Snitch - Recap

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As the fringers calculate star positions to determine the location of Tower Prep, they contemplate who may have betrayed the Broken. Ian still suspects Cal, even though he wasn’t the Gnome that attacked them. They agree to tell no one anything about their plans. As they talk a plane flies overhead. The Tower Prep security systems go off, and Ian spots a jumper parachuting down. As he goes to help, Monitors come to the door and try to get in. They try to get their keys to work, but finally give up. Once they go, the fringers lock up the cabinet with their evidence and make their way through the tunnels, dodging the Gnomes. Once the guardians go past, Ian scouts ahead and Gabe follows after him.

In the hallways, Ray and Fenton wonder what happened to Emily, and Ray realizes that Suki may be in trouble.

Ian heads for the passage going to Headmaster’s office and listens as Shinji meets with Headmaster. Shinji is angry that the campus has been invaded three times recently, and warns that the Board is considering a new Headmaster, but Headmaster is more concerned about the current invasions.

The Monitors stop Ray outside of Suki and CJ’s door, but he gets the door open and confirms that his friends made it back in time.

Shinji informs Headmaster that he plans to stay there to guarantee his father’s interests. Headmaster agrees, but tells him that he’ll receive a round-the-clock security detail. Once Shinji leaves, Headmaster glances up at the vent where Ian is hiding, walks toward it... and shuts it.

Gabe gets to his room just ahead of the Monitors conducting room check. They notice a bundle on Ian’s bed and check, and Ian speaks up, saying he’s sick and wants to get some sleep. Gabe plays along and the Monitors hastily retreat. Once they’re gone, Gabe wonders how Ian got in... and Ian emerges from the passageway in the closet. Conner whips off Ian’s sheets and they realize he’s the one who parachuted down. He tells them that he needs their help, and they’ve found a way out. He reminds them that his group is trying to free Tower Prep, and tells them that he got out through the wall. When they note that they were told the wall doesn’t exist, Conner explains that Whisper maintains the projection of the wall, and they hacked Whisper 119 by persuading her that it was cruel to keep humans captive. However, Shinji came there to upgrade Whisper 119, removing its conscience. Using the blueprints from Tower’s office, Conner’s group found a drainage pipe in the basement kitchen of West Campus that can give them access. However, it’s locked from the inside. Conner has the key to let his people in, but he needs their Gnome translator to avoid the patrols. Ian agrees, but only if he goes with him. Conner refuses, saying that Ian isn’t expendable.

The next morning, Headmaster addresses the students to reassure them that it was only a training exercise. Ian and Gabe discuss what happened, and decide not to tell Suki and CJ about Conner. The Monitors arrive to take Ian to Headmaster’s office, where Suki is already there. Headmaster asks if Ian trusts him, and Ian insists that he’s done nothing wrong. In response, Headmaster shows Ian the phone and demands the truth, but Ian says he has no proof that he tried to call his parents, and anyone could have done it. Headmaster then says that they identified a call to Suki’s father, and notes that Suki put a satellite capacitor in it. She admits that she got it from her brother, and agrees to return it to Shinji.

Later, Suki admits with the others and apologizes for making the call without letting them know. They wonder if she can be trusted given her family connections, and Ian says that he understands. However, they have to be careful, and tells Suki to beware of Shinji, and CJ of Cal. When CJ realizes something is wrong, Ian finally admits that Conner is there. She insists that there are any number of ways that Headmaster could have learned of the phone, but Ian suggests that one of them told Headmaster.

The next day, Ian is sparring against Coach in the skills lab, and Coach warns that he’s unfocussed. He asks what’s going on, and Ian asks Coach about West Campus, and how no one talks about it. Coach says that it’s a memory best left buried, and Ian realizes that he was there as a student. In response, Coach says that at West Campus, you face your deepest fear.

When CJ tries to avoid Cal, she asks him for the truth about what happened to Emily and the others. He says that she can read him and learn the truth, and if she can’t then it’s because her emotions are blocking her, and she has something to hide. Cal slips away as Headmaster walks down the hall.

In his room, Shinji gets a call from his father, who says things have changed and he has to come home immediately. Shinji agrees... and then calls his father back. Suki is at the other end, and “confirms” her father’s orders. Shinji asks if she should bring Suki home, per their discussion, and Suki hesitantly tells him to let Suki stay at Tower Prep.

That night, Ian and Gabe look out their window toward West Campus to see if they can spot Conner. Conner emerges from the passageway and says that the Gnomes were waiting for him. He got away, but they knew that he was there. He gives them a vial and tells them to hold onto it for safekeeping, and that it’s the end of everything. Ian tells Conner to go to the observatory via the passageways, but when he goes down, the Gnomes captured him.

Ian and Gabe examine the vial and realize that it’s Chemica Desin 2.0, and wonder why anyone would upgrade it. They also find a map of the passageways, including the ones that lead to West Campus. Ian wants to go and let Conner’s people in, but Gabe doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Gabe tries to stop him using his hypersuasion, but Ian warns him against it and asks him to hide the vial. When Gabe agrees and says he’ll do it with CJ and Suki, Ian says that one of them must have betrayed Conner, and he can’t have the girls’ help.

In the hallway, Suki and CJ consider the possibility of escape. When Suki asks if CJ would leave Cal behind, she says that she would do it. They arrive in their room and find Shinji waiting for his sister. CJ leaves them alone, and Shinji tells her that he knows about her attempt to trick him using her skill. He says that she’ll never realize her full potential because he’s taking her with him... because she’s bad for Tower Prep.

Ian makes his way through the tunnels, using Conner’s map.

Headmaster tells Dr. Specs to get the information they need from Conner, and that the Satos can’t learn of Conner’s presence. He then calls someone else and says they have to talk.

In his room, Gabe, cuts open Señor Guapo and hides the vial inside of it. As he starts to stitch the sock monkey up, CJ knocks on the door. Gabe hastily hides the monkey and relaxes, and CJ comes in. When she wonders where Ian is, Gabe lies and says she’s taking a shower, and CJ sits down on the bed on top of Señor Guapo. She asks if anything could have happened to Conner, and Gabe insists that he’s fine. CJ realizes that something is wrong with his responses, but Gabe deflects her accusation. She admits that she’s scared now that they’re close to escaping, and Gabe promises her that everything will be okay. Once she leaves, Gabe finishes sewing up his sock monkey.

Ian comes to the exit door and uses Conner’s key to open it. Beyond is a barred gate and a hallway. At the other end, Ian finds a flight of stairs. As he starts to go up them, he catches a glimpse of something behind him but sees nothing. Once he goes up, an older man in a suit steps out of the shadows.

Upstairs, Ian finds another door into West Campus and uses the key to open it. Beyond is what appears to be a hospital wing. Nurse and her assistant are in one room, working on Chemica Desin. Nurse notes that one vial is missing, but the assistant insists that she didn’t lose it. Ian continues and finds Dr. Specs treating a heavily drugged Conner. The doctor informs Conner that his orientation to West Campus is complete and leaves. Continuing, Ian finds the door leading to the basement area where the drainage pipe is located. He pries open the grille and realizes it’s their way out. He then sits down and waits for Conner’s people.

In his room, Gabe is working when the Monitors burst in. They immediately take his sock monkey, confirm it belongs to Gabe, and then remove the vial. Headmaster comes in and the Monitors hand the vial over. After a moment, Headmaster says that the situation is bad.

Headmaster brings Gabe to his office and demands to know how the vial got there, and suggests that Ian might be responsible. Gabe uses his hypersuasion to try and convince Headmaster that someone broke into his room and put the vial in Señor Guapo, but Headmaster is immune and tells the Monitors to take Gabe to West Campus.

Shinji takes Suki to a room and locks her in.

Ian takes the passageway to the observatory and tells CJ that he found the exit. She explains that Gabe has been taken to West Campus, and Suki has disappeared. Ian prepares to go to rescue Gabe, and tells CJ to find Suki so they can all escape, and then bring Tower Prep down.

The Monitors bring a drugged Gabe to West Campus and Nurse greets him. He’s taken to Dr. Specs, who appears to now that he appeared in Gabe’s dream.

Shinji brings men back to take Suki back home to their father.

Dr. Specs begins Gabe’s “orientation.”

Ian dodges the Gnomes in the tunnels and gets to the drainage pipe. There is no one there, and the Gnomes burst in on him. He tells them to do their worst.

Headmaster receives a visitor in his office: CJ. He says that there are things they must do to maintain security, even if they don’t understand. When she says that she doesn’t understand, he says that he’s her family and she has to trust him. Crying, CJ calls him “Father."