Season 3

41 :03x01 - Martin/Shatz

The Martin family consists of a Christian registered nurse married to an ex-marine and current corrections officer from Kentucky along with their 2 kids; Ashton - 20, a successful college student and Aaron - 17, a soccer player, raccoon hunter, and self proclaimed mountain man.

The Shantz family are orthodox Jews. Lisa and Michael have been married 25 years and have 4 children, Kayla a 3rd grader; Ester, a senior in high school; Adina, a sophomore; and Aryeh, a 20-year-old.This family is very serious about education and eats a strictly kosher diet.

42 :03x02 - Kahn-Robson/Wiessmeyer (1)

In Part 1 of this two-part episode, Mrs. Laura Wiessmeyer of Weymouth, MA, and Mrs. Wendy Kahn-Robson of Boulder, CO, trade places to try out the ultimate life change - switching families to take over a family from another walk of life. As these moms trade houses and spouses, one mom has to spend the morning on a lobster boat and one has to deal with an immature husband.

43 :03x03 - Kahn-Robson/Wiessmeyer (2)

In Part 2 of this episode, Mrs. Laura Wiessmeyer of Weymouth, MA, and Mrs. Wendy Kahn-Robson of Boulder, CO, continue to adjust to life after trading families. When they say goodbye to their new families, they leave them with a letter that could change their life forever. Finally, when the moms return to their own homes, they read the letters and learn how they will have to spend the $50,000 prize.

44 :03x04 - Parodi/Solomon (1)

In Part 1 of a two-part episode, Mrs. Suzanne Parodi of Hayes, VA, and Mrs. Vered Solomon of Newbury Park, CA, trade places to try out the ultimate life change switching families to take over a family from another walk of life. One mom goes on a luxury vacation in Palm Springs and one has to dress up for a Renaissance Fair when moms trade houses and spouses.

45 :03x05 - Parodi/Solomon (2)

Back in Hayes, Virginia, Vered is not too enthused about the upcoming renaissance, medieval, barbecue that the Parodi household is preparing for. But she is happy after a chat with Marc reveals his plans to study medicine in college and takes him on a tour at a hospital. Meanwhile, across country in Palm Springs, Suzanne is still in awe over just how materialistic the Solomon family is. She believes that the family will get a pleasant surprise at the Medieval themed restaurant she has chosen to eat at.

46 :03x06 - Hammond/Girone (1)

The Hammond family from Mather, California are led by a strict, pious mother Alyce who believes everything must go by the book. The dad Tim spends most of his days behind a computer, a fact his three daughters do not appreciate. The Girone's in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are a tattoo, piercing wearing, roller derby watching family that couldn't be anymore opposite than their counterparts. They have a nine year old son who has been raised to get anything he wants.

47 :03x07 - Hammond/Girone (2)

The Girone's in Pittsburgh have not warmed up to Alyce's idea of a prayer circle. An over in California, Barb is having trouble getting Tim to do anything and tries to spark his interest in having a family barbecue.

48 :03x08 - DeConciliis/Hawkins (1)

Marla Hawkins is a hard working woman living in Buffalo, NY. She works 9 hours as a nurse at a hospital only to come home to husband Maurice, who does literally nothing. His lack of affection towards the kids have pushed them to their mother's side. The de Conciliises life is much different in contrast. Mom Henrietta is an interior designer who makes good money and husband Mario is a professional model. They have two kids and their marriage is a bit rocky right now cause of his work keeping them apart.

49 :03x09 - DeConciliis/Hawkins (2)

Marla can tell that Marco and Henrietta are having troubles as they begin to confide more in each other. Meanwhile, Henrietta is chasing Maurice around trying to get the kids to tell him how upset they are with the way he ignores them. His defiance has pushed Henrietta to the point that she is about to leave for home.

50 :03x10 - Manavit-Sturz/Cramer (1)

In Fairfield, NC we find Lisa Sturtz, a professional puppeteer and new found pacifist. Her husband Francoise Manavit is a baker and true Frenchman. They have two children, Manon - 15 and Theo - 10. Manon is a believer that true love does not exist. Stella Cramer from McHenry, IL, is a retired marine. Both she and her husband James are strict disciplinarians and do everything according to a schedule and a list of calenders. These two families could not be as opposite.

51 :03x11 - Manavit-Sturz/Cramer (2)

A peacenik puppeteer and a Marine Corps veteran return to their families and read a letter from their counterpart detailing how to spend the show's $50,000 reward.

52 :03x12 - Perrin/Malone-Brown (1)

The God fearing, sassy Margaret Perrin from Ponchatoula, Louisiana has returned for another stint with one big difference...a major weight loss. Husband Barry, daughters Ashley and Brooke and granddaughter Abigail, are the embodiment of southern hospitality and comfort. The Malone/Brown family of St. Petersburg, Florida consists of Abasi Malone and LaToya Brown, two proud members of the working class and intent on building a better community for their seven-year-old daughter, Shachaamah.

53 :03x13 - Perrin/Malone-Brown (2)

The conclusion of a switch between Marguerite Perrin, a self-proclaimed "God Warrior" who made a previous appearance on the series, and LaToya Brown, a socially conscious mom who homeschools her 7-year-old daughter.

54 :03x14 - Chase/Lane (1)

Judy and Pepper Lane of San Diego CA are a couple of lesbians living with their artificially inseminated child Cory and adopted son Shay. They have a happy life unless confronted with ignorance. In Grant’s Pass, Oregon is where we find Judy and Charlie Chase, along with daughters Kaci and Cyndi. Judy has a phobia against anyone who she feels threatened by such as smokers, overweight people or the homeless. Father Charlie is extremely competitive and pushes his daughters into sports.

55 :03x15 - Chase/Lane (2)

As a continuation of last week's story, Julie Chase and Judy Lane are still living with their new families. Each woman will evaluate their temporary families and decide how best they should spend the $50,000 that each family will receive.

56 :03x16 - Nelson/Andrews (1)

The free-wheeling lifestyle of a rock star is a big change for housewife Doreen Andrews of Boston, MA. But adjustment to the life of a stay-at-home mom any easier for rocker Terry Nelson of Longview, WA? While Doreen tries to tame Terry's husband, Terry wants to do the same for Doreen's slacking girls.

57 :03x17 - Nelson/Andrews (2)

Mark and Doreen are still reeling over their argument. Meanwhile, Terry is on a housework strike and Stephen is ready to find a replacement. He tries doing some of the work himself in hopes the she will get back to work. The girls stick to the notion that it's not their problem. Mark feels bad about his yelling at Doreen and wants to get her up on stage with him during his gig to appreciate his work.

58 :03x18 - Naudin/Allen (1)

Orange County, CA, is where we'll find Cheri Naudin, a highly motivated, hard working woman. Ed, might be even more competitive than she is. They have 15-year old, Nick, 13-year old Shannon and 11-year old Chele and are pushed by Cheri to achieve success too. In Santa Rosa, CA, is where the Allen family reside. A laid back, easy going couple who believe that most of the world is too uptight and corporate driven.

59 :03x19 - Naudin/Allen (2)

Laurie is worried about all the pressure that Ed heaps on Nick. Meanwhile, Cheri can't believe how boring it is at the Allen home and why Tom is so against Wes leaving home for college. On a drive he reveals that she is only there for the week and if Wes starts getting the idea of going away to college he will have a mental breakdown.