lays out the charges and tells him that they found some of the stolen items in his drawers. Ian insists that he's innocent and that he just wants to fit in, but Headmaster says he has to call a student tribunal in four days. If Ian fails to prove himself innocent, he'll be sentenced to detention at West Campus. Headmaster puts a Monitor in charge of Ian, and warns him that he's not allowed to discuss the case with anyone. Ian wonders if it's a test, and Headmaster informs him he was thoroughly tested before he ever arrives. He then brings in Ian's Monitor, Chelsea Sloan.

As he walks, Ian wonders if Chelsea has a life. She insists that Tower Prep turned her life around, making her a better person. Fenton Capwell comes by and informs Ian that he knows he stole his opera recordings. While Chelsea ushers him away, Ian talks to Gabe, CJ, and Suki and tells them what's going on. He figures someone is trying to frame him, and asks them to ask around. Chelsea grabs him and shoves him in a closet, and warns the others to leave or they'll be on trial with him. Suki ushers the angry CJ away.

As Ian goes jogging, the other students insist they know he's innocent, but Chelsea quickly intervenes. Gabe goes to class and talks to one of the students, who had her laptop stolen. He uses his ability to convince her to tell him about any other suspects.

Ian spars with Coach, who warns that he's off-balance. Coach warns that he's on the tribunal and can't talk about it. He tells Ian to learn to power through adversity and throws him, but Ian lands on his feet. Chelsea repeats Coach's admonition and Ian successfully launches a flying spin kick.

Suki talks to Fenton's neighbor and asks if he took the recordings so he wouldn't have to listen to more of Fenton's singing.

That night in his room, Ian calls out to Chelsea and suggests they go for food. She tells him to go to bed. Ian wonders how to get out to clear himself, and starts bouncing ball impatiently. He hears it hit a hollow section of the wall and figures out how to open it. Once he's sure that Chelsea isn’t listening, Ian opens it up and discovers a maze of passageways. He calls out and tells Chelsea he's going to bed, and then sneaks away.

In the observatory, CJ, Gabe, and Suki are going over their clues when Ian comes in through the passageway. He figures the real thief is using the passageways to steal from the other students, and goes back to his room before curfew begins and his roommates return. As Ian makes his way through the passageways, he goes past Headmaster's office. He listens as Headmaster has Whisper 119 analyze the Gnome helmet from the flagpole for structural damage, and send him the test answers on Science's homework concerning light properties.

Ian enters a closet and finds himself in Gabe's room, where Howard is polishing Gabe's shoes. He realizes where his room is relative to Gabe's, but finds himself in the girl's room. Don and Ray are going through their belongings. When the girls come in, they claim that they're just protecting them from the thief, but they don't believe him. Ian continues on and finds Gabe's stolen item, a sock monkey. The stuffing beads leak out as Ian hears Don and Ray returning to their room and talking to Chelsea. He gets in just in time.

The next morning, Ian meets the others for breakfast. Howard is there, and asks if Gabe wants to go to a movie with him. Gabe turns him down and he walks away. Ian tries to talk to his friends, but Chelsea intervenes so he spills his orange juice. When she goes to get a washrag to clean it up, Ian gives Gabe his sock monkey and says he found more clues in the passageways.

Later, the quartet meets at the observatory and Ian figures they can follow the stuffing beads back to the thief's room. That night, Suki rigs their PDAs to emit light and function underground. Gabe and Ian follow the beads while CJ and Suki stay in the room and cover for Ian's absence.

When Chelsea hears them moving in the room, Suki impersonates Ian and claims that she's exercising. Don and Ray come toward the room and Suki and CJ hear them. She sends CJ to find Gabe and Ian, and then hides under the blanket. She inadvertently snickers when Don insists that one of the girls likes him, and Don starts to pull away the blanket and ask who Ian is interested in. Much to their surprise, "Ian" says that Suki is a hottie.

As they explore, Ian and Gabe fall through a weak section of floor. When they recover, they realize that that Tower Prep was built on an older building. They find a laboratory and wonder if years ago, the people there conducted experiments on students with powers. Gabe spots lights and they go to investigate. Gnomes arrive and Ian boosts Gabe up into a vent. Once the Gnomes go past, the boys drop down and retreat, and bump into CJ. They figure that the Gnomes use the tunnels to secretly enter the school. CJ tells them that Suki will signal them once Don and Ray fall asleep or leave.

The trio continues their search and finds a hidden chamber. Inside are all of the stolen items, including Fenton's recordings. They wonder if Fenton is the thief, since most students don't like opera. They hear approaching footsteps, but the thief realizes that they're there and runs. They chase him but are soon lost in the darkness. They figure that the thief won't come back now that he or she knows they know of the hidden chamber.

When they get back, Ian and the others confront Fenton and accuse him of being the thief. He explains that he downloaded MPs from the girls next door, establishing an alibi. CJ confirms that he's telling the truth with her power. Fenton complains that Gabe is tracking in dirt, and Ian notes that he saw Howard polishing shoes earlier. Ian then asks what Howard's ability is.

Later, Gabe is in his room with Howard when the girls come in and say that Ian has escaped. Ian runs in, turns out the lights, and throws a bust to Howard, who easily catches it. Gabe explains that Howard can see in the dark. Howard admits that his power made him an outsider, and he's an outsider at Tower Prep as well. Gabe apologizes for taking advantage of him, and admits that he doesn't always have control of his powers. Howard figures that Gabe didn't need him as a friend once Ian arrived, and then he found the passageways. He used them to create his own world where his power made it his own. Ian understands, but tells Howard that now they fight the authorities and would welcome him. However, first he has to make things right.

The next day, Howard goes to the tribunal and confesses. Ian and Chelsea testify that Howard lead them to the stolen objects. When Science asks how he got into the other students' room, Howard lies and claims that he used his powers to navigate in the darkness. Before the tribunal can pass sentence, Gabe speaks up, assures them that he isn't using his ability, and then explains that he took advantage of Howard and played a part in what he did as a result. Headmaster says that Gabe's action is admirable, but Howard will have to pay the price and sentences him to six weeks at West Campus. Chelsea says goodbye to Ian, and Headmaster informs Ian that with Howard's detention, Gabe and Howard have a vacancy.

Don and Ray are glad to learn that Ian is gone... until they discover that their new roommate is Fenton, who sings a greeting to them.

Gabe is happy that he and Ian are together, and starts to use his power to get Ian to do his science homework. Ian warns him not to even try or he'll send his sock monkey to West Campus.