Trading Spouses

Trading Spouses

In season two of Trading Spouses: Meet your new Mommy, more moms and dads will try out the ultimate life change, leaving their own family to take over – for one week – a family much different from their own. While some parents are welcomed with open arms, others face mutiny from their new household. For all involved it’s the ultimate chance to find out if the grass actually is greener on the other side.

Families participating in the show will again receive a $50,000 prize but, unbeknownst to the participants, how the cash is spent will be up to the surrogate parent. The twist is one of many in the unscripted FOX series that ups the ante on the classic fish-out-of-water story.

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Final: 3x19 -- Naudin/Allen (2) (May/03/2007)

Laurie is worried about all the pressure that Ed heaps on Nick. Meanwhile, Cheri can't believe how boring it is at the Allen home and why Tom is so against Wes leaving home for college. On a drive he reveals that she is only there for the week and if Wes starts getting the idea of going away to college he will have a mental breakdown.
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2x10: Wilson/White recap: This episode features two very different families. Not only do they look different, but their lifestyles are almost the polar opposite of each other. First up is the White Family. They are from Farmington, CT. The mom is Elaine White, and the father is Marty White. They have 5 kids, but I didn't catch all of their names since there are so many of them. They live a very traditional lifestyle and Elaine even comments that if someone walked into their home, they would think that they are in the 50's. Marty is a doctor, and Elaine graduated from law school but decided that raising a family was more important than her career... read more.

2x9: Burgess/Dexter (2) recap: Ann Marie and Brian's ride home is a different story, Ann Marie brags the whole time. She brags about her house, where she is from etc. Brian just thinks that she likes to talk. When she arrives the bragging doesn't stop. She walks into the master bedroom and points out how much bigger hers is, and how much better her bed is. She also brags that her kitchen window looks out to a lake. That is literally all we hear about is how much better she thinks her stuff is. Ann Marie also brought a lot of books that she can't wait to read to the Dexters. You can tell by their faces that they are enthused... read more.

2x8: Burgess/Dexter (1) recap: The Dexter Family (lives on a farm in Wisconsin)
Raegen Dexter - Mother
Brian Dexter- Father
Morgan Dexter- Daughter
Mason Dexter- Son.. read more.

Executive Producer: Chris Cowan, Jean-Michel Michenaud, Charles Duncombe
Co-Executive Producer: Jeff Cvengros

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