Burgess/Dexter (2) - Recap

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Ann Marie and Brian's ride home is a different story, Ann Marie brags the whole time. She brags about her house, where she is from etc. Brian just thinks that she likes to talk. When she arrives the bragging doesn't stop. She walks into the master bedroom and points out how much bigger hers is, and how much better her bed is. She also brags that her kitchen window looks out to a lake. That is literally all we hear about is how much better she thinks her stuff is. Ann Marie also brought a lot of books that she can't wait to read to the Dexters. You can tell by their faces that they are enthused.

The next morning Ann Marie wakes up and instead of doing the morning chores, she informs the Dexters that they will be joining her on a run. These are people who look like they have never even run as far as a block in their lives. Ann Marie loves to run, she runs all the time, she even told Brian that he should run because he could stand to loose a little off of his waste which makes him mad. While Ann Marie is getting ready for her run she puts about a whole bottle of hairspray on and makeup, she believes that the world would be a better place if everyone got ready for the day like she does. The Dexter family hates the run, and the verbalize it. Afterwards in an interview with Ann Marie she states that she knows that they really enjoyed it.

At the Burgess hose, Raegen gets up early and doesn't know what to do. That's about all that they show and then its back to Ann Marie!

Ann Marie enjoys the animals, and she thinks that the animals really really like her. This lady can't read people, let alone read animals. A chicken died, the kids know how to handle it, but Ann Marie insists on putting it in the garage with the fan on it. She actually says " The animals aren't used to the heat like I am in Florida" Ok, I used to live in Michigan which is pretty close to Wisconsin, and just because it isn't hot all year long, it gets pretty hot in the summer. I don't think that Ann Marie has ever been out of Florida. After the chicken died, Ann Marie wants to bury it and have a funeral for it. The family just wants to eat it.

Later on inside, they are all sitting around the table and Brian claims that he has more chores to do, but we really know that he just wants to get away from Ann Marie. This is when it starts to get really funny. Ann Marie wants the kids to do the electric slide with her. She actually says, "they don't have music in Wisconsin" She decides that she is going to rearrange the furniture to make more room for the electric slide. The furniture looks horrible, but it doesn't surprise me because her house looks horrible, she has no sense of style. At least at the Dexter farm it looks nice. Country is in no way my style, but Raegen really puts things together, it doesn't look messy or trashy.

After the furniture is all moved, she does the electric slide. It's weird, really really weird.

Over at the Burgess house Raegen puts the kids to bed and then hears this very strange noise. It's Rob, and he is lifting weights, a lot of weights. It seems that rob waits until everyone goes to bed and then lifts weights. It's quite funny because he is struggling with the weights and the background music is "Eye of the Tiger" from Rocky.

Back to the Farm… Brian and the kids are sitting outside and they obviously don't want to be around Ann Marie, they are actually trying to be really quiet so that she doesn't hear them and come outside. However, they fail and out comes Ann Marie. She wants to read them a story. She is going to read "Puppy Finds a Friend" in English and then in French. The daughter is funny and points out that she read that story when she was 5. I really like what Trading Spouses did with this scene. They cut to the moon and then play some weird sounds with Ann Marie's voice getting deeper in French. It was as if to convey that she was haunting the family with her weirdness and I agree that she was! After she was done, she thought that they enjoyed it when clearly they did not. She went in to get more when someone said "Ann Marie is my worst nightmare." I couldn't agree more!

Back at the Burgess house we learn that Ann Marie and Rob don't even take vacations together which I find weird. Ann Marie even went to France alone. Hmmmm… I'm thinking Internet boyfriend. It's getting pretty boring and then Ann Marie's friends show up to take Raegen out for the night. They go to a club and drink cocktails. It's actually pretty uncomfortable for both parties. They want to dance and want Raegen to dance, but she doesn't want to. She asks the girls why Ann Marie who is married is hanging out with a bunch of divorced single ladies. They say it is just for fun. Raegen suspects cheating and suggests that the next time they go out, they bring Rob, and the girls don't like this idea. This is where it ends.

It's continued next week and the scenes for next week look pretty good. It seems like neither family likes how the other spent the money, and Ann Marie is laughing a creepy laugh. Stay tuned for more memorable Ann Marie quotes, and if anyone has any other quotes they would like to share with me, please email me.

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