Trust - Recap

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In the observatory, Ian tells the others that they’ll escape during the next Monday during the new moon. SATO-SAT-3 will be at optimal strength for one minute, 27 seconds, and Suki can use her brother’s PDA to boost her signal and make a four-minute phone call. CJ says she can make the rope in the next six days, but she hesitates and then assures them that she’ll be ready. They’ll start storing food and avoid attracting attention to themselves by blending in with the other students. When the time is right, they’ll use the tunnels to get out into the forest, and then use the rope to climb over the wall to the other side. Then they’ll use Suki’s phone to call for help and escape from Tower Prep.

Ian is exercising in class and slipping out jump ropes to CJ. As he leaves, Ian notices Monitors erasing a stencil of Redfang from the wall.

In the cafeteria, Gabe gets an apple, surprising Whisper. He finally convinces the computer to give him what he requested.

Suki finishes the modifications to her PDA and brings up her brother’s list of phone numbers. She then dials her father’s number. However, when he answers, Suki doesn’t say anything.

As CJ makes the ropes, she looks at herself in the mirror and tries to “read” her own emotions.

The group gathers in the cafeteria and comment on the new stencils. Ian notices that CJ is hesitant, and she insists that she’ll be ready when the time is right.

In class, Art asks someone to do an investigative story about the stencils and find out what they mean. She focuses on Ian, who tries to get him to take on the assignment. Emily volunteers, letting Ian off the hook.

That night, a storm is brewing outside when Ian comes to check on CJ. She admits that she got behind, and finally tells him that she can’t read her own emotions. CJ tells Ian that she’s not sure if she should go with them, because she has nowhere to go. Ian promises her that she can come with him, and she starts working on the rope again.

As he goes back to his class, Ian hears a hissing noise and goes to investigate. He discovers a student stenciling the image on the wall. As the student calmly leaves, Ian realizes that a new phrase is beneath the stencil: “A choice.” Ian goes to get CJ, but she refuses to come out. He goes inside and discovers that Cal Rice is in the room. Ian asks where he’s been, but Cal claims that he doesn’t remember. In response, Ian reminds him that he surrendered to the Gnomes. Cal denies remembering anything, and Ian asks CJ if he’s telling the truth. She says that her own emotions are clouding her perceptions. Cal says that he’s back to take care of CJ, and asks why CJ is bothering with Ian. A Monitor comes in to take Ian to Headmaster.

In his office, Headmaster asks Ian if he’s “broken,” and then shows him a photo of the stencil. He notes that Ian was the last one seen in the hallway before the stencil went up. Ian denies it, and Headmaster explains that it’s the symbol of Redfang, and it’s dangerous to Tower Prep and to Ian. When Ian says that Redfang is a myth, Headmaster says that he knows about Ian meeting Redfang and “The Broken,” and warns that if Ian doesn’t report them if they come for him, Ian will be “rebalanced.” As Ian leaves, Headmaster says that his mother was right and it’s dangerous for him.

Ian returns to his room and takes Gabe into the passageways. Once he’s sure they’re not being monitored, he tells Gabe that Cal knows about their escape and they need to call it off. Gabe isn’t sure why, and is surprised to learn that Cal is back, and visiting CJ. He warns Ian that Cal is a part of CJ’s old life, before Ian arrived, but he figures that CJ still wants to escape. Ian notes that the only person who knew Ian met Redfang was Cal, and he told Cal about their efforts to explain. Gabe still doesn’t believe it, and doesn’t want to take the risk of calling off the escape when they could all be in danger. Ian admits that he thought they had it all together, and Gabe asks if he meant the escape plan, or Ian and CJ. Ian just walks away.

In class, Art congratulates the students on writing all the articles on time for the web site. As class concludes, Ian says that his article appears to be have been rewritten. She denies it, and insists that the article is word-for-word what he submitted. As they talk, Emily walks away.

In his room, Ian examines his original article compared to the new article, and wonders if the new words form some kind of message. As they meet in class, Wood Shop arrives and informs them that Art has been let go, and he’ll be the new Tower Prep site advisor. When they wonder what happened to Art, Wood Shop refuses to discuss the matter.

Later, Emily comes to see Ian in his room. As he closes the door, he’s unaware that CJ has noticed the two of them together. Once they’re alone, Emily explains that the words were a code from The Broken. She says that they know that Ian and the others are planning to escape, and she knows because she found their escape map in Gabe’s backpack during the field trip. Ian asks her if Conner is part of The Broken, but she says that he isn’t, and the stencils are intended to give the students hope if they join the resistance. Emily tells Ian that she plans to join the Broken, and tells Ian that they’ll contact Ian on their own terms. He threatens to tell Headmaster what Emily has told him if she doesn’t help him, and warns her that he’s that desperate.

The next day, Ian gets up early and enters the tunnels alone. He uses them to escape into the forest, and finds the Broken member who was putting up the stencil earlier. He leads Ian past the gate into the tunnels where the other Broken have gathered. They take Ian to Redfang, and his spokesman, Conrad, demands to know how he learned where they were. Ian says that Emily gave him the code word, and they explain that they’re building a guerilla force. Ian says that he’s fine with them as they don’t interfere with his escape plans, but Conrad warns that they can’t climb the wall because there is no wall. The Broken plan to overrun the school, and they offer Ian the chance to help so that he can just walk out. Conrad admits that their leader, Stephen Phillips, is going mad and thinks he’s really Redfang. He wants Ian to lead them, and warns that he doesn’t have long to decide before the Gnomes find their location. When Ian says that they have to move sooner, the spokesman insists that they’re the only way out. Ian doesn’t give him an answer, but says that he appreciates Redfang’s help. As Ian goes, Conrad says that his friends are welcome, but if Ian doesn’t join them then they’ll find others with more discipline.

Later, Emily approaches Ian in the cafeteria and asks if he joined the Broken. He doesn’t answer, but she admits that she’ll be joining them. When Ian says that it isn’t up to just him, Emily says that Conrad said that Ian could bring CJ with him.

Ian meets with Gabe, who asks where he is. When he gives his friend the truth, Ian admits that they can’t trust Cal, and they can’t trust CJ because her emotions are involved. Gabe says that Ian is letting his feelings for CJ interfere with his judgment, and he’s sure that CJ would tell them if Cal were a Gnome. He agrees to join the Broken, but only if they bring Suki and CJ with them.

In the hallways, Headmaster has a student erase another stencil with the word “Exit.”

CJ finds Ian in the observatory and asks if he plans to escape with Emily rather than her. He refuses to give her a definite answer, noting that he can’t be sure about CJ’s loyalties. She insists that Cal is telling the truth, and Ian reluctantly tells her about The Broken. However, he warns her that if the Gnomes show up, he’ll have to figure that she’s the one who betrayed them. Once he explains The Broken’s plan, he tells CJ that he isn’t escaping with Emily, and says that they can still stick with their plan. CJ asks if his offer still stands to take her with him, and Ian assures her that his offer will always stand. She hesitates and then admits that she doesn’t trust Cal either, but she asks Ian to respect the fact that she can’t explain why. Ian says that he, Gabe, and Suki will join The Broken, and it’s up to her if she comes along with them. CJ tells him that she made her decision since the first day she met him.

As Ian and Gabe prepare to go, Gabe reluctantly leaves his bag of apples behind. In their room, CJ tells Suki that she needs a little more time and she’ll meet the others there. Once Suki goes, CJ picks up her phone. Cal arrives in response to her invitation and she hugs him.

Ian, Gabe, and Suki wait for CJ in the observatory. She finally arrives and they head out. They go out into the woods to meet their guide, but there’s no sign of him. Ian leads them to the tunnels and The Broken’s lair, but there’s no sign of the renegade students. Ian blames CJ for making them late. A single Gnome enters the room, and Ian figures that it’s Cal. CJ insists that she never told Cal, and the Gnome attacks Ian. The two of them fight and CJ attacks the Gnome from behind. It knocks her back and Ian comes after it. Gabe uses a fire extinguisher to blind it temporarily, allowing Ian to entangle it in some chains and then swing it into a wall. Once it’s down, Ian removes its helmet, revealing a complete stranger. CJ wonders if Ian still blames her, but he figures that she didn’t given that she joined in the attack on the Gnome.

As night falls, the gang goes out into the woods and realizes that they can’t join The Broken, and Headmaster knows about their plan.

Headmaster meets with his superiors and informs them that he has mended The Broken, and the situation is repaired. As he turns to go, they ask him about Ian, and he informs them that Ian is still Broken... but not for long.