Fathers - Recap

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The Gnomes close in on Ian, and their leader arrives. He tells them that he’s seen the future, where they’re defeated, and then attacks. Prying a bar loose, Ian defeats the Gnomes, and the Gnome leader grabs his own improvised weapons. The two go at each other and Ian finally defeats his opponent.

The orderlies escort Gabe down a hallway and lock him in his new room. He discovers that he has a roommate, who says that he knows who Gabe is already. Someone drops a rook’s claw through the security slot of the door.

Suki’s father Takahiro comes to see Suki. He tells her that Shinji has been sent home, and she is not for Tower Prep.

As Ian heads down the corridor, the Tunnel Man emerges from the shadows and tells him that “three’s the charm.”

Headmaster asks his daughter, CJ, what she’s withholding from him. She says that she loves him, but she also loves her friends, and he owes her. Headmaster agrees that she’s right, but warns that the time isn’t right with Tower Prep on the brink of chaos. He asks her again how Ian broke into West Campus, and where he is. CJ asks what her father plans to do with her friends, and Headmaster says that Suki’s father is taking her back to Japan. Gabe is in West Campus, but has a Shadow. He warns CJ that if Ian is captured on West Campus, the Board will insist that he be strictly punished. CJ warns him that if her friends discover what she’s done, they’ll hate her.

Gabe asks his roommate about the rook’s claw, but gets no response. After he rambles on for a few minutes, there’s a knock on the door and he goes outside. The security guards tell him to return to his room, and Gabe tries to use his hypersuasion on them without success. As they go, Odin, the former Rooks leader, emerges from his cell along with two of his lackeys. Odin blames Gabe for his betrayal and moves in, but Gabe’s roommate comes out. Whatever Odin knows about him, it’s enough to make him back off for the minute. Gabe’s roommate turns around and goes back to his room without a word.

The Tunnel Man explains that Ian tried to escape twice before, and the third time will be the charm. He also says that there are three of them who will escape, and Ian notes that there are four of them. Ian wonders if he means that one of his friends is the traitor, but the Tunnel Man says nothing at first. Finally, he tells Ian that this is the first of their three meetings, and they will meet twice more after he escapes. The man walks away, disappearing before Ian can catch up to him.

In his room, Gabe thanks his roommate but doesn’t get a response at first. Finally he gives Gabe a length of pipe and tells him to sleep with it, and says that he has a friend. As Gabe checks his bunk, he finds Señor Guapo. His roommate introduces himself as Demetrius.

Ian uses one of Suki’s modified PDAs to try and find a signal.

Headmaster tells CJ that he understands that she doesn’t want her friends to discover he’s her father. He offers to tell Ian what’s going on so he can decide for himself not to escape.

Ian goes back upstairs and uses the PDA to try and signal CJ, asking if they’re the only ones left.

In his office, Headmaster notices that CJ’s PDA is on. He sends a response back, saying she’s in Headmaster’s office and needs help. Headmaster then says that what he’s done has been for everyone, including her, but it’s also about him. CJ agrees to do what he wants her to do, but only if she does what he wants: the chance to speak to her mother. Headmaster warns that she knows what that it takes, but she refuses to back down. She takes the PDA and tries to warn Ian, but Headmaster says that it’s too late and they should sit and wait for him.

Takahiro tells Suki to leave, but she insists that he’s doing the wrong thing. He ignores her plea and escorts her out. As they leave, she tells Takahiro that she has no family, and he is not her father.

As he works his way through the hallways, Ian gets a precog flash of Suki and her escorts walking by. He hides to let them pass and then comes up behind them. Ian takes on the guards. Takahiro asks her to come with him, but she uses her ability to impersonate her father and distract them. Ian gets her out through a door, locking it behind them, as Takahiro pounds on the door in frustration.

In his room, Gabe plays with Señor Guapo and asks Demetrius why he’s there. He gets no response, and says that Demetrius is like a big brother to him, and Ian is the same way. Gabe admits that he misses his dad and wishes he was with him now, and offers Demetrius someone to talk to. When Gabe finally realizes he’s getting no response, he looks at the upper bunk and discovers that Demetrius is gone.

Ian says that Headmaster is waiting for him in his office, and wonders if he can trust Suki or CJ. He explains that someone must have betrayed them to headmaster, and it can’t be himself or Gabe. She points out that he could be a traitor, since he was the last one who joined. Ian says that he’ll prove himself by confronting Headmaster, and Suki insists that she trusts him. She wonders why Ian saved him, and he says that she’s his friend, but he still has questions. Suki insists on going into Headmaster’s office to prove herself, and walks ahead of Ian.

Inside, she finds CJ there. Ian hesitates and then goes inside, and says that he knew Headmaster sent the text message... and that he knew that CJ betrayed them. CJ says it isn’t what they think, and Ian asks her for the truth. She hesitates and then says that she makes sacrifices for everyone, even people she doesn’t know and who have never heard of Tower Prep. Ian points out that Gabe is the only one sacrificing anything, and Headmaster demands that he stop. In response, Ian says that Headmaster is not going to grab any of them, and he’s going to leave the office, get Gabe, and escape with his friends. Headmaster says that he’s not the villain, and says that their interests are the same, and they extend beyond the walls of Tower Prep. He tells them that CJ is his daughter, and that he’s the one who taught Coach how to fight. He attacks Ian and knocks him down, but CJ grabs his arm, distracting him long enough for Ian to knock him out.

Ian and Suki leave, and CJ asks where they’re going. When she says that she’s sorry, he wonders who he’s sorry to. CJ insists that the only way she can make it up is to go with them to get Gabe. Ian refuses, but Suki notes that she did help Ian rather than her father. He studies her carefully, and then takes her with them.

Gabe steps out of his cell and hears someone calling his name. He walks down the hallway and follows the voice to an open door. Inside is a locker room, and Jeremy steps out, wearing his Rook robes. His fellow Rooks are with him, and they have tied up Demetrius. Jeremy explains that Demetrius works for Headmaster and serves as Gabe’s bodyguard, and now Gabe is alone. Ian, Suki, and CJ arrive and tell him that he’s wrong. A fight breaks out, and Demetrius goes after the Rooks. Suki and Gabe leap in, and Jeremy gets the upper hand. As he prepares to take out Ian, CJ intervenes and knocks him out. She apologizes again and asks him to forgive her, and he starts to kiss her. Gabe leaps in and hugs them both, and they turn to Demetrius. Gabe goes back and asks if what Jeremy said was true. Demetrius tells him to go, and Gabe invites him to come along. In response, Demetrius admits that Gabe is stronger than him, and shakes his hand.

The fringers run for the drainage pipe and start to head out. The Gnomes approach the room, and the friends quickly get out through the pipe. Gabe helps Suki up and then climbs in after the others, as the Gnomes discover their escape route. At the other end, Ian uses Conner’s key to open the gate. They get out and lock the gate behind them, and throw away the key.

The four friends run into the woods but Ian gets a brief precognitive flash. A woman steps out of the woods ahead of them and congratulates them, saying that they have proven themselves worthy and will need to fight with Headmaster. She sounds like Whisper. When Ian asks why they would turn against the Broken, Redfang, and Conner’s people, the woman tells them that they will all fight together with Headmaster to restore Tower Prep to what it was intended. There are only seven people who know that Headmaster is working from within: the four of them, Headmaster, and Cornelius Tower. When Ian asks if she’s the seventh, the woman says that she’s not human and disappears in a burst of static.