All the Precedent's Men - Recap

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The scene opens with Adam, Mike and Ethan at a barbeque and Adam says that things are going great with Callie, except that she calls him during his commute time on the road. He says that she is not at the top of her game when she calls either and it is just nonsense. He says that is his time. Ethan says that not to talk to her and Mike says that he needs to take care of it quickly. Ethan says that he is dealing with the same thing with a girl he is dating and she keeps trying to leave her things over at his place. They show Ethan tossing out everything that she left. An attractive girl arrives. Ethan is the only one that looks because he can while the other simply glance. The girl introduces herself as Michelle. She comes up to Mike and recognizes him as the lawyer that was in a case where Judge Longcar was the judge. She says that she is trying a case and would like to get his number so that she can pick his brain. Mike says that he is married, but Lisa comes over and gives Michelle a pen.

Inside the house, Mike throws away Michelle’s number and says that he is committed to his wife. Lisa says that Michelle is a colleague and that is all. She tells him to go and have lunch with her. He says that Michelle really wants his body and Lisa laughs. She says that Michelle only is looking for career advice and says that he should go and have lunch with her. Adam is driving to work and is about to listen to 80’s music when Callie calls. He is reluctant, but answers it. She talks nonsense and Mike is calling and he tells Callie that he has to go. He switches over and says that it is Callie with her nonsense talking. However, he didn’t switch to Mike and it is Callie still. At Ethan’s place, Natasha asks where her toothbrush is and Ethan says that he doesn’t know. She pulls one out and says that she found it along with her lipstick. Adam calls Mike and asks what he needs to do. Mike says that he needs to call his friend Anton who works at a flower shop.

Mike gets home and Lisa says that Mike might not want to wear his favorite shirt to Music Class. Mike says that he has a lunch date with Michelle and gets out of Music Class. Ethan talks to Adam about Natasha and says that the toothbrush appeared from out of thin air. Adam agrees that Natasha is trying to move her things in. Mike meets with Michelle and she acts like one of the guys and calls Mike a princess for ordering a salad. Mike takes her on with shots while Lisa is at Music Class. Mike’s lunch date doesn’t get much talking about Judge Longcar, but insists of darts and chest bumps. Ethan and Natasha walk and she says that they could go back to his place and Ethan suggests they get “busy” in the back of the ambulance. Adam, Ethan, and Mike practice dunking the basketball and Ethan says that he is keeping Natasha and his relationship in the back of the ambulance. Ethan says that he is not in his gym clothes because Anton is taking forever to deliver the Callie-Lilies. Mike says that Michelle just text him and he LOL’s back. Ethan asks Mike if he is trying to sleep with Michelle and he says that he isn’t. Mike calls them lame and says that Michelle is a girl buddy.

Adam gets home and Callie says that she forgives him. He says that his car time is the only time that is enjoyable and starts to dig himself in deeper. Mike and Lisa are going out when Mike gets a voice mail. It is Michelle and she says that she had a fun time and says that the alcohol was good too. Back with Callie and Adam and he tries to redeem himself and she tosses food at him. Lisa gets jealous and says that she thought lunch was going to talk about the judge. Mike says that Lisa thought that Michelle wasn’t going to have so much fun with Mike and puts her in her place. Mike brags to Ethan, who is in the back of the ambulance with Natasha. She has an oxygen mask on and asks if they are going to do this. Meanwhile Adam tries to snuggle with Callie, but she doesn’t want anything to do with it. The next day, Lisa says that she overreacted about Michelle and she asks if he wants to be friends with Michelle and says that he does want to be friends with her. She walks out and says that they will be friends with her.

Natasha gets out of the ambulance and says goodbye to Ethan and Adam calls and tells Mike that the flowers worked great, it is just that he tried to follow it up with another apology. He says that he is going to call her on his commute. Ethan is working and helping out a biker and his partner asks if they should move him to the side of the road so that traffic can go through and they laugh. Adam tries to call Callie and it goes to voice mail. He sees that it is almost 8:27, the same time that Callie passes under a bridge and drives toward her. Ethan has the guy loaded in the ambulance and sees that Natasha left her toothbrush. Adam calls Callie again and tells her to look to her right. Adam has a “I’m Sorry” sign and then crashes into a truck.

Mike and Lisa meet Michelle for lunch and she says that she is really comfortable with them and asks if they want to do a three-way. Mike looks at Lisa who immediately says no to it. She says that that she is sorry and leaves. Later, Mike and Lisa are at an apartment building and says that they are going to do this together and it is only going to be the three of them and it is not bad at all and they just need to “get into it”. However, it is Music Class that they go into and sing along with the other parents. Afterward, Mike brags that he got offered for a three-way and Adam says that it doesn’t count, but Ethan counts it and says congratulations to him. Lisa says that technically, she was offered it too.